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Remus and I walked through the snow, like some romantic scene from a cheesy american movie. I felt like our gloved hands should have been entwined, or I should be on his back with my arms wrapped around him, my face buried in his neck..

Not that I wanted any of that. I was a Slytherin, he was a Gryffindor. It would never work out.

Sev would be so proud!

There was a slight awkwardness between us as we pushed on in silence, the only sound being the crunching of our boots and the occasional call of nearby birds. I always envied birds, they were always so happy and carefree.. I was almost tempted to transform right there and then, but it was just an excuse to escape my troubles and thoughts.

"You look freezing," Remus brought me out of my reverie. He looked at me with slight concern in his eyes; his cheeks blushed slightly with the icy wind.

"It's snowing, Remus. I wish I could be prancing around in a bikini, but I would probably die of hypothermia. Would you like that?"

"You in a bikini, or you dying of hypothermia?" He asked, a mischievious smile formed on his face.

My mouth dropped open slighty as I stopped in my tracks.

"Mister Lupin, how dare you?" I grinned, "you cheeky bastard." I smacked in playfully with a dull thud, and he laughed; it was like a loud chuckle.

And just like that, the ice was broken.

I'm not talking about the ice under our feet by the way.. just making that clear.

Remus was right; Hogsmeade looked simply beautiful in the snow. It summed up in a perfect white picture why I loved the country, why would you choose a city over this?

"Honeydukes?" He questioned with a smile.

I'd heard a lot about Honeydukes. It was often the subject of conversation inside Hogwart's walls, and I often saw their products in lessons, mainly Sugar Quills. I needed me some of those.. Oh, and some chocolate frogs!

How could I forget about chocolate frogs?

The warmth inside the store was a welcome change from the cold of the street outside. Remus and I spent the best part of half an hour just browsing the shelves, picking up whatever we fancied before dumping it in front of the cashier and leaving with several multi-coloured bags each.

Afterwards, we visited Zonko's Joke Shop (I literally had to drag Remus inside, as he insisted he'd had enough experiece of the shop due to Sirius and James) but I was so curious. And after this we stopped into the Three Broomsticks for a well deserved Butterbeer, which pleasantly returned the feeling to my fingers and toes.

"Can we go see the Shrieking Shack?" I asked excitedly, bouncing up and down on the balls of my feet - although this was partly due to me attempting to keep myself warm.

Remus looked unsure, and slightly reluctant. He shifted from foot-to-foot uneasily, his head downcast.

"I don't think that's the best idea," he said slowly.

"But me and Gerald want to go!" I said stubbornly, holding my newly opened chocolate frog up to his face and giving him the best puppy-eyes I could muster, without actually transforming of course. The frog gave a feeble croak.

"Gerald?" He sighed, eyesbrows raised. "You can't eat him now you've named him."

"You just watch me." I popped the frog into my mouth and bit down enthusiastically, flashing Remus an evil smile.

Remus gasped.

"Murderer! There's no way I'm showing you the Shrieking Shack now." He crossed his arms triumphantly.

I whined, forcing my bottom lip to quiver.


I frowned, narrowing my eyes - I could see my lashes as they obscured my vision.

"Unless what?"

"We-ell, do you want to admit this is a date?" He gave a small smile, looking at me from the corner of his eye.

I was taken aback, that was abit bold? For Remus? Maybe I didn't know him very well.

"What are you getting at?" I asked slowly.

"Well the whole situation is very romantic," he carried on confidently as I watched him suspiciously. "The snow; the village; the fact that it's just.. us."

I couldn't stop the smile that was forming on my lips, as my tongue moistened them nervously. I took a small step towards him.

"You want something?" I said quietly.

"Yes," his answer was quick, breathless.

"Well then," I rolled my eyes. "You'll have to catch me first!"

I kicked up white ice as I made my escape, struggling through the thick snow. I could hear Remus laughing behind me, and I couldn't help but grin.

"Oi, Kyla!"

"C'mon Remus, 'fraid you can't catch a girl?" I called over my shoulder.

"No, you're going the wrong way!"

I skidded to a halt, sending snow flying as I tried to keep my balance.

"Oh, well- oomph!"

Remus crashed into me as I turned, landing on top of me on the freezing ground. I let out a shriek of laughter, giving him a hard smack on his coated chest. I knocked his wrist, which was supporting his weight as he leaned over me, causing him to fall forward. I used the oppurtunity to clamber ungracefully on top of him.

"Hah!" I exclaimed triumphantly, straddling him with my hands beside his head. He let his head thump heavily to the ground beneath him.

"Okay, okay. You win." A smile danced on his lips as his eyes closed.

"I was never going the wrong way was I?" I laughed, "it was your plan all along."

"No, you really were going the wrong way." He said seriously, before grinning; his grey eyes flashing open, "but it worked out perfectly, didn't it?"

I sat back and watched him, and he watched me; pondering my expression. I smiled nervously, cocking my head to the left.