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(Domu- earth spear; Dojishaku- earth magnet; Denkaieki- electrolyte; kone- pull; Hariton: Harihari Taison Kujo- crystal release: crystal needle scatter destruction *hari means needle and crystal*; Hariton: Hekihari Ryushikkyaku- Crystal release: tearing crystal falling dragon; tamagoyaki- rolled omelet; Konoha Senpuu- leaf whirlwind; Kami Oroshi- divine wind from the mountains) *I translated the names for all the crystal jutsu's because I can't find the actual Japanese names so forgive me for any inaccuracies*

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, but i do own the jutsus- Dojishaku and Denkaieki (pretty cool jutsus huh?)

At the north western edge of the Elemental Kingdoms lies Earth Country. Within it houses one of the strongest military factions in the content. And at it's head, the powerful Tsuchikage. He was known to be one of the strongest Raiton/Doton, two uncomplimentary elements, user to have ever lived. But as strong as he may believe himself to be… he was not immortal.

He was a militarist, but also a dignitary as well. The man new better than to dismiss a leader of a village, though he knew his answer before the other man could ask. The last time that person came, he asked the Tsuchikage for assistance in the invasion of Konoha and he refused. Knowing Otogakure was in poor condition, it's obvious he would once again ask for help. This man was none other than Orochimaru, self-proclaimed kage in his own rights.

He stood next to the large window of his office. The man could see the immensity of his city's size, that was one thing he was proud of. Soon a knock came followed by the entrance of a Rock Jounin. "Tsuchikage-sama, the village leader of Otogakure is here," he said.

The Snake Sannin entered the room, "Otokage," he corrected.

The rock leader turned towards them and approached, "Not kage. Unless you prove your village strong enough to become one of the five major hidden villages, you are simply a village leader," he re-corrected, this time with a smirk forming at the corner of his mouth. The dark-skinned man waved towards the Jounin, signaling his leave.

The pale man watched the Rock nin leave the room, "Ah, and that's exactly why I decided to grace myself with you presence," a hint of sarcasm passed his lips as he spoke.

The other man in the room solidified his stare, "Enough of the pleasantries, you're here to seek my help, yet I see no reason to change my previous answer," replied the Otokage.

A wicked smile crept up on the pale man's face, "Well I never planned on giving you a choice," he hissed, dropping a scroll onto the floor and rolling it open. His hands went for a single hand seal as the scroll rolled out flat causing a puff of smoke and the appearance of a medic nin with a large object strapped on his back. Upon being summoned, Kabuto began a long series of hand seals while shrugging the wrapped bulk. As it fell object fell to the ground, the cover split slightly, revealing a corpse. One with a leaf hitai-ate.

The Tsuchikage quickly whipped out a twin-bladed wakizashi, sparks bouncing back and forth between the two blades, "You're a fool Orochimaru, to attack a general in his own fortress is suicide," he yelled while releasing a great amount of killing intent, enough to summon any Rock nin within a hundred meters.

Just as the doors flew open, a flash of purple surrounded the three men. Two domes formed, one around the perimeter of the room, the other to protect the keeper of the barrier. It had been the same defensive jutsu the Sound Four used during the Konoha invasion, but to a much smaller and more compact scale.

The Snake Sannin smirked at the helpless looking ANBU and Jounin who couldn't make it on time, "Perhaps I'm just a typical snake who knows how to strike when one least expects it," he said. From his side pocket, he pulled out a needle and injected it's content into his arm.

The Rock leader's blade sparked even more furiously now enveloped in a bluish glow, "You rely on drugs to defeat me?," it almost came out comical, but his killing intent squashed that feeling. The small curl in his face quickly left as pores began appearing in the Sound leader's skin and out of it, a purple mist, obviously poison.

As the colored haze began filling the limited space, Orochimaru's eyes began to glow a fierce yellow, "It's a paralyzing agent. One breath of it and you're finished. Kukuku," he finished with his signature laugh.

The dark skinned man noted that the available amount of good air was decreasing. He quickly began to inhale as much as he can and held it. At his best he could manage holding his breath for a good two and a half minute without anything available for his chakra to convert into oxygen, but while fighting, it diminished it to thirty seconds. 'I must gain victory in half a minute… long enough for him to die thirty times,' he thought to himself, gripping the blade he had.

