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Full Summery: After the Battle in the Valley of End, Naruto loses all his memories and is tricked by Orochimaru to go with him to Konoha, unaware that Sasuke failed to reach him after tieing off in the battle between Naruto. Now Naruto will spend a while working with Orochimaru until his memories start to leak out. two and a half years later, he is sent to a mission with Tayuya, but there he also meets up with others from Konoha. Will suspicion rise? What happens when he is sent back to a spy mission directly INTO Konoha?

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(a/n Senkou roughly translated to spark or flash)

Several Hours Prior

Five young Shinobis stand at the gates of Konoha. In the middle of the pack stood one Uzumaki Naruto. They were gathered by the genius strategist Nara Shikamaru for an A-class mission to retrieve a run-away missing Nin Uchiha Sasuke. Though fierce in sight, they were nervous at heart. But the one most nervous wasn't even participating in the mission.

From behind a building, a pale indigo-haired girl peered upon her hero. From his sun-kissed hair to his bright and shiny persona, he was everything the girl could want. But she was far from being some mindless fan girl. No, what she saw in the boy was beyond being neither shallow nor superficial. She could care less about his status or his appearances. What she admired was his determination, his great amount of courage, and his will that bends to none.

To others, he was the "demon-brat". The demon incarnate rather than the Kyubi jailor, and a prankster orphan despised by nearly the whole village. To those who didn't know of his secret, he was the dead last in the class, loud, annoying, and overly hyper.

But even then she admired the boy, not despite all his so-called 'flaws' but because of them. She faced similar indifferences with her clan. The shy Hyuga was her clan's 'dead last', she was the weakling, the failure, the nobody. The thing that separated the two teens were their actions against obstacles.

He faced his troubles head-on and fought when no hope was present, while she shied away from her problems and accepted the insults. But now it would be different. Today she vowed that her steps would fall in the footprints of the young Uzumaki. The lavender-eyed heiress would prove her family wrong and show that she could be brave, and it would all start off by a simple offering of 'Good Luck'.

Slowly, the petite Kunoichi walked towards the group of boys. Fire in her eyes, anxious in her steps, and worry in her heart, she made her way behind the blonde lad and tapped his shoulder.

"E-excuse me, N-N-Naruto-k-kun," she said nervously. Her inner self struggled to keep her strength and not fall under the boy's wondrous stare.

Slowly he turned around, recognizing the voice. She was the only person who stuttered consistently. "Oh! How ya doin' Hinata?" the blonde asked.

Normally he wouldn't talk so casual with the girl. In fact before, he had used to think she was some creepy girl. Later she became a nice, yet still creepy person. After more time, she became the nice creepy girl he could trust, and during the Chunin Exams, Hinata was now a friend and even said, "I like people like you". Since then, it was the girl's personal mission to once again change his perspective of shy Kunoichi in terms of a more romantic view. But could she pull of such a thing?

"I j-just w-wanted to w-wish you g-good luck" finishing her first sentence, the fair skinned teen shied from the blonde's glance. "A-and also t-to tell you t-to be c-careful" she then offered him another hand-made ointment.

To say the boy was taken back would be an understatement. It was extremely rare for the Jinchuuriki to receive gifts, and even more rare outside of special occasions, but here she was, handing him a gift. But the shocker was that this had been not once, but a second time she offered him such a gift.

"Wow! What can I say?" with one hand he took the bottle and with the other dug deep within his own pocket. Slowly he pulled out what looked like an exact replica of the recently given present. "I'll make sure to keep it safe like I did this one Hinata-chan!" he said not noticing the adding of the suffix.

The girl in the other hand was dead frozen. Not only had she used up nearly all her strength saying two whole sentences to the blonde also while handing him a gift as their hands made contact. But now, what could she do? She had endeared her by calling the girl 'Hinata-chan'. Without much warning he was hugging the girl. Two arms wrapped around her causing the weakened Kunoichi to fall limp to his touch.

Letting go the boy noticed the lavender-eyed girl fall near to the ground, just before retaking his grasp around her waist. "Oi Hinata! What happened? Are you sick? Should I take you to the hospital?" Naruto was now having an internal struggle with himself. Part of him wanted to go on the mission already, getting Sasuke back as soon as possible, while the other half pushed him to thinking about the girl's health by bringing her to the hospital before her condition got worse.

