(I'm bored... And feeling a bit down... So... I'm going to write a sad one shot... It's a bit depressing... So... Yeah... Set in Shipuuden... Slightly AU Alternate Universe)

One moment the three of us were back to back fighting the same enemies, then we were seperated. Naruto was off somewhere fighting a group of ninja, I was where we had started this battle, and Sakura... I didn't know where she was or if she was alright... It was killing me to not go after her...

I looked to each side of me and sighed, no more ninja were coming at me. I ran, trying to find the pink-haired kunoichi who had secretly stolen my heart. I left to protect her. To protect my home and fellow ninja. Now they were still trying to help me...

"Sakura!" I called, my voice echoing off of the stone walls, the empty hallway was eerie, something of an omen. I knew this wasn't going to be something I would like. I saw her, she was limp, laying against the wall.

I ran over, "Sakura! Sakura! Don't do this!" I pulled her into my lap, to my chest. "Please! Stay with me!"

She looked at me and smiled weakly. With her last breath, I heard those words and I lost it. "I love you Sasuke... kun..." And with that, she fell completely limp, warmth leaving her body.

If only I had come after her sooner! Damn it! Why her!? Is this my punishment for abandoning my home for power!? Why!?

Memories of our childhood... How I had treated her... How I just left... My heart was shattered... I could hear NAruto coming up behind me. I didn't turn around.

"Teme, we have to get out of here before more ninja come..." came NAruto's voice. I heard the urgency in his tone, but I couldn't make myself move away from Sakura's cold body.

"Sasuke! Come o-" Naruto stopped as I stood and turned around, holding Sakura close to me. "S-sakura-chan..." his voice was barely a whisper. He clenched his fists.

I shook my head. "If only I had gone to look for her sooner... It wouldn't have happened..." my voice shook. I realized I was crying. I didn't care. She was gone. She still smelled of cherries even though she was covered in blood, most of it her own.

Naruto shook his head, "You were worried about the mi-" I cut him off.

"They say those who abandon their mission are trash... But those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash..." I said. "Naruto... I'm worse than trash right now..."

(The end... Yeah... Depressing... Hope they're all in character... For this odd reason, even though in my group of friends I'm Sakura, if there's a Sasu-Saku story, it's has to be from Sasuke's point 

of view... It's just easier for me... Well... Hope you liked this... I know my others so far have been slightly humorous... And this one totally strays away from it... But... Hope you liked it anyway...)