Deciding not to wait any longer, he charged. His opponent, in turn, lowered his jaw allowing a blade to extend from his mouth and towards the kage. He easily caught the odd sword between the two blades of his wakizashi and with his free hand he made a series of one-handed seals, "Doton: Domu no Jutsu," he murmured, not allowed to exhale any of his precious air. His skin immediately hardened into an impenetrable surface. The Tsuchikage continued his run, blades still locked together, sliding across one another.

The former sennin watched his foe approach, reeled in his weapon and jumped back before the other man's electrified blade could reach him. He landed a few meters away, giving himself enough head room for his foe. His enemy pulled back his fist as he charged. The Tsuchikage was left wide open with his assault, but just as Orochimaru stepped forward to counter it, he stopped short and swung hard on the ground, forming a crack the headed towards the snake. The floor began crumbling beneath them, sending the falling for a second until the bottom half of the spherical barrier held the remains up, 'Kuso, I didn't expect it to have a bottom side,' he said in his head.

His head rose to meet a single leg coming straight down. Orochimaru went for a heavy drop axel kick, but was blocked by the man's rock hard forearms. As his left foot touched ground, he sent it back up performing a flash kick getting a solid hit in the man's wrist forcing the blade to fly out of his hands. The Snake Sannin's objective was to kill time until the man was forced to come up for air, and rendering him weaponless would help out.

The Rock leader knew he didn't have time or oxygen to spare retrieving the lost weapon so went forward to strike again, but every time he approached, the snake leapt away. Feeling flustered, and a bit panicked, he flew through a series of seals once more, "Doton: Dojishaku no Jutsu" he cried. Around him, five boulders erupted from the ground, each baring a good weight in metal.

Orochimaru kept his distance while warily watching his opponent go through a second string of seals, "Raiton: Denkaieki" several think sparks began jumping between the five rocks as it levitated and orbited the caster. Beads of sweat began pouring out of the Snake's hide, knowing full well that this combo attack was not to be played with.

The floating chunks of earth increased it's speed as it circled the Tsuchikage. He placed his hands together and shouted, "Kone!" and with a burst, the large projectiles speed towards it's target with full momentum.

The lanky man was powerless to stop the oncoming force. His arms were still useless in making hand seals, so his only option was to dodge and counter with his legs.

As the first rock approached, Orochimaru pushed off the ground as hard as he could, lifting him away from the attack. Now in the air, he was vulnerable to the four other objects. His jaw fell down, allowing his lengthy sword to shoot out towards the second rock. It made contact but barely scratched it, though enough force was placed against it that it knocked it off it's course slightly. His numbed hands pushed down against the oncoming boulder, soaring even higher. Eventually he reached one of the pit's walls and after applying chakra to his feet, ran as fast as he could trying to avoid being squished by the last three projectiles.

He was at his limit now, only one move left before he was forced to breath the toxic air. His darkened hands flew even faster to finish off his last set of seals. Suddenly, all the impacted rocks burst into small grains, all swishing in the air like a sand storm. The air in the dome became dry and moistness, perfect for static to charge up. Upon closer inspection, tiny metallic grains wafted along with the sand. With all his might he charged up his remaining chakra for his last blow, "Raiton: Tajuu Denkaieki" sparks flew from all directions, no less bolder than before. Where ever a grain of iron floated, the massive amount of voltage struck. The entire dome was blinded in a white light.

The Tsuchikage fell to his knees in exhaustion. From the corner of his eye, the body of a smoking man lay, the smell of burnt flesh roaming through the air. That's when he noticed the problem, the gas was hadn't ceased! Then again there was no more threat of Orochimaru even if he was paralyzed, thus he let his lungs give in. The bio-hazardous agent was sucked into the mans chest and his body became numb. What he didn't expect was to hear the chuckle of a mad man behind him.

At the last possible moment, the Sannin shed his molding skin as his body was struck. This repeated a good three times, just before he was ready to leave his body all together. Seeing the unmoving body of his prey, Orochimaru staked towards him, "Surprised to see you little shock attacks don't work? Doesn't it feel soo delightful to be… powerless?" he sarcastically asked.

He wanted to shout, to curse him, to spit at his face, but nothing in his body would allow him to move, aside from his eyes. Fear spread quickly as he watched the pale lanky monster lift a scalpel towards his face. "Yesss… try to scream as I 'cut' away your identity," he hissed. Within a span of two minutes he had done to the Rock village what he did to the Sand. Disguised as the Tsuchikage, he will lead the massive army against the opposing Leaf. History indeed repeated itself, though this time he will not fail.

