Naruto: The Masked Ninja.

AU: this is my first time writing a story so don't blame me if it sucks. And if you don't like me skipping parts I find boring deal with it or leave. I will not go into explanations that I find unnecessary meaning I'm not gonna explain the Kyuubi attack nor how he passes the graduation exam. I ma gonna start at the beginning. Well the beginning of his change. Now follow me on the path of Naruto the masked ninja. Flames will be pissed upon but helpful reviews are welcomed. Now on to my madness.

I looked down at the body in my arms and just laughed. This has to be a dream. My friend, my rival the one I look up to. Dead. Impossible. He was better than that and I even saw he activated his sharingan. There was no way he could have died now. And there was no way I could catch up. I would say it is all just a dream if not for the pain I feel from the numerous needles imbedded in my body.

"Sasuke. Why did you do it? Why did you have to die on me? Why did you have to give me the task of killing your brother? We need you it isn't a team without you."

"He died protecting his friend. It was a good death but sadly it was in vain as now I must kill you too for Zabuza's sake" the masked hunter spoke out to me.

"No." I'm not even sure that came from me. The power that came from it was more than the Hokage when I begged him to tell me who my parents were. The coldness in the voice was enough to make the ice dome that surrounds me seem like an oven in comparison.

I stood up and gently put Sasuke down to make it easier to remove the needles later. I could feel the rage and hatred I had for this one man. This one man that had killed Sasuke like it was nothing. I felt my rage boil up s I charged forward screaming at the top of my lungs as I created as many shadow clones as I could.

Then in a flash I was alone, a solitary pincushion in the middle of the dome. That is when I decided to fall back on my strongest skill my pranking. I charged forward again and pulled out a couple of my special smoke bombs. As I was attacked again I threw them down. I felt the sharp pains as multiple senbon needles pierced my skin. But the damage was already done. The bombs went off covering everything in orange paint.

At that moment I felt one more sharp pain in my neck and everything went black.

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