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Well, where do I start?

I could bore you to death with the story of my life, but I'm sure you've got better things to do with your time. Besides, there's not that much to me. I'm distinctly average, and that's only for lack of a better word.

So I'm seventeen, and a witch. Okay, so I lied, I'm not exactly average. But! Wait for it.. I'm an incredibly average witch. Okay? I won't lie to you again, I promise.

For the past six years, I've been attending New York's Wizarding Academy. Before you ask, I'm not even American. I'm Irish.

My fool of a Took father (no, our surname isn't Took. I know, I'm disappointed too) happens to work for the Ministry, and also happened to be transferred to New York. And he accepted. Idiot.

It's nothing like Ireland, nothing. And after living in a small village for all of your life, the city practically ate me alive. I don't think I came out from under my bed for a week.

I'm not even lying. I told you I wouldn't, remember?

But now, we've moved back to Ireland, and I'll be spending my last year of education at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Which was where I was meant to attend in the first place. I've had my name down since I was born, you know.

And it's in Scotland. Pfft.

Have you ever noticed how it's Witchcraft and Wizardry? So, that makes witchcraft superior, right?

I apologise. I get distracted too easily. Excuse me while I bang my head against this w- ooh! A GRASSHOPPER!

Anyway, so I'm back in Ireland. And I've never been so happy to see grass. So much grass. I'd much rather lay on the nature's green carpet than concrete any day.. Sorry.

My brother, Aiden, went to Hogwarts until his third year. And the smart little bugger was in Ravenclaw, 'til He Who Shall Not Be Named (i.e. my father, who's name, coincidentally, is Terrence) moved us to America.

I suppose I'm being rather hypocritical. I mean, if I had to choose a house, I'd like to be in Ravenclaw; just to make my parents proud for a change.

Anywho, back to the subject of my averageness.

I'm about 5'6", with curly black hair down to the middle of my back. Well, it's not exactly curly. I like to call it an organized mess. Whereas my pain-in-the-arse brother seems to regard it as more of a 'dragged through a hedge backwards' kind of look. Me being so optimistic an' all, I'm just happy it doesn't look exactly the same day after day (unlike my brothers', I hasten to add).

I've got bright green eyes. My, ahem, friends back in America said they made me look like a witch. Well, not a witch, because I am a witch. I'm talking about those awful witches you read about in those muggle books: fairy tales and what-not. Isn't that lovely? Then again, I think I yelled a bit and promptly ended up with no friends whatsoever. Well, you lose some, you win some.

I'm a fully qualified Animagus; one of the only perks of living in America, along with opportunity for an early driving license and other Muggle crap, is you can start training to become an Animagus at the age of fourteen, so you're able to transform by the time you come of age at seventeen.

Unfortunately, my friend and I made a pact: we would choose each others animal forms, and whatever form chosen would be the one you took, no arguments. What morons would do that? Seriously? I must have been on a sugar high..


Being who she was, it was guaranteed that she would choose the worse form possible for me. And I damn well wasn't going to let her get away scott-free. I suppose I wasn't too mean, and I could of chosen something a lot worse. But, in the end, I chose a non-too-interesting flutterby .. Ah, butterfly.

Fortunately for me, Tiffany was feeling a tad guilty about a rumour she had started about how I had slept with the entire chess-club (pft, as if), and so decided on an animal that would apparently suit me perfectly.

I'm not sure about the suiting-me-perfectly, but I loved it all the same.

She'd chosen me a timberwolf, one of my favourite animals. To make her feel slightly better about the choice I'd made for her however, I reluctantly refused to wear all the autumn colours that made the timberwolf so beautiful, and opted for the rarer colour of pure black.

See, I'm a nice person really.

I'm waffling, I know. I'll try and speed up. Ahem.

So now I'm in London, another bloody city, and I'm lost. How the hell am I supposed to know if I'm even at the right train station? What a laugh my parents must be having: leaving and knowing they dropped their only daughter at the wrong place, so she'll miss the train and her first day at a new school, and probably get expelled before she's even begun. Oh, I think I'm just going to piss myself from laughing.