When the barrier finally fell apart, all the Rock nins had to look at was the giant hole in the office that led to the downstairs storage room. In the middle of the pile of rubble was the Tsuchikage and what looked to be a corpse of the Sound Village leader. "Tsuchikage-sama! Are you alright?" one of the Jounins asked.

The 'Tsuchikage' brushed off some dirt from his garbs and replied with a nod. Another Rock nin jumped down below and inspected the dead body, "So Orochimaru was stupid enough to attack you my lord? His sentence seems deserving. Are we to go to war in you behalf?" the man asked. It seemed like an obvious answer, knowing that the Rock Village leader was known for his short temper and jumpy attitude towards war.

To their surprise he shook his head. He limped his way towards the body, refusing help from his ninjas. Pulling his sleeve back, he pinched a piece of the skin back to reveal another darker tone. He pulled it even more to reveal a face… and a leaf hitai-ate, "The leaf came here disguised as Orochimaru in hopes of creating a conflict that may result in us helping in the destruction of Sound," he stated, trying his best to mimic the Tsuchikage.

A few of the Rock nins looked at each other than back at their leader. He climbed out of the hole and walked towards his office window. His eyes peered across the village, 'So many pawns' the snake thought. Turning around, he faced his underlings, "Mobilize our troops. Prepare them for war… with Konoha," he turned around again to hid his malicious smile. He was sure now… he would definitely not fail.

The sun had fallen into the horizon by the time the troop of ninjas arrived at their destination. With the cover of dawn, the zigzagged through the greenery and halted at the edges of a large clearing. Bear new the clearing was the spot, whether it was just intuition or the tell tale signs of broken twigs and stomped out dirt, yet he didn't know where the entrance would be.

Hinata wondered why the group has stopped. She glanced over the bushes they hid behind and found nothing but a clearing and a few stray foliage. That was when she realized she wasn't looking underneath the underneath. The kunoichi noticed the signal her leader was giving her and activated her Byakugan. With it she scanned the area and found a hidden trap door several meters away from the bundle of shrubs. Anyone who'd think the patch of green was suspicious would look there and hopefully bypass the actual entrance.

Bear watched her intently until she nodded her head, signaling the area was safe. As they jumped out of their hiding spot, the Hyuuga led them to where the trap door was. It was perfectly concealed within the surrounding floor. The only thing that might have given it away was the now noticeable smell of blood. Though the smell seemed rather fresh.

A man in a badger mask came forward and stood where Hinata had pointed. He lowered his left arm down, palm open, towards the ground, while his right hand held it in place. A light blast shot out and cleared the floor of dirt, reveling wooden door and an iron handle. Without hesitation, Badger lifted the wooden door and nearly fell back by the sudden rush of blood wafting musk that came out. The man lightly settled the door back on the ground while he let the opening air out, though it would show futile.

As bear looked over into the darkened walkway, he could see stains of blood on the walls, yet they didn't look fresh. "There may have been a fight here recently, though it seems that it happens often. Everyone on their toes," he commanded while being the first to enter the putrid entrance.

Bear reached over to weapons pouch and grabbed a glow stick. With a snap it gave out a dim light, just enough to give him a sense of direction. Hinata stayed close to the middle, Byakugan flaring making sure they would be aware of any danger.

It wasn't long till the halls began to brighten, lines of torches revealing themselves to be the source of light, but with the extra luminosity came more gruesome details. Blood was smeared across the walls and floor. Plenty to the shaped of fingers sliding down and others just looked like random splats. It was only a few moments before Hinata fell upon something worse.

A audible gasp came from the kunoichi catching everyone's attention, "B-bodies… there are dead bodies everywhere just up ahead," she said with a shiver. The ANBU group quickened there pace to see what the female had described. Nearing the end of the hall way, mangled limbs and barely warm corpses littered the area. This led to a larger room which house an even greater number of dead bodies.

The team cringed their noses while looking at the carnage. The scouting team that followed behind didn't hold up any better. Many wanted to puke, but held their bile in for a little longer.

Bear carefully walked forward, accidentally stepping on an organ with a sickening sound squelch, "Team, split up into four groups of two. One ANBU and scout, if there's any trouble contact the rest immediately," he ordered while following one path, a nin from Hinata's group following behind. From there the other six set of on their own directions with the Hyuuga and Uchiha on the same group.

They tried their best to ignore the occasional body that sprung out though it proved more difficult than it seemed. Their footsteps echoed across the hall when a third sound joined. Sasuke immediately recognized it as a labored breathing then halted his advances, "Stop, there is someone up ahead," he whispered. They both activated their Doujutsu and proceeded.

