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Chapter 5: The Plan and Confrontation

"USELESS!" Yami suddenly yelled, Setsuna and Kotaro's eyes reopened with blank darkened expressions, "Now face their true powers! Kill them now!"

The shadows did as they were told, Mana, Kaede, and Ku Fei got into a defensive position. Yami grinned madly but then frowned when she saw the sun coming up.

"Wait! Come back! The sun is rising!" Yami, Setsuna, and Kotaro disappeared into the remaining darkness.

"Secchan! Secchan!" Konoka shouted, as if she were trying to call her back.

"Kotaro-kun!" Natsumi and Chizuru did the same.

Konoka looked at Mana, Kaede, and Ku Fei with rage and sadness in her eyes, "Why'd you almost kil them?! They...They still could've came back to us!"

"I'm sorry Konoka-dono but…they asked us de gozaru."

"It's not like we wanted to kill them either…they should still be alive, I….held back a bit when I shot them." Mana admitted.

Konoka slumped to her knees, "So no matter what…they're still under Yami's control…"

"Don't worry Konoka! We'll get them back!" said Asuna, trying to cheer her up.

Konoka forced a small smile, "Yeah…you're right…"

"You useless worthless hanyos! Can't you kill 9 humans?!" Yami spat in both Setsuna and Kotaro's face, "Apparently you can't!"

Setsuna and Kotaro remained motionless. What else can they do? Their human part is almost dead and Yami is controlling their minds, they don't have any choice left but to just listen, willingly.

"Now…what shall I do with you two?" Yami paced back and forth in front of them and an idea popped into her head, "I know, I'll control you to kill them this time." Yami turned away from them so that she could plan everything. Setsuna and Kotaro still remained motionless.

It's been almost a week since Konoka and the other last saw Setsuna and Kotaro and they were wondering how they were doing.

"Secchan…please be alright…" Konoka stared outside the window, never paying attention to anyone. Natsumi and Chizuru were the same.

"It hurts me seeing them like that." sighed Negi.

"I know how you feel, but there's nothing that we can do." Asuna painfully watched her best friend stare sadly outside.

"Setsuna and Kotaro-kun would…they would probably be completely controlled by Yami when we face them again. We have to prepare for that." said Mana, cleaning her gun as calmly as she can.

"How can you be so calm?!" Asuna shouted, "They're our friends! Don't you care that they're being controlled by some bitch?!"

Mana put her gun down and glared at Asuna, "Of course I care!"

"Asuna-dono, you should've have said that de gozaru. Mana's pretty worn out de gozaru." said Kaede, cracking her back, "She haven't slept that much since Setsuna and Kotaro-kun has disappeared de gozaru."

"Is true aru." Ku Fei stretched, "Two rest for 1 hour, then the next person take over aru."

"You mean we rest for two hours Ku Fei." Mana continued to clean her gun.

"You three shouldn't have done that. What if we needed you to help us get Setsuna-san and Kotaro-kun back?" said Negi.

The trio looked at the ground sadly, "I'm afraid that we've come to a conclusion about that…"

"Really what?" Negi and Asuna said curiously.

"We'll…" Mana started.

"…bring them…" Ku Fei continued.

"…down." Kaede finished.

"No!" Konoka, Chizuru, and Natsumi shouted at the same time, "You can't do that!"

"It's the only choice…unless you wanna be killed by them."

"If that was the only choice, then I'll gladly die by Secchan's hands." said Konoka.

"Same here with Kotaro-kun." said Natsumi.

"I would try to bring them back before it's too late would be my own choice." said Chizuru.

They all stayed quiet for a few moments and decided to go their own separate ways.

"Do whatever you want, but if I see either Setsuna or Kotaro-kun, I'll bring them down whether you like it or not." Mana left the room.

Kaede left after her with Ku Fei. Chizuru went out to get everyone some drinks, leaving only Konoka, Asuna, Negi, Chamo, and Natsumi the only ones in the room.

Konoka sat down again and went back to her trance, trying to remember all the good times that's happened to her with Setsuna.

"Kono-chan! I promise to protect you no matter what!

You don't have to do that, just be my friend.

Y-You'll do that…for someone like me?

Of course!"

'Set-chan…what happened? What changed between us?' Konoka looked outside.

"…-ka!...-noka! Hey Konoka!" shouted Asuna, trying to get her attention.

"Huh? What?" Konoka looked at Asuna.

"I…have a plan…this doesn't involve killing Setsuna-san or Kotaro." Asuna waved her hands defensively in front of her, "…will you hear me out? I…I don't know if it'll even work though…"

"Does it involve injuring Secchan?" Konoka saw Asuna's nervous look, "Then I don't wanna hear it."

"Wait Konoka please! I know that you love Setsuna-san as she loved you!" Konoka looked at Asuna, alarmed. "H-How did…?!"

"Thought so…you two were so blind I swear…" Asuna laughed, "Anyways, maybe…if you did a pactio with her…she could change back and you can, you know…'get' her. Two birds with one stone…"

"I like the idea, but…" Konoka blushed, "What if it doesn't work? What if…my feelings can't reach her?"

Asuna laughed louder, "Girl don't you know that 'love conquers all'?"

"Asuna-san's right Konoka-san." said Negi, "She told me her plan earlier, but I don't know if it'll even work."

"Maybe…it would hurt to try right? Even though it might be worthless…"

"I think I'll try it." said Natsumi, "That Pactio thing whatever that it."

"Great! All you need to do it give Kotaro a big smooch!" said Chamo, making kissing noises.

Natsumi blushed, "Wha-What?"

"That might work! The pactio becomes stronger with someone that you love!" said Negi.

"Wait, we don't even know if their feelings are still the same…" Konoka said sadly.

"Yeah…they're being controlled by Yami and we don't even know if they still love us or even if they did, they wouldn't anymore." Natsumi looked at the ground dejectedly.

"Don't give up! Maybe deep down, they're still there!" said Asuna.

"Negi-sensei!" Mana ran into the room, wounds all over her as she struggled to carry Ku Fei.

"Commander Tatsumiya! What happened?" Negi went to help Mana.

"Ugh…Setsuna…she and…Kotaro-kun came and…Kaede's stalling them for now…" Mana winced in pain, "Hurry and help her…"

Konoka quickly summoned her artifact and healed Mana and Ku Fei. She looked at Asuna and said determinedly, "Take me to Secchan. I'll do it."

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