"Ugh… Naruto. She's fine so drop her there and lets go… what a drag" said Shikamaru rolling his eyes at the frantic blonde.

"Are you sure? Doesn't she look sick? I mean she fainted for Kami's sake" retorted the blue-eyed Genin.

"Damn idiot! She'll be fine as long as you stop groping her," Kiba said, chuckling about the last part.

Before he could argue back, Neji stepped up and interrupted, "Hinata-sama will be fine. Let us leave soon before we fall too far behind". With a hesitant nod, the loudmouth Leaf Nin gently put the unconscious girl on the ground leaning against the gate walls.

Within a few seconds, they were off in hopes to regain a fellow comrade and to a certain ninja, a close friend.


Moments earlier, the Canyon walls echoed with the sounds of a thousand chirping birds and the roars of powerful winds. And with a flash of white light, an enormous wave of chakra was released, being felt by villagers from miles away.

Two figures fell from the collision, and next to them two unwrapped Hitai-ates. The first body fell onto the floor below with a thud next to the fallen headbands. The other body, dripping in blood, dropped onto the edge of the river. And with the backlash from the energy blast earlier, a small wave dragged the boy form the edge of the river and caused him to float along its current.

The only person, or entity, to be conscious at the moment was the almighty demon lord, Kyubi no Yoko. Barely able to move the blonde's limp body, he managed to bring his head above the water line and grab hold of a log. It would be all that he could do for the moment, deciding to spend the rest of his energy keeping the boy alive.

Several minutes later, the copycat Nin, Hatake Kakashi, arrived at the battle scene. Looking around he saw a fallen Sasuke, two leaf Hitai-Ates but no Naruto. "Pakkun! Do you smell him?" the scarecrow asked urgently.

Hastily, he ran over and examined the Uchiha. 'It looks like he was struck in the forehead. He's suffered a minor concussion and some smaller injuries but he should be fine' the Jounin scanned the area again looking for any sign of the blonde.

Pakkun paused at a red-stained area on the bank of the river. "He got washed up in the river. It's his blood and the markings show he was rolled onto the current. No footprints anywhere around the area" the dog summon said with a solemn tone.

The one-eyed Shinobi took a chakra-infused flare out from his pack and shot it into the air. "Stay here with Sasuke, I'm going to check further down and look for Naruto. Keep him safe until help arrives" With that said, he took off in search for what he hoped to be a living body.

Far down the river, the blonde washed up onto shore, now conscious, and coughing out water. It took him a few seconds before he became stable, but he now had the ability to stand and walk. Clutching his still healing wounds, he limped his way towards the forest away from the river.

It wasn't long until he stumbled across another person. This person had pale skin, yellow eyes, and wore a large coat covering some recently placed bandages. Slowly this mysterious person approached. "Hmm, who do we have here?" said the stranger.

"W-who are you?" the boy fearfully said.

"kukuku… do you not recognize me?" the man was interested now. It was odd that the Konoha Nin would forget his face. His image should have been imprinted in his memory, for any Shinobi made enemy of the sound village should know who the Snake Sannin, Orochimaru was.

The man looked questioningly at the boy. "What's wrong Naruto-kun? You act like you've forgotten who I am" closely, he observed. His blue eyes were wide for a moment, then slowly it shut. He made a look that showed he was thinking hard. Suddenly it dawned on the Sannin. "Ah, its true. You have forgotten… perhaps everything eh… Senkou-kun?"

"Senkou? Is... is that... my name? " the confused blonde said.

"Yes it is. And I am Orochimaru… your sensei" he said with a cold voice.

He was a bit taken back, but out of the confusion, he yearned for answers, "My sensei… yes my sensei. Orochimaru-sensei" The white-skinned man stepped in front of the boy and put his hand on his shoulder giving a fake smile.

"Let's go home. I was waiting for you and your teammates to return but it's best if we meet up with them later" his gaze went down to the boy's upper chest and gut noticing two large wounds still partially leaking. "We shall return before you sustain anymore damage" His grip became tighter on the boy then suddenly began to fade into the shadows.

It had been almost an hour, and his search for Naruto had failed. He made his way back to the Valley of End just in time to see a few Medic Nins bandage a mildly injured Uchiha sitting on a stretcher. Pakkun's attention soon shifted towards the downcast scarecrow. "How'd it go?" he asked.

