Prompt (Kakashis-Girl1369) : orchids.

Yuki knew Shuichi would get him flowers on his birthday. He couldn't give them in person, since he had a concert halfway across the country; but Shuichi never forgot, and Yuki was certain that he'd awaken to find flowers at his doorstep.

And he was right – what surprised him was Shuichi's choice of flowers. Knowing his romantic lover, Yuki had expected roses, or even a tasteful ikebana. But no: Shuichi had sent him a single, elegant orchid stem.

Orchids are tough, read the card. They live practically forever, even without water. Here's hoping we last forever too!
Happy birthday,

Celebratory end note: I hope this series lasts forever too! I hope my inspiration never gives out – or on the occasion that it does, that you guys rise to the challenge of giving me weird prompts and ideas like you did this time :D THANK YOU!


A Picture's Worth A Hundred Words III

(... yes, I'm going to shamelessly continue to call them "A Picture's Worth A Hundred Words" and add a number each time, until I come up with a better idea =P )

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