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"Hey Kamio, aren't we in Kyoto for the festival on Saturday?" asked Shinji.

"Yea, but it's only Friday." said Kamio.

"I know it's tomorrow but shouldn't we be going back to the hotel by now? It's already 8:30 (pm) and Tachibana is gonna be pissed off at us if we aren't back by 10:00. Besides, An said that we're going to the festival early in the morning to help set it up, and if you sleep so late there's no way in hell you can get up at 6:00 am tomorrow cause you always oversleep and on top of that-"



"You're mumbling again."

"Oh, sorry."

The Fudomine regulars were all in Kyoto for tomorrow's summer festival. And by now, all but 2 of them were at the hotel. That would be due to Kamio's sudden urge to play DDR (and drag Shinji with him to the nearest arcade). By now, they were already at the arcade.

"God, do you have to play DDR right NOW?!" asked Shinji.

Kamio rushed over to the change machine and took 2000 yen out of his pocket.

"Are you seriously gonna spend all of that on a game?!"


-Shinji sweatdrops-

While Kamio was playing DDR, Shinji went to play Initial D (a 1 on 1 street racing game). A minute later, a boy around his age with spiky black hair and a whole lot of ear piercings appeared.

"Ah, Zaizen from Shintenhouji..."

"Hehe, yup. Wanna race?"

"Sure, but good luck trying to beat me."

"Aww damn it, there goes my winning streak." said Zaizen.

"Eh, how long has it been since you last lost at this game?" asked Shinji.

"I had a 72 win streak going, and that was after Senri's little sister beat me"


"Dude! It's not funny! I got laughed at by Kenya for a week because of that! Speaking of him, that's why I'm here in the first place..."

At that said moment...

"Kamio from Fudomine?! What the hell are you doing here?!" asked Kenya.

"Playing DDR."

"Here in Kyoto?"

"Oh, our team is helping out at tomorrow's festival as volunteers."

"Eh? That's a coincidence, our team is doing that too."



A moment of silence passes. Then-

"...if you're here to play DDR"

"...you're going down Kamio."

"You first, Kenya."

Ruby: Sorry to interrupt everyone, but as a reminder from me, the author, (this is important to the ending) the time in the story is currently 9:00 pm. Tachibana told all the regulars to be back at the hotel by 10:00pm and Shiraishi also told his team to be back at the Shintenhouji dorms by 10:30pm. Ok back to the story.

2 hours later...

"When are they gonna be done?" asked Zaizen.

"Probably never." replied Shinji.

-still watching them play DDR-

Suddenly, both Shinji and Zaizen's cell phones rang.







-Shinji and Zaizen sweatdrop-

"and that means I beat you 23 times now." said Kenya.

"Dude, I beat you 24 times." said Kamio.

"Wanna go at it again?"

"Why not?"

"Ah sorry Zaizen, did you want to play?" asked Kenya.

"Hey Shinji, can I borrow some money?"


"Where did they go?" simultaneous thought.

Meanwhile Shinji and Zaizen were running back to their now furious captains.

"I never want to see a DDR machine again." said Zaizen.

"Yea." agreed Shinji."

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