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Ch. 11



Haruhi was back in the alleyway, and the shadows that surrounded her had sprouted hands, hundreds and hundreds of tiny hands that reached out to her. They pulled at her clothes, her hair. They tried to take her by the hand and drag her into the blackness with them. She pulled away, and began running down the alley. It seemed to stretch on forever, the street a distant goal that never grew closer. She ran faster and faster, and looked over her shoulder to see the shadows closing in on her, like a building wave. They caught up to her, pulling her to a stop, and began drawing her backwards, sucking her into the dark. She screamed, but no sound came out. Frantic now, she turned back to towards the street, desperate for help.

And there he was.

He stood alone in the middle of the alley, dressed in black, his face in shadow. The only light came from the reflection off his glasses. He didn't speak, but simply started to walk towards her. The grasping shadow hands parted before him, shrinking away and clearing a path for their king as he walked leisurely along. The closer he came, the more the hands slackened their grip on Haruhi, until they were totally gone. She was left kneeling on the ground, looking up at him as he stopped just in front of her. He held his hand out to help her up, and, breathlessly, she took it. He pulled her up quickly and caught her in his arms. She stared up into his face, watching his dark grey eyes as he leaned down to kiss her. She realized that she wanted him, needed him, more than she had wanted anything in her life. She tipped her head back and waited for Kyoya to kiss her, suddenly wondering why the cars on the street were so loud...


Haruhi awoke to soft snoring in her ear. She blinked slowly, trying to clear the cobwebs from her brain. She could see the bright, pale reflection of sunlight off snow shining on the wall across from the bed. Still sleepy, she tried to roll over and stretch, but met with something warm and solid. Confused, she stopped suddenly when the soft snore came again. Someone else was in the bed, snuggled up with her. She turned and saw Kyoya sleeping on her bare shoulder. They were lying on their left sides, and she was nose to nose with him, staring at the uninjured side of his face. This close to him, she could see how his dark eyelashes lay on his cheek, and his black hair was tousled and falling down over his eyes. Remembering her dream, she blushed, embarrassed to be this close to him. She tried to move, but realized that the two of them were tangled up together. Somehow, during the night, they had burrowed underneath the comforter, and now it, too, was twisted up with their limbs. Growing exasperated, she squirmed, and finding his arms wrapped around her waist, she took a hold of one and shook gently, trying to wake him. He grumbled, but kept his eyes shut and laid still.

"Kyoya-senpai, what are you doing here?"

"Sleeping..." He growled.


"Ngh..." Kyoya wrapped himself around her, still mostly asleep and not entirely aware of what was going on. He hugged her closer, hanging onto his own dream involving Haruhi in a flowing dress...

"Kyoya, let me up..." Haruhi could hear voices outside the room. The last thing she wanted was for housekeeping to walk in and find her like this.

"Shh..." muttered Kyoya, burrowing his face into her neck, unconsciously relishing her soft skin and her scent. The short, young-man's stubble that dusted his jaw scraped against her bare skin, and his mouth brushed against her neck, sending chills rocketing up her spine. This is not good. I can't be in bed with him! She squirmed, but to no avail. Even asleep, Kyoya's grip was like a vise. She gave up and relaxed a bit - This is hopeless. Maybe the housekeeper will go on past the room. Then I'll just have to wait until he wakes up to get loose. The voices grew louder and more distinct, and suddenly Haruhi recognized the loudest among them. Tamaki. The Host Club had found them.

She swore under her breath and began struggling with renewed energy. She could not let the Host Club find her here like this. But Kyoya remained uncooperative. It seemed the more she struggled, the tighter he held her. Haruhi was getting desperate. "GET OFF!" She hissed. But just then, the door opened, and she heard Tamaki as he strode in.

"Haruhi! Rise and shine! Only Kyoya sleeps this late, and if we hurry, we can go to the springs without him, since Mom's been hogging you all..." Tamaki was the first through the door, and so he was the first one to witness the scene. "...night..." He stopped in the doorway, dumbstruck.

"What is it, Milord?"

"Don't stop there, you're blocking the way. Oh..." Hikaru and Kaoru both peered around Tamaki, and were just as shocked at what they saw. Haruhi, struggling on the bed with Kyoya, her dress torn. Shoes and coats strewn across the floor around the bed. All they could see of Kyoya was his tangle of arms and legs wrapped around their beloved Haruhi. Mori and Hunny wedged themselves in behind the three younger men, but each of them kept their wits about them. Mori moved the fastest, lifting the twins and Tamaki off the floor and moving all three of them out of his way. He crossed the room in a flash, and took Kyoya by the collar and pulled him out of bed as easily as someone else might have grabbed a bad puppy by the scruff of the neck.