The two followed the sound up to a door on the very end of the hall. The closer they got to it, the more bodies that showed up… and they were still warm. Hinata's Byakugan told her that there was only one person in that room, one living person that is, and she didn't look to well off. Carefully, Sasuke pushed the door open, his ANBU katana held firm in his free hand.

On the other side of the door a wounded woman carefully watched the door open. She held her breath for a moment, anticipation killing her, ironically. The lady was injured, her chakra reserves running dangerously low. Though she was one of Orochimaru's elite, she could not hold back an army of rouge nins. Now she sat, her back against the wall, sides bleeding and arms shaking just holding themselves up.

The door swung open yet no one as of yet stepped into view, "Who's there?" she asked in a demanding voice. Two figures stepped in her vision. She cursed her luck. Those two seemed pretty fresh and she doubted she could stand an assault against them for long.

The female of the group inched slowly towards the wounded kunoichi, "A-are you ok?" she asked, ignoring the obvious sign.

The woman began a series of hand signs, "Hariton: Harihari Taison Kujo" she whispered letting the moisture of the corpses around her rise to form pink colored crystals. They seemed innocent enough until they formed senbon and hurdled towards the unsuspecting kunoichi. Yet still her reflexes were to great and she leapt backwards towards her revealed foe, "Who are you?" she demanded again, this time sounding a bit more nervous.

Hinata was ready to answer until her mission partner stepped in, "We are not important. What happened here? Why are there so many dead? Who did this?" he threw his own questions at her.

As a response she gave an all knowing smirk, "Konoha I see. I guess all those rumors were right," she said. With the some rested strength, she pulled herself up, her hands pushed against the wall trying to keep the dark-haired woman standing.

The lavender-eyed kunoichi unconsciously began rubbing the plate of her hitai-ate. She gave the lady a curious look, "Please, tell us what you know and we can help you escape this," she pleaded. There was no reason for more bloodshed in her eyes. There was a slim chance she would accept, but they were worth it if she could save one life.

The other two in the room gave her wondering glances, yet the older one began to chuckle soon after, "Just like those guys? No thanks. That's the reason they're dead in the first place," the lady answered.

Sasuke kept his Sharingan active, trying to keep himself fully aware for any stunt their foe may pull off, "Who killed them?" he questioned.

She let her lips curl into a smirk, "Why… me," the woman answered. Her eyes instantly caught the change in the other two. They suddenly became more defensive, surely they weren't expecting that answer, "The name's Guren," she answered.

It seemed odd to Hawk that their opponent was leisurely conversing with them, if he didn't know any better, he could have sworn she was stalling, "What reason did you have for killing you own people," he said with a hint of malice. It hadn't occurred to him that it may have come from the still lingering hatred he had for his brother.

Guren's smile quickly left her face, 'Just a little more rest and I'll get the hell out of here,' she thought, "Like I said, they wanted to escape. After hearing rumors that Konoha was coming to destroy the Sound and two of Orochimaru's favorite pets gone missing, some of these pathetic whelps felt like running away… so I killed them," she half-lied. In truth she was in charge of that base and when her underlings felt antsy, they mutinied and she was forced to kill them. It was a simply kill or be killed, and she preferred to live, even if it was only for a little while longer.

Sasuke's eyes were steel as he glared at her, "You killed them for treason," he said monotonously and she nodded.

Hinata, in the meantime, was trying to sort out all of the information. It was true that they were planning something against the sound, though they kept it somewhat confidential. But then she wondered about the two that had gone missing. It seemed suspicious that two people going missing would help cause such a riot, "Onegai Guren-san, tell us about the two that disappeared," she asked. If she was lucky, she may find a clue to where Naruto is.

The dark-haired woman let a sigh escape her lips before she continued, "Those two, Senkou and Tayuya, were Orochimaru's most favored lackeys. They got a pretty good reputation around with the sound force, I mean the kid's Kage Bunshin is pretty infamous with his foes," she rambled, strength continuing to replenish.

All words after that was ignored. Right when she heard her say 'Kage Bunshin' she knew it had to do with Naruto. It almost shocked her that she had found her clue so easily… a name. "Naruto," she whispered.

Sasuke left his eyes off the wounded kunoichi for a moment to look at his back-up. The moment he did, Guren flashed through several more seals within the small window of time allot, "Hariton: Hekihari Ryushikkyaku" she cried. A pink crystal dragon formed in the air. As the two shot out multiple shurikens to stop her, the tail of the beast created cover while the head bashed through the roof. Guren grabbed onto the end as it flew upwards towards the outside.

