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She had been waiting there for hours now, the sunlight long since faded leaving the streets in a flickering half darkness. It was cold and she was hungry, but she wouldn't go home just yet, she couldn't.

A car screams past, the shrieks of its engine distorting the eerie silence of the street, into something more threatening. More time passes slowly she lowers herself to huddle in corner of the doorframe, offering her a minute shelter from the chilling wind. She hears footsteps on the street, with her gaze shifting upwards, rapidly hope reaches her eyes only to flee, as she watches a stranger stumble onwards.

Her stomach growls, its protest growing louder as more time passes, she continues to ignore it. As the hot tears begin to well in her eyes and slowly make the journey down her frozen cheeks it's only now that doubt enters her mind.

"What if he never comes back?" her small voiced questions the deserted streets.

"What if he's been hurt? What if he's in trouble? What if he was serious when he told them he was never coming back?" her voice growing panicky and steadily louder.

"No," she suddenly shrieked into darkness, "He has to come back, he wouldn't leave me, he wouldn't" her voice lowering to a whisper as she uttered the final words.

Then she stood, ignoring the pain shooting through her legs from the cold and inactivity.

"I have to find him."

Stepping forward on the cracked and damaged pavement, she looks around the usually familiar streets of daylight are suddenly foreign and unwelcoming. She looks around uncertainly and slowly begins to make her way down the street, carefully avoiding the trash that litters her path lest the noise it makes alert an unknown danger.

Suddenly she hears a yell, a worried call of her name. She turns around a smile appearing on her tearstained face and wordlessly she runs towards him, arms encircling him in a desperate hug.

"Rhyme, what're you doin' out here? You freezin' yo."

Pulling away from him, she stands there nervously for moment as if expecting further reprimand.

"I'm no angry, yo. Jus worried."

"I'm sorry," her quiet voice shakes slightly as fresh tears prickle in her eyes, "I just wanted to wait for you, I was so afraid you'd never come back. I was so afraid you'd abandoned me."

"Ach, hell" he mutters scratching the back of his head, "Come here."

He wraps one arm around her shoulders, while the other fumbles around in his overlarge pockets. Finding what he was looking for he withdraws his hand from the pocket.

"See this, yo." He says with a triumphant grin.

"It's a marble" she replies her confusion clear in her voice as she studies the chipped blue sphere.

"No jus any marble, this one it special, yo. It contains my soul." He says while shifting one of her arms from its position by her side turning it so the palm of hand faced the sky.

"And I'm givin' it to you."

Placing the small sphere in the centre of her palm and closing her fingers round it. He smiles before continuing.

"So as long as you have it, I'll always come back to you, yo."

"I'll keep it with me always." She promised with true smile forming on her lips.

They continue down the street heading home. Brother protecting sister from the harsh chill of the night and sister smiling, marble clenched tightly in her hand a most precious symbol of a promise that her brother would never abandon her.