Kyoya was jolted awake by the yank on his shirt, and made a frantic grab for the comforter, the pillow, anything he could reach as he was unceremoniously dragged out of bed. His hands met with something silky and soft, that slipped and squirmed out of his grasp with a squeak. Why did it sound so familiar? Suddenly he was dangling in midair, and there was an eruption of sound and movement around him. The twins sprang into action, and they both dashed to the bed and leapt in, one on either side of Haruhi.

"Are you alright?" Kaoru was on her left, pulling back the comforter and checking her over.

"Yes, I'm.." Haruhi started.

"Your dress is torn..." Hikaru was doing the same on her other side.

"I know, its nothing... Ouch!" She flinched as Hikaru grabbed her arm.

"My God! How did you get that bruise?" Hikaru pulled her arm forward, and turned it slightly to get a better look at it.

Kaoru looked around Haruhi and gasped when he saw the purple mark. "It looks just like a hand! Who grabbed you? Was it Kyoya?"

"What did he do?" They both turned to glare at Kyoya, who was still hanging in midair, trying to wake up. Hunny was next to Tamaki, who was still standing where Mori had set him down to the side of the doorway. Hunny knew that Kyoya could never do anything to hurt Haruhi, but the situation did look bad. He clung to Tamaki's arm, ready to restrain him if he decided to lunge at his friend. "Tama-chan, I'm sure there's an explanation. You know Kyou-chan wouldn't hurt Haru..."

Kyoya became aware of where he was, who was there, and what he had been doing when they arrived. He opened his eyes, and could see the blurred outline of the twins in bed with Haruhi, glaring at him. He saw two blonde heads - Tamaki and Hunny - standing by the door, Hunny looking concerned, and Tamaki as white as a sheet. Then he looked back to Haruhi, and he registered the look of shock on her face. He realized what the silky, squealing thing he had grabbed on his way out of bed was. He knew the only person left, and the only person capable of holding him like this, was Mori. It was nothing new to Kyoya, or to Haruhi, for that matter, that the rest of the Host Club would choose inopportune moments to make their appearance. But this, this one took the cake. "Mori-senpai... put... me...down..." His voice was low and dangerous. Mori set him down and backed away slowly - he might be strong and fearless, but he wasn't stupid. Even he was intimidated by the dark, angry aura emanating from Kyoya. And Haruhi, who was rarely afraid of anything, shrank back into the pillows and the safety of the twin's clutches. She had only heard stories of how scary Kyoya could be first thing in the morning, and she had brushed them off as exaggerations. But this was no joke - they had awakened the Dark Lord.

He raised his head, and the others (except for Tamaki) gasped when they saw his face. His eye was swollen and dark purple, and his lip was puffy as well. He looked like he had been in a fistfight, something none of them ever imagined that Kyoya was capable of.

Kyoya's voice seemed to have snapped Tamaki out of his daze. Tamaki turned from white to dark red, and looked as though he might explode with fury. He strode aggressively across the room, Hunny clinging to his waist, trying to hold him back. He succeeded in stopping the irate blonde just outside of arm's reach from Kyoya. "How dare you take away our daughter without telling me where you're going?! I was sick with worry - I had no idea where she was, or who had taken her. I thought she had been kidnapped by yakuza, or sold into slavery! Even Ranka-san only had the vaguest idea of where you were, but you, you had charmed her somehow, you sneaky daughter-thief, into thinking everything was just fine. How could it be fine, when our daughter was missing? And then to find you here, like that, with our own DAUGHTER! You perverted, despicable... vous traître! Je - " For a moment Haruhi thought that Tamaki must have lost his mind and begun speaking in tongues, and then it dawned on her that the strange sounds bubbling out of his mouth must be French, his native language. Tamaki was obviously too upset to realize that he was treading on thin ice with an increasingly angry Dark Lord. The twins huddled closer to Haruhi on the bed, as Mori joined Hunny in restraining Tamaki.

Kyoya stood calmly, the darkening gleam in his eyes the only thing betraying his anger. That buffoon, he thought. If I had dropped in, unannounced, on his holiday with Haruhi, he would be just as livid as he is now. The muscles on his jaw twitched as Kyoya restrained the urge to punch Tamaki - an urge he had not had since middle school. But can I really blame him, considering what he's just seen? It was taken totally out of context, but still... would I have thought any different if I had walked in on us just now? As angry as he was at being woken up far too early in the morning, he knew he was out of line. But the interruption rankled him - they should not have been there at all. If they had not been, he might have been able to recover himself and explain things in such a way as to smooth it all over, and confess his feelings to Haruhi now that she was awake to hear him. The realization that he had missed his second chance because of their intrusion became too much for him.