The two Konoha nins quickly followed suit. "This is hawk, we are in pursuit of an enemy who may have extensive knowledge on Orochimaru," he said to the small communicator hidden in his collar. A muffled voice came out the receiving end of the device letting him know that the rest are heading towards their location. By the time they reached the outside through the hole, the pink dragon had disappeared and there was no sign of foot prints.

Hawk swore from behind his mask, "Kuso! They got away," he fumed.

Hinata was also disappointed but was glad to know she wouldn't leave empty handed, 'Senkou huh? Is that what you go by these days Naruto-kun?' she thought with a smile on her face. It seemed that she was getting closer and closer to finding him.

He woke up again, his forehead drenched with sweat. It was a nightmare and Naruto couldn't figure out what it meant. It seemed like an odd memory to him. All he could clearly recall was fighting someone near a waterfall and the sounds of chirping birds. He kept his eyes closed, trying to concentrate in order to see a face. But the harder he tried the more his head pounded as if his brain wouldn't let him access the thought.

Giving up, the brunet stood up and left for the bathroom. After last time's fiasco he felt it would be better to wake her up when he's ready.

Within thirty minutes the two were downstairs eating breakfast in the lobby. Unfortunately for Naruto, they didn't serve ramen and he swore to himself when he found some free time, he'd go find a ramen stand in the village somewhere. Most likely when he'd be alone, best friend or not, she wasn't much of a ramen lover like he was.

He continued to playfully stir his miso soup, "So how far do you think we should take it today?" he asked, referring to their assessment test.

Tayuya took a bite out of her tamagoyaki and swallowed, "Not too far. I wouldn't do anything that might give us away. No flute for me and no flying around for you," she said before going back to her food.

The brunet took a look at hers then began poking his own omelet, "So Kage Bunshin is out too?" he questioned. Her silence was an obvious yes. Of course he wouldn't be allowed to use it, it was his signature of course, both Senkou's and Naruto's though he still wasn't aware of the later.

The two conversed a bit more about how to take on the test while they made their way to the assigned training ground. It had a simple layout. A good hundred or so meters of clearing and pile of rocks in the middle. But what really caught their attention was the weird green figure abusing one of the training posts at the edge of the clearing.

They got a little closer before their host noticed them, "Oh, you must be the two Konoha hopefuls. Konbawa I am Rock Lee and I will be your opponent in today's assessment," the green man welcomed.

The undercover Oto nins gave him a quick look then a worried glance at the poor beaten post. Their thoughts were similar, he didn't look much but ninjas were all about deception. And what they saw earlier wasn't a pretty site. Naruto shied away from his thoughts for a moment, "So what's our objective?" he asked. It couldn't simply just to defeat him, there had to be a catch.

Lee gave him a bright smile, "Ah, your youthfulness burns brightly with anticipation. Yosh, your task is simple. You must hit me once in full contact. You are allowed to use Nin and Genjutsu but the hit must be from a physical attack. Time and strategy will be used to help determine where you stand within our ranks. If you fail completely, there is possibility that you will not fall in any rank. Are there any questions?" he said in one large breath, his circular eyes brimming with eagerness.

Naruto began stretching out his shoulders, "None here," he'd show this guy what he's made of.

Tayuya glance at his partner a bit worried, 'I told him to not over do it,' she thought allowed.

The spandex clad Chuunin pumped his fist in the air, "Yosh! Let's get this started," he cried before getting into a battle stance. The three gave each other nods, signaling they were ready and like a rocket, he took off. It shocked Naruto at first, watching him blur so suddenly but fell back into focus when their limbs began to collide.

Lee jumped into the air, just meters away from the brunet, "Konoha Senpuu" he cried. His legs came around for a round house to his chest. Naruto was barely able to lower his torso and duck under the attack but was caught in the chin when his other foot hooked in. The brunet was sent flying before rolling on the ground and stopping on his knees.

Tayuya was shocked at his speed and power. This guy was definitely a Taijutsu expert, and if he wasn't then she'd hate to his other attacks. Not wanting to get into a physical scuffle with him, she began a series of hand seals and reached for her weapon's pouch. She through a few shurikens at her opponent, careful not to hit her partner.

Lee saw the projectiles coming and easily sidestepped them. He didn't notice until it was too late that they were actually explosive seals attached to kunais in a Genjutsu. The first two explosions were able to knock him of his feet but his speed and reflexes helped him roll onto his feet and leap away from the third and forth blast.

