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Disclaimer: the chances of me owning Naruto are about as likely as me eating those nasty chocolate skittles. One day I may, but not right now

"We're like…5 minutes away from our destination guys!" Sakura informed as she leapt from the trees along with Hinata, Naruto and Kiba.

Tsunade had just given them a mission a day ago when they left. Of course, Kiba had no idea what they were doing since he was dozing of thinking about something (or maybe someone) while she was explaining it. All he knew was he was on a mission with Hinata…which was all that really mattered to him. But why did fox boy have to be there? He was ruining everything…well actually, Sakura was. As long as Sakura was on the mission, Naruto would be so focused on her and Hinata would probably be gloomy for the most part of the mission.


Even though he HATED the fact that Hinata liked Naruto, He still couldn't stand to see her sad. As he thought, with such a pretty face, why be sad? But she had her reasons.

When they finally got to the ground where they would be sleeping the next few days, they set up the tent. Being the cute little idiot that he is, Naruto thought he had the tent set up, but when he went inside the tent collapsed on him and he couldn't get out for a long time. At least not until Hinata and Sakura came to his aid. Well somebody should, because he wasn't ready to budge from that spot to help one of his enemies.

I don't even think you can call them "enemies" …They're more like "frienemies" – They're friends, but they're enemies. But all Naruto knows is that they are friends.

After they got Naruto out of the tent, they re-made the tent and checked their bags.

"I got everything," Kiba said

"Same," Hinata and Sakura said

"Same" That sounded nice, especially when Hinata said it.

"CRAP! I'm missing some kunai! I could've sworn I packed 'em!" Naruto exclaimed.

Jeez, Kiba thought, Can't he do ANYTHING right?

"No worries man. I got extra Kiba said with a smile that said "I'm only doing this for Hinata" Yet no one seemed to notice.

"Hey! Thanks dude!" Naruto happily accepted the Kunai.

Hey, he could at least be NICE to Naruto…maybe that would get him somewhere.

"So what are we gonna do now?" Naruto whined.

Shut the fuck up maybe, Kiba thought

"Um, how does catch lunch work for you?" Sakura said, interrupting Kiba's thoughts.Naruto grunted

"Do I have to?" Naruto asked.

"RETORICAL QUESTION IDIOT! Of course you have to!" Sakura yelled.

Kiba decided to back out of the argument. He didn't mean to sound like Shikamaru, but fighting was way too troublesome when it came to those two. It was time to read up on his favorite subject. Hinata. It was a shame, being a whole FIVE METRES away from Naruto and Sakura. She must feel SO alone. Well, why did Kiba come along if not for that very reason?

"Wanna start catching our lunch while they fight?" Kiba asked Hinata.

"O-ok…" Hinata responded blankly. Well, that was actually pretty normal considering it was her. Had it been Naruto she was talking to, she would've fainted on spot. Poor Kiba. Even after 2 and a half years with no distraction, she was STILL obsessed with Naruto.

A few minutes later, Sakura and Naruto ran to the river – wait, hold up. Let me re-phrase that. A few minutes later, Sakura was dragging Naruto to the river to catch their share of fish. (There, that's more like it :D) Aside from the fact that Naruto fell in the river, nothing exciting happened. I mean, It's JUST catching fish!

They started cooking the fish.

Damn, Kiba thought, This is GOOD!