"This was part of the arrangement for the challenge winner, you know," Kyoya finally said. "Twenty-four hours to spend, ALONE, with the host of their choice." Tamaki seemed not to hear, and continued ranting about how he had called the police, the national rescue, everyone he could think of, until Mori, of all people, had said simply, 'Kyoya...' Apparently, from that point, Tamaki had been able to talk to one of the Ootori family valets and discovered their location. Kyoya made a mental note to have the man fired, and then turned on Tamaki, his voice low and dangerous.

"Tamaki Suou - we all had an agreement. If you did not have the honor to abide by an agreement that you made, you never should have made it."

This stopped Tamaki, and he stood for a moment, his mouth opening and closing like a fish as he searched for a response.

"It was never an agreement for you to assualt your guest, Kyoya! What the hell were you doing?" Tamaki was so livid that Hunny and Mori had to struggle to keep him back. Haruhi watched this with shock - she had never seen Tamaki yell at his best friend like this before. She tried to open her mouth to say something, but the words stuck in her throat.

Kyoya stood quietly, seething. He squinted at Tamaki, only an arm's length from him. He didn't need his glasses to see the furious expression in his friend's usually benevolent face. This is absurd - I don't have to explain myself, and certainly not to the likes of you. His thoughts were racing, but he chose not to say anything else. After all, there was no talking to Tamaki when he was upset. So instead, he His thoughts shocked everyone by turning around and leaving. Slamming the door behind him, he stopped outside, realizing that he had just stormed out without his glasses, coat, and shoes. He sighed heavily, then fumbled his way to his own room. Once inside, he locked the door and flopped onto his own bed. He winced, realizing that he was still sore from the beating he had received last night. He mulled over the events of the night before - dancing, laughing, kissing Haruhi, the fight, then her sleeping through his confession. The timing was perfect then - how will I tell her now, after all the commotion this morning? I'll never get another chance alone with her, not after that mess. In his frustration, he sat up and started strangling his pillow, imagining a certain head of blonde hair was in its place. "Damn you and your meddling!!"


Back in the other room, Haruhi explained everything that had happened to the others. (Except for the kiss - she wasn't sure she wanted anyone to know about that just yet, especially considering the strange somersaults her stomach did whenever she thought about it.) Hunny, Kaoru, and Hikaru were all cuddled around her, and Tamaki sat at her feet while Mori stood at the end of the bed. They all watched her, agape with disbelief that Kyoya, KYOYA, of all people, was the person she was talking about.

"... Kyoya actually fought with them?" Hikaru asked, disbelieving.

"Is that how he got that shiner?" Kaoru seemed just as incredulous, but sympathetic, considering that Kyoya had been injured.

Hunny clutched her remaining sleeve tightly, his eyes wide with concern. "Oh no, Haru-chan, the thugs tore your dress? And hurt your arm? We thought..."

"...Yeah, we thought Kyoya..." Mori shifted his weight from one foot to the other, suddenly feeling sheepish that he had dragged Kyoya out of bed after what he had been through the night before.

"NO! He helped me, that's how he got hurt. He got in a fight with those men to let me get away. He has a bad cut, too, and I think his glasses are broken." She looked to the bedside table, where Kyoya's bent glasses sat. She sighed heavily, still sitting on the bed. "I must have fallen asleep in the car on the way back. The next thing I remember, I was waking up with Kyoya and trying get out of bed, but he was still sleeping... and then you all barge in and there's all this yelling..."

"So... nothing happened with you and Kyoya..." Tamaki finally spoke up. He had listened to the entire story with an uncharacteristic silence. He realized what awful things he had said to his friend, his best friend, when Kyoya had done nothing wrong. In fact, he had only done what any of them would have done - he had defended her. He protected her, and had been hurt for his effort. Tamaki felt terrible.

Haruhi blushed, thinking of their accidental kiss the night before. "No, nothing like what you're thinking... perverts..."


Author's Note: OK, so, lots of things to talk about! First off, the dream - I do know that the shadow-hands thing sounds an awful lot like the Gate from FMA - I didn't realize until my imouto read this chapter and mentioned it to me. Its not a bad analogy, so if you know the reference, go with it! And haha! The Host Club is back! We all knew they would show up eventually. Now what? Wait and see :D And, by the way, I am sooo sorry that it took my longer than I promised to post this chapter. Especially because I still haven't finished writing the next chapter, and I dont know how long it will take me. So, this might be the last one for a little while :-( It may take a while, especially since I have classes now. Anyways, you know the drill - please review! And as always, super thank-yous to all of you readers, and especially to my reviewers! Xoxoxo - htac :3

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