Being in the air, he was now vulnerable. Capitalizing on that, Naruto ran through his own series of hand signs, "Kami Oroshi" she shouted. A powerful stream of wind came forth heading straight for the Konoha nin. Lee began rotating his body then quickly unfastened both of his leg weights, angling it so it shoot towards the gushing wind. The two forces collided causing the wind attack to disperse slightly. It still struck lee, though lightly allowing himself to make a softer landing. Naruto on the other hand had to quickly jump away as the missile approached.

The weights created a large crater upon impact, "You guys are amazing forcing me to remove my weights. But now you shall truly see my power," and again he disappeared into a blur like nothing before.

This was really frustrating for both of them. With their foe nearly invisible, the brunet could barely keep up without letting his cover blow away while Tayuya resisted the urge to send her Doki after him. Lee finally made his reappearance behind Tayuya. He was one to not his girls so instead he brought his wrapping out and shot them quickly wrapping the girls ankles together. She fell on the floor with a thud, and a scowl on her face. "Forgive me but I cannot hit a female. It is against my moral code," he said with the same goofy smile he had on before. She just held a smirk while holding a snake sign. Her body sunk through the floor like water, escaping his grasp.

She knew they had to end this soon. Too much of their skills were already being exposed and she'd do whatever it takes to defeat him, merely because of how annoyed she'd become. Popping her head out of the ground a good ways away, she watched as her partner rejoined him in a battle of Taijutsu. She lifted her flute that was secretly tucked in on her side and brought it to her lips.

Naruto through a right punch to his face, but lee easily dodged. Keeping that same momentum, his torso spun and let his left elbow shoot out aiming for his gut. This time, Lee dodged by doing a front flip over his opponent. He heard his soft landing and propped his hands on the ground letting one of his legs to sweep around. The Chuunin hoped back once more but felt odd landing when a suspicious tune met his ears.

The brunet recognized the sound and let out a smirk. He'd let Tayuya's Genjutsu slowly work the guy down until he was disorientated for him to land a hit. Lee wobbled back and forth, his balance failing him. He wondered what technique was forcing him to do this when a blurry leg came swinging down. Naruto shot of a spinning back kick but missed once more as swayed around it. The Oto nin grabbed a kunai from his pouch along with a piece of ninja wire. Two projectiles were thrown at the Chuunin, but again the man side stepped it. Though this time he failed to notice the ninja wire attached and was brought to the same stop he used on the kunoichi earlier. The oddly confusing sound was stopped at the same time he fell with a thud.

By the time his senses cleared up to normal functioning, he found a kunai at his throat and a grinning purple-haired kunoichi leaning down, "Yosh! Your flames of youth shine brightly with your victory. You both have surpassed your expectations greatly," he congratulated.

Tayuya let the boy untangle himself from the wire as she was joined by the brunet, "Well that was a great fight proctor," he replied with his own grin.

Lee didn't verbally answer back, letting the new presence speak for him, "He is not the Proctor," came a voice from the trees. A female kunoichi suddenly appeared with a pair of binoculars around her neck, "I am Tenten and I must congratulate you on you win," she said with a smile. Her eyes fell on the girl, "Especially you. That Genjutsu you used on Lee was proficient. And you, you kept up pretty well against him," the bun-haired teen commented.

The two undercover nins glanced at one another. They both felt a bit dead panned at the fact that both failed to notice the presence of the other kunoichi. Instead of showing it, Naruto gave their examiners a toothy grin, forcing them to blink at the odd sense of nostalgia that washed over them. "Thanks, does that me we get our hitai-ates now?" he asked.

Tenten gave him a reassuring smile and handed each of them a head band with the Konoha insigne embedded in the metal plating, "You two are officially recruited under ranks of Konoha Shinobis. Report to the Hokage's tower in exactly one week from today to get your papers and see what rank you are in, but I can pretty much guarantee you you'll be instated as Chuunin," the teen said with a wink.

The two thanked them and headed back to the hotel. The entire time Naruto held his hitai-ate in his hands while rubbing the lines of the plating with a weird feeling of familiarity. That night he had a dream of using Kage Bunshin to fight off a Konoha foe with white hair. What stuck out was the wonderful feeling he had of receiving his hitai-ate. That of course led him to the annoying migraine he pretty much always had in the morning recently. He hoped that it would end soon or he felt that his brain would explode from the constant attacks of Déjà vu.

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