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"What?" Sakura blinked. She wasn't sure if she heard him right. 'Did he just tell me he wanted me to have his baby?'

"You heard me right." He gave her a menacing grin, answering her thoughts as if he was reading them. "I decided you were the best candidate for it. Just think you could be the mother of a Uchiha, it would be a great honor."

Sakura stood motionless. Every word he just said sinking in slowly. Then her mouth twitched, first into as half smile then soon into an ear to ear smile. "You are…." She broke off into a fit of laughter.

Sasuke raised his brow in confusion. "I don't really see the humor in this situation. I'm quite serious."

Kakashi gave a heavy sigh, a small ring clutched in the palm of his hand. He held it up once again to look at it. He had bought it for Sakura the day before, hoping to give it to her. But now he wasn't so sure. With another sigh he slumped down onto the couch.

After Sakura had walked away from he checked over the documents himself. This time he could see the fact that it was indeed a forgery. But why? Why go through all the trouble of having a marriage agreement forged? He clutched the ring tighter in his hand. "It doesn't matter anymore." He muttered to himself. There really was no point in asking about it now, because everyone who signed the cursed document was dead now.

Not only that, but he wasn't going to let it ruin one of the best things he ever had, and that was having Sakura in his life. He glanced at the clock. Sakura's been gone for hours now and he was starting to worry. 'Maybe she really does want out?'

Just as the thought crossed his mind the front door slammed open. He jumped to his feet and by the time turned the door had been slammed shut and now standing in the entryway was Sakura. "Sakura?" She looked pissed. Her breathing heavy, her lit with anger.

"Kakashi" Her voice low.

"What happened?" He asked hesitantly. "Are you…….omf"

He was cut by Sakura crashing her lips on his. He didn't even see her move towards him. His mind going blank he stumbled dropping the ring and falling backwards onto the couch, Sakura following him of her own free will. "Take me Kakashi." Her voice pleading as she pressed her body against his.

A groan escaped his throat feeling her body moved against his now hardened arousal. She had his vest unzipped and she was working on getting his pants off when he grabbed her hands bringing them to a stop. "What…has gotten into you?" His breath ragged. It wasn't that he actually minded, he just knew something wasn't right. Something was wrong?

She averted her gaze her face now grim. "Is it such a bad thing for a wife to want her husband?"

He closed his eyes. He loved to hear her say that, more that they weren't even married. It showed him she still wanted him. "Sakura" He said opening his eyes. He let go of her hands and ran his own up her body. She turned back to him. Anger no longer there, she smiled before capturing his lips again.

"So what happened after you quit laughing?" Kakashi asked slightly shocked from the new found information. They were currently lying naked on the floor, Sakura wrapped tightly in his arms.

"What do mean what happened?" She lifted her head to look at him. "I beat the crap out of him."

Kakashi's grip tightened around her waist as he started to laugh. He could picture Sasuke in the hospital bed now. He knows how it feels to be on Sakura's bad side after all. He almost felt sorry for the Uchiha.

"What are you laughing at?" She smacked him in the stomach, causing him to grunt but not to stop laughing.

He took a deep breath in attempt to stop. He was still chuckling when he flipped them capturing her beneath. "I'm laughing at you." He smiled.

She pursed her lips. "Careful or I'll beat you too." She tried to wiggle free.

He bit back a groan; unknowingly she was wiggling in all the right places. "If you keep doing that Sakura…….." His voice husky. Sakura froze and stared up at him. He gently placed a kiss on her cheek. "I love you Sakura Haruno"

She smiled and wraps her arms around his neck. "That's Sakura Hatake, get it right." She lifted her head capturing his lips.

"Oh" He broke the kiss and began searching the floor. Sakura sat up on her elbows watching him confused. "Found it." He grinned, now holding the said item in his hand.

"What did you find?" Sakura asked trying to see what was in his hand.

He grabbed left hand and slipped the ring onto her finger. "There" He laced their fingers together.

With tears forming in her eyes she stared wide eyed at her newly decorated finger. "Oh Kakashi…'s beautiful."

"You like it then?" He brought it to his lips gently placing a kiss upon it. "Does this mean you'll marry me………Again that is."

All she could do was nod. He smiled and took her in his arms. She couldn't believe after everything that has happened they finally get their happy ending.

"One more question." He said a serious look on his face. "Well it's more a command than a question."

"What is it?" she said confused, what could he want now.

"I demand that you have my child."

She quirked a brow. "Is that so?" She held back the smile that was trying to show. "On one condition."

He sighed. "More conditions?"

She couldn't help it this time she had to smile. "Only if we can start trying right now."

He smiled and a new flame lit inside him. "I can think I can manage that." He pulled her to him. "And it's something I plan on doing every chance I get."

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