Angel of Mine

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Summary: Minna-san, meet mikan sakura the girl I love. natsume said which made the girl beside him have tears of joy. R&R


Chapter 1-meeting her

Morning at the Gakuen Alice…

Some students are going in there classes, others are still sleeping and others are still eating. Except our Hyuuga Natsume . His routine is going to his seat, places his feet on top of the table then starts reading his beloved manga (A/n:that's hyuuga natsume!!).Beside him is a boy petting its bunny his name is Nogi Ruka. A very long time bestfriend of students are disturbing them. One of this are the natsume-ruka fans club and there disgusting president shouda sumire.

"I the president of natsume-ruka fans club announce that I'll have a date with hyuuga-kun and nogi-kun neh?" sumire said proudly.

The only answer of natsume was a glare which made the girls scream it stop when there weird teacher came, NARUMI-SENSEI.

"Ohayo!minna-san. "said there weird teacher namely narumi.

This time he wore a t-shirt that says " Am I weird?" and a pink bubbly skirt with leggings

(A/n: gosh!I guess he is really that weird.)

"I have an important announcement so please shut all your mouths neh?"narumi said.

All the students were excited to hear what will narumi announce and they immediately kept their mouth shut.

"Well you see we have a new transfer student minna!! so please treat her nicely" narumi announced

"Hai!!!!narumi-sensei" everyone said except our kuro-neko and Hotaru Imai

"Sakura-san please come in and introduce yourself" narumi said and with that the door slid open

There comes a girl with a auburn hair with a hazel orbs at the same time she has a cheerful smile plastered on her angelic face. which made all the boys have hearts in there eyes except once again our kuro-neko and nogi-kun his childhood friend.

"Ohayo minna-san, watashi wa Sakura Mikan hope we can all be friends okay??" mikan said politely which made the boys blush more and the girls envied with her.

"Ka-ka-Kawaii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" all boys screamed except natsume and ruka

"Since you know her already, mikan-chan mind picking your partner??" narumi asked

"Partner???" Mikan said confused

"Yes, partner. In gakuen alice each of you have partner to accompany you. Got it?"narumi said

"Oh..I see.." mikan said

Okay since you don't really know what partner is well I'll be the one to choose instead.." narumi said

ALL the BOYS started to say Pick me!!! except again for our fire-caster again.

"Okay, I've decided, natsume hyuuga will b your partner." narumi declared while the boys look like they're broken into pieces.

Mikan hearing the name "natsume" reminds her of something.


Two 6 yrs. old kids were playing at the was agirl and the other was a this place they made apromise at one another.

"Chumie-chan matte!!"mikan said

Natsume heard her but he played deaf and sat at the was called sakura tree

"Chumie -pants- chan pants why -pants you- pants- baka!! "Mikan said exhausted

"Hn." Was all natsume could say.

Chumie-chan please promise me that you'll never leave me okay? Mikan said

"Hn," once again natsume said

"I'll take that as yes." mikan said

Next morning mikan was knocking at door of natsume but no answer. She had no choice but to kick natsume's door. But when she opened it the room was empty and only one shiny thing was left a gift and letter for mikan.

The letter says:


I'm sorry if I didn't tell you that we are leaving today. please promise me that you'll be strong. I'll be back. and I'm with you always.

P.S don't open the small box that I gave you until I'm not yet back.

Not yours,


When mikan came back to there house her grandpa notice her eyes were red due of crying.

"Mikan! please be strong or else I'll tell natsume that you cry always because his gone." grandpa said

"No!! I'll stop crying see!"!mikan said showing her small smile

"That's my mikan!" Her grandpa said

End of flashback

"Is this the reason why my heart brought me here?" mikan thought


To be continued….


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