(Boredom!! Written from the point of view of our very own silver haired glasses wearing... Dun dun dun... Kabuto!)

"You're so cute. Yes you are. Yes you are! So adorable and fluffy and tiny and cute and I love you. Yes I do, I love you. You're so cute! And nice! And -Ow that was my ear! Oh well, you're still so adorable, yes you are, yes you are!"

I heard it. Baby-talk. It was highly annoying. Wait... I opened the door that I heard the baby-talk coming from. There, in the room, was Orochimaru-sama on his bed holding a ten foot long King Cobra. Baby-talking it. "Uh, are you okay Orochimaru-sama?"

Orochimaru hissed. "Shut the door! Never speak of this!"