Hi all! Welcome to my new Gravitation 100-word drabble series!

When I told one of my friends I'd posted drabble no. 100, she said, "Awesome, so the series is complete?" and I was all, "Huh? No way, I'm gonna continue writing...!" So she said, "Well, sure, but start a new fic!" and I said, "Whaaaat? Why??" and she said, "Well, isn't the series named 'A Picture's Worth a Hundred Words'? You can't go past one hundred, then. Even all your fans were sure you'd finish after you posted drabble 100, weren't they? So, close that fic. Open a new one."

And, well... here we are :)

Prompt (mine) : new beginnings. Written in about two seconds O.o

It was their longest fall-out yet. They'd not spoken in two weeks, aside from when absolutely necessary. It was getting to be unbearable. Finally Shuichi decided it was the apartment's fault. Yuki nearly laughed, but caught himself in time and decided that maybe it wasn't so far-fetched an idea. He agreed to move.

They found a beautiful building where the penthouse suite was available, and affordable. They threw themselves into the packing frenzy together, barricading themselves in their previous apartment for two more weeks during which, gradually, they started talking again.

Maybe this new beginning was just what they needed.