Kakashi gave him a look of both disappointment and frustration. "No… there seemed to be a few trails of foot prints further down but it stopped not to far from the river. It just seemed to… disappear," he said with so much remorse, his voice began to fail from behind his mask.

Listening to the conversation was the now fully aware Genin. Since yesterday, he was nearly fully consumed by the influences of the curse mark. It seemed as if he used up most of the energy stored within the tattoo. For now, he would be safe from the influence while the mark restores its chakra. "Matte! Kakashi-sensei… what happened to Naruto?"

The Jounin snapped his head towards the approaching Shinobi. "Nani? Did you not remember knocking you comrade into the river, probably sending him to his death?" he watched as the shocked teen slowly shake his head. 'Hmm… I see' thoughts began developing in his head. If there were anytime to test his theory out, it would be now, "Sasuke, What's the last thing you remember?" he warily asked.

Needless to say, the boy was confused at first but willingly answered after hearing what he may had done, "Well… I remember fighting Naruto" Kakashi was a bit disappointed hearing this, but waved it as the Genin continued, "But it was when you broke it up. That night I felt… it was weird… like all I wanted was to become stronger. I think you came to me… but I can't really remember anything you said. Then I think I ran into a bunch of weird Shinobis… but they weren't from Konoha I think. After that is pretty much a blank". The dark-haired boy looked at the worried man's face and was a bit nervous to ask, "Kakashi-sensei… what happened to me? What did I do?"

The scarecrow had been correct in his assumption. The curse seal does in fact have a strong influence on the host. Now he needed to have a talk with a friend who may know more about the curse seal. "Nothing you were aware of. It was your curse seal. You left the village in search for power and… well it seems like you got into a rumble with Naruto," the Genin was about to ask but Kakashi continued, "He's missing now. Swept by the current. Either way we need to get back to Konoha now and see how the rest are doing" he added.

"The rest?" the teen asked.

A few hours later Kakashi, along with a few ANBU and Medic Nins, reached the border of Konoha. Applause and incoherent cheering was heard towards the approaching Shinobis. By the time the group made it back inside the village gates, all kinds of praises were heard. People chanted and hailed for the return of the 'Great Uchiha'. Only one person from the crowd failed to be in the same state of ecstasy.

Hinata Hyuga, since she woke up from her brief slumber, had stayed within the Konoha gates waiting for her hero to return. Her eyes filled with worry as she ran up to Naruto's sensei. "Kakashi-san! W-where's N-Naruto-kun?" she asked trembling.

The whole crowd began to quite down. They too wanted to learn the fate of their most hated resident. But no words escaped his masks, just a sad look and a brief shake of his head. All her hopes, dreams, faith, reliance, assurance, anything positive emotion she could feel was stolen away. Her knees gave out and her face reflected pure emptiness. She didn't talk, two regretful looking Sharingan holders gazing at her in silence.

She stayed, knees on the floor, tears flooding down her cheek, still in denial in what she had, or rather, had not heard. Not even making a sound, she was completely oblivious to the louder screams and chants for the riddance of the 'Uzumaki brat'. It took two powerful glares from the both Sasuke and Kakashi to quiet down the crowd.

As the crowd began to part, the two males stood there not knowing what to do with the shocked Hyuga. It took a shrill shriek from a pink haired Genin to break the silence. "Sasuke-kun! Kakashi-sensei! Your back! Sasuke-kun are you ok!?" she gleefully asked still approaching the two.

Finally making her way next to them, she was worried by the looks they gave. Suddenly she noticed the missing of a certain loudmouth blonde screaming 'See I told you Sakura I'd get Sasuke back for us'. Still not getting the picture she asked, "So where's that baka? You'd think he'd be here to gloat or someth…" she never go to finish her sentence feeling the harsh glare the two Shinobis were giving her.

Suddenly her gaze shifted to the lifeless kneeling body of the Hyuga heiress. "What's wrong with Hinata? Its like she s… No…" quickly looking back at the two males, she failed to make eye contact. Finally realizing what had happened she fell to her knees, hands covering her mouth also in disbelief.

Finally, for what seemed to be an eternity of silence to the girl, one name softly whispered across her damp lips, "Naruto-kun…"

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