(Imagine Sasuke and Sakura have cell phones... Hehehe...)

I sighed, laying my head on my pillow happily. Oh the joys of a comfortable bed. I was almost asleep until I heard 'I Hate Everything About You' by Three Days Grace blaring from the black RAZR on my bedside table. I groaned, it was Sakura. I answered the phone. "Hello?" I muttered into the cell phone.

"Hey Sasuke-kun! What are you doing!?" came her voice from the other side.

I sighed, "I was trying to sleep, what do you want Sakura?" I asked, not really caring what she wanted.

I could hear her sigh, "Nevermind..." -click-

I looked at the phone. Did I just get hung up on? No way... Impossible... I growled and called her back. "Did you just fucking hang up on me Sakura Haruno!?" I snapped.

I could hear the smirk in her voice. "Yes I did, Sasuke Uchiha," she replied calmly. It made me want to throw the phone. No one! No one had ever hung up on me before!

"You little bitch! No one hangs up on Sasuke Uchiha!" I snapped. "No o-" -click- I was about to call her back again, to apologize for my outburst, but my door swung open, a very pissed Orochimaru came in.

"Do you know how high your phone bill is!? Calls to Sakura! Calls to Naruto! Calls to the school! Over a hundred dollars in text messaging! Even more in phone calls! I will not pay for this any longer Sasuke! I pay for your over-use of water! Your over-use of electricity! Your food! Your schooling! Your sports! Your cable! And your internet! I will not pay for this cell phone bill any longer!" the rather snake-like man stopped, taking deep breaths.

I sighed softly and looked up at him with big, pleading eyes and a quivering bottom lip. "Please Oro-sama? Just this once? I promise I won't do it again..."

Orochimaru opened his mouth to protest, but then sighed. "Very well... But it better be lower next month." he hissed before quietly shutting my door.

I sighed and called Sakura back, "Look, Sakura I'm really so-" -click- That little bitch! I called back again, this time really pissed. "Will you stop fucking hanging up the phone!? You little bitch! Why can't you just listen to what I have to say!? Answer me!"

I heard her sigh, "Sasuke... I give... I'm tired of your bullshit... I'm calling Naruto..." -click-

All I could do was stare at the phone, dumdfounded. What was this feeling? Holy shit. I lost her. To the dobe no less... Fuck.

(Yeah... . There's the second installment of my Naruto one shots...)