"Guys, it's our last night here you know. Then we gotta go back and give Tsunade our report," Sakura explained.

"That sucks," Kiba mumbled

"Well, too bad Romeo," Sakura teased.

Kiba looked the other way, embarrassed, and…blushing?

"Oi! Is little doggie boy blushing?" Naruto laughed.

"N-NO!! What gave you that idea fox face?" Kiba asked, blushing again.

"Oh, I don't know dog breath! Maybe the fact that you're blushing right now!" Naruto notified him.

"I know how to fix that!" Hinata grinned as she kissed Kiba.

Oh, yeah. You sure fixed that Hinata!

Kiba grabbed her and started kissing back, and then they drew away as they both laughed.

"Did you guys switch places or something?" Naruto asked.

"Can I please end your curiosity?" Sakura asked


"Too late!" Sakura declared as she grabbed Naruto and kissed him. She drew back in about 3 seconds. Naruto looked like he was floating in a pool of love.

"That should shut him up for a while!" Sakura said.


When they got back to Konoha, people were surprised to see the couples holding hands.

After they had given the report to Tsunade, they split…for now, or at least until the next mission or free time.

Oh! Wait a minute, let's rewind back to truth or dare…

"Okay, when we get back to Konoha, dye your hair purple! Washable if you want"

The next thing on Naruto's list? Hair dye.

And tomorrow is a new experience and adventure – are YOU up for it?

No thanks. I like it where I am.


Xrizz: OMG it's a Kiba!

Kiba: -Runs away- Sorry! I'm taken!


Kiba: Yea well, so do a lot of other girls, but my love is for Hinata!

Xrizz: hey if it weren't for me, you wouldn't be with her!

Kiba: True…

Xrizz: Just ONE little kiss? PLEASEEEEE? I'll stop stalking you!

Kiba: FINE! -Kisses me on the cheek-



Yeah, I was the little paparazzi in the trees, watching their every move. I was outside their tent. And reporting from Ichiraku Ramen right now – a little ShikaTema action and – OMG!! SHIKARUUUUU! WAITTTT!