And there's so many people. And I bet they're all Muggles. Now, where the hell is this Platform 9¾?

I feel like such an imbecile.. I don't see anyone else around here with a huge trunk and a snowy owl. Pretend to be stuffed, pretend to be stuffed, pretend to be- Don't do that you stupid animal!

"Oh, I'm sorry- Excuse m- Ow, that was my bloody foot you bast- Sorry!- Excuse me, I-"


Perhaps I should just turn around and follow the crowd. Yeah, I'll follow that guy; he looks nice. And when he gets suspicious, I'll follow someone else. I'm sure I've got plenty of time..

10:50. That's just great. 10 minutes. If I was a dog, that time'd go 7 times faster. Ah, for the first time in my life; I'm glad I'm human.

Then, I spotted a group of boys, and they had owls.

I hurried to catch up, but stayed a safe distance behind them. Occasionally, I lost sight of them in the sea of people, but they were making so much noise that it wasn't difficult to follow them.

"What incredibly ingenious pranks do you think we should pull on Snivellus this year, Prongs?"

"With our fantastic minds, anything is possible."

"I've already got something in mind for when we're on the train.." The boy's voice was rich and mischievous. To be honest, he sounded rather arrogant.

"Don't you think you've grown out of that now? We are in our seventh year you know." This voice sounded weary and slightly exasperated; like he was used to their antics, but it still doesn't mean he approves of them.

"Oh chill, Moony." Came the arrogant voice again, "Just because you got made Head Boy."

What an unfortunate name..

The boys came to a halt, and I hovered behind them, glancing around nervously. When I looked up, I realised we were standing beneath the sign for Platform 9. So that meant that Platform 9¾ had to be around her somewhere, right?

"Ladies first," The arrogant boy sang, flicking his dark hair from his face. "Off you go, Wormtail."

Now I had a full view of all four of them, and they didn't 'alf look like a mischievous bunch. The one that was obviously known as Wormtail muttered under his breath and stepped forward as the others laughed lightheartedly.

I watched him carefully as he glanced around, before setting off at a quick trot; heading directly at the barrier between platforms 9 and 10. I smirked slightly, thinking he'd lost control of his trolley, and could just imagine the squat boy colliding with the metal barrier. But instead, he went through it. I blinked.

"You next, Prongs."

A boy with round spectacles and a dark head of messy hair pushed against his trolley, and strolled nonchalantly towards the barrier, before also stepping through it.

"Moony." The boy with the dark long hair had to be some sort of ring-leader.

The one known as Moony, I think he was the one that sounded a tad weary, adjusted the bag on his shoulder and set of at a brisk walk. Although I'd already seen it twice, I was still surprised when he didn't collide with the barrier.

Perhaps you had to do some sort of spell, or incantation.

There was nothing like this in New York. It was just like walking into an ordinary building, except obviously there were spells and stuff to make sure no Muggles could get in. Or dark wizards.. Professor Atkinson had mentioned it all in his speech on my first day, but I wasn't listening.

I snapped out of reverie just as the dark haired boy started walking, pushing his trolley determinedly.

"Excuse me!" I called, suddenly very aware of my accent after having been listening to the boys for the last couple of minutes. I pushed my trolley forward as he turned to see who had called, and I waited until I was closer to him to speak.

"I'm sorry," I said nervously. "But could you please tell me how to get onto the platform?"

He eyed my owl suspiciously, before glancing up at the clock: the train would leave in 3 minutes. Then his face split into a grin. The sudden change from his dubious glare was almost alarming.

"You're from Ireland," he announced. I stared.

"I know," I said slowly, "but can you please tell me how to get onto the platform, do I need a spell, or something?"

"Oh no," he said, still grinning in that unnerving way. "Just walk towards the barrier, you'll go straight through it."

I looked at the barrier, and then to the clock: 2 minutes. "You sure?" I asked uncertainly.

"I've been doing it for six years!" He nudged me in the back, "go before me."

"O-okay," I stammered, aligning my trolley. I gave him a final questioning look but he only nodded towards the barrier and mouthed: "Go on."

Taking a deep breath, I walked purposefully towards the metal. The hard, unforgiving metal. The metal that could break all my teeth. If I so much as chip a tooth, I'll kill that wan- ARGH!

Oh, I did it.

I couldn't help but grin in awe at the scarlet steamer, with the sounds of the bustling platform around me: children screaming their goodbyes out the windows, and their loved ones shouting back in return; and first years crying and their parents laughing good-naturedly through their own tears; to re-uniting friends shouting greetings across the mass of people, and their laughter drowning out the sound of the engine's whistle.

The boy that had helped me appeared by my side.

"See," he grinned, "I told you so. Let's go find the others, the train'll leave in a minute."

We unpacked our trunks onto the train and hopped on, my hand clutched around the handle of my owl's cage. My new aquintance bounded along in front of me; peering through each compartment window, as I followed obediently behind.

"Ah, here they are!" He declared happily, pulling open the door and slipping inside. About a millisecond later, he popped his head around the door; his shaggy hair swinging in front of his eyes.

"You coming in?" He asked, raising his eyebrows. And I realised I must look quite alone and nervous in the corridor by myself. I nodded gratefully before slipping in after him.

Inside I found the group that I had followed earlier, now lounging casually on comfortable looking red seats. Well, the one known as Wormtail didn't look so relaxed; he had that kind of 'not comfortable in his own skin' look. The boy called as Prongs looked a lot more relaxed, with his legs spread across the (may I also comment on the fact that it was red) floor. And the weary sounding (and looking) lad was by the window, with a book open in his lap. The one boy I had spoken to indicated that I should sit down, and I took a seat opposite the reading boy, so I could see out of the window. He looked up and gave me a brief smile, before doing a double take and then quickly looking down to stare at his book purposefully with a slight blush on his cheeks. I smiled.

"Guys, I helped this lovely young lady onto the platform. She's new to Hogwarts." Mr. Arrogance announced, waving a hand in my direction. "Actually," he paused, "I didn't catch your name." He looked at me curiously, as though trying to figure out how he'd forgotten to ask my name.

"Oh," I said, "My name's Kyla Larkin. Hi." I grinned nervously. The book-boy opposite me looked up and gave me another smile, as Wormtail smiled nervously and Prongs grunted.

"This is James Potter, Peter Pettigrew, Remus Lupin," he pointed to each of them in turn. "And I'm Sirius Black," he flashed a charming smile.

"Oh, so your name's aren't Prongs, Wormtail and Moony?" I asked, feeling instantly stupid.

They all laughed except Remus, but his face still broke into a small smile.

"No, are you stupid or something?" Sirius asked, still chuckling. "They're just our nicknames."

Alright, losers.

"Oh, okay." I frowned, "so what's your nickname, Sirius?"

"Padfoot," he declared proudly.

"Em, why?" I asked, and I knew a furrow had formed on my forehead.

"It's a secret." He winked, putting his long legs on the chair opposite him.

Red train, Red chairs.. Red carpet. Why don't they just rename the bloody train the Gryffindor Express?

We spent the next few hours talking; about our families, where we came from, and Hogwarts. I was interested to know what it was like, and I realised that I actually should of asked my brother about it. How foolish of me.

Sirius talked the most, and I found I could converse quite easily with him. Which was a surprise to be honest, because I'm usually rather shy around new people. Peter just seemed awed by Sirius, and laughed at every joke he made, but the others just appeared to ignore him most of the time. I wondered how the hell he'd managed to be accepted by this group of 'Marauders' as they called themselves.. Freaks!

Remus just read his book until he had to leave to fulfill his Head Boy duties, and when he returned, he went back to reading; occasionally smiling slightly at something Sirius said, or looking up to give me a sympathetic smile, as if to say: poor you, having to listen to him go on, and on.

James mainly just laughed at Sirius' jokes and tales, and occasionally talked about himself when a certain subject was mentioned; such as Quidditch. I am in my opinion, I swear to God I'm modest really, rather good at Quidditch. I play Chaser, and I was instantly picked for my house team back in New York. The way James went on about it made me want to play it that instant, and I hoped I'd be picked for my house team at Hogwarts.

"You'll be in Gryffindor," Sirius said confidently, nodding slowly.

James and Peter nodded eagerly, and Remus looked up at me with a small, hopeful looking smile on his face.

"I don't know," I said uncertainly. "I was expecting to go in Ravenclaw, that's where my brother went, and my parents. Smart-arses." I added as an after-thought.

"Nah, I'm positive you'll be in Gryffindor; it's the greatest house!" Sirius said happily, "and besides," his eyes darkened slightly. "All my family were in Slytherin, and I still got put in Gryffindor."

"Oh," I said simply, feeling slightly uncomfortable, and the others shifted noticeably too. "So, tell me about Slytherin, I hear it's the worst house."

At once Sirius (surprise, surprise) launched into a full-on rant about Salazar's house, which I had heard was the darkest house of the four. And, from what I heard from Sirius, along with small reminders from James and grunts of agreement from Peter, it really was. Everything from the fact that the common-room and dormitories were in the dungeons to the point that not a single wizard in history that had turned bad wasn't in Slytherin, it crept me out a bit to tell you the truth. But, I was still slightly awed by it.

"We'd better get changed, we'll be there in about 15 minutes." Remus suddenly announced, finally closing the book on his lap. James stuffed the last bit of a Pumpkin Pasty in his mouth.

"I'll go get changed in the restroom." I said, standing and stretching my legs before getting my robes from my trunk. "Keep an eye on Frodo will you?" I indicated my owl, that had his had tucked under a snowy wing, before leaving the compartment.

I hope I'm in Gryffindor, I really do. I know Mam and Papa'll be disappointed that I'm not in Ravenclaw, but they'll survive; it's not the end of the world. When they run out of Chocolate Frogs, that'll be the end of the world: I love those cute little things, I almost never end up eating them.. And James told me about this really nice girl called Lily, who's also in Gryffindor, so I can be friends with her, right? Right. I'll be in Gryffindor; no need to fret.

I changed quickly and headed back towards the compartment, only to find the boys in exactly the same positions that they had been occupying for the entire journey. Remus had even got his book back out.

"What took you so long?" Sirius asked lazily. I didn't even dignify him with an answer as I took my seat opposite Remus and looked out the window.

I couldn't believe how much the landscape had changed. I hated cities, and so travelling through the rolling hills of Scotland was a sight I'd longed for after the grey horror that was London. I sighed happily, just as the train started to slow down. The boys got up and lifted down their trunks, Remus even cut across me to get mine down for me. What a gentleman. I thanked him and followed James out of the compartment, Peter trailing behind me.

Off the train, I instantly lost sight of James and Sirius, and even Peter was no longer following me like a lost puppy. I looked around desperately, and breathed a sigh of relief as Remus came and stood next to me.

"Stay close," he said shortly, sending a quick smile my way.

I followed him, leaving our trunks on the platform to be taken up to the castle by other means, now feeling like a lost puppy myself, until the crowds thinned and I could finally see the ground a metre in front of me; despite the lack of light. Remus looked up at the crescent moon uncertainly.

"Come on, let's find a carriage." He set off again, and all the while I was glancing around for a sign of the other Marauders.

"Ooh, Thestrals." I gushed, reaching up to pat the creature on the neck. Remus looked at me warily.

"Can you see them?" I asked him, and he shook his head; still looking at me in that odd, searching way.

"Your beautiful." I whispered, smiling as I stroked the velvety fur on it's nose. I patted it softly one last time before walking around it and joining Remus in the otherwise empty carriage. Soon I could hear the Thestral's hooves on the wet cobbles.

"So," Remus started uneasily, as I hadn't exactly talked to him much on the train. "Who did, you know, you see.. Uh." He rubbed the back of his neck, looking incredibly uncomfortable. I smiled slightly.

"My uncle. Don't worry, I'm not afraid to talk about it."

He smiled thankfully at me, and we spent most of the journey in silence as I watched the wonder that was Hogwarts castle grow closer. It was magnificent. Much grander than the building that had been my school for the past 6 years.

Soon we were there, and I could hardly contain myself from bouncing with excitement. Remus and I walked up the steps, other groups from different carriages could be seen ahead and behind us.

"Hey, Moony! Where'd you disappear off to?" We heard James call, and looked up to see the three Marauders standing at the top of the stairwell. Remus smiled and opened his mouth to answer, but Sirius beat him to it.

"Ooooh," he said childishly, "you've been with Kyla." James grinned stupidly and Peter tittered, making Remus flush for the second time that evening.

We were making our way to the Great Hall when I got called over by a woman who Sirius told me was named Professor McGonagall. I looked nervously at my new friends and they told me to go with reassuring smiles; promising they'd save me a space at the Gryffindor table.

I followed the rather rigid looking woman obediantly; quickly losing track of where the hell I was. This place was a lot bigger than New York Academy.

Where was she taking me? Could I have done something wrong already? How am I going to find my way back down to the Great Hall? Why am I asking myself all these questions, when I blatantly DON'T KNOW?

Oh sod it. Did that painting just give me evils?

Not soon enough, I found myself standing in front of an incredibly ugly gargoyle. Professor McGayunah, or whatever her name was, said something that sounding suspiciously like 'Fizzing Whizzbee' and the gargoyle jumped aside to reveal a upwardly spiralling staircase.. of doom, no doubt. Blasted woman.

She instructed me to step on, and so I did as I was told (I'm a good girl) and she stepped on beside me. The spiralling went on for so long that I could of sworn I was going to throw up, and when it finally stopped in front of a heavy wooden door (of DOOM) I felt significantly uneasy.

Professor Malratage knocked and a calm, steady voice from within sounded out: come in.

I stepped nervously into the circular room, noticing that - if I had been here in less stressful circumstances - I might have appreciated more the wonderful collection of items that the Headmaster owned.

"Thank you, Professor McGonagall." Ohhh, McGonagall.Must remember that.. "Please take a seat, Miss Larkin. "

I did so, feeling slightly disquiet under his gaze, as he observed me through his half-moon spectacles over the top of his steepled fingers.

"My name is Albus Dumbledore, and you have no need to worry," he said gently, as though he could sense my unease. Well, he probably could to be honest; I think my hands are shaking..

"I've brought you here to be sorted seperately, to save you from the, ah, embarrasment of being sorted with the first years." He nodded as though confirming this with himself. Why do I get the feeling this man is slightly, em, off-balance?

"Is there a particular house you wish to be placed in?" He continued, sitting up a little straighter.

Oh, so is that it? I get asked? No test of skill, or intelligence?

"Em, Gryffindor, I suppose sir."

"Good, good," he said distractedly. "Well, we'll see what happens then."

He stood up, and I realised with a jolt that he was actually very tall. He reached to a high shelf and took down a battered wizard hat; and I mean battered. It was filthy, moth bitten, and the seam had torn in several places. Still, the Headmaster looked at it with something familiar to affection.

"This, Miss Larkin, is the Sorting Hat. When placed on your head, it will search your mind and decide what house you are best suited for." I realised that my mouth was open, and abruptly shut it.

A hat? Searching through my mind? Bugger off, I'd sooner eat the blasted thing..

"Miss Larkin?" Dumbledore said with painful patience.

"Sorry Professor," I muttered, picking up the hat and looking at it disgustedly before placing it gingerly on my head.

You better make this quick, you mangy piece of -

'Fiesty are we?' said the hat, 'I like that.'

I cringed, willing the hat to make a decision.

I swear to God, if I find a pair of scissors around here..

'Yes, yes, I get the point,' the hat said wearily. 'You have a good mind: sharp, intelligent, independant, ruthless. I don't think Ravenclaw will do you justice..'

Just make your bloody mind up..

'Patience. You lack it. An interesting quality..'


'I don't think I have any other choice, this house will allow you to flourish and learn the skills you secretly desire.'

Secretly desire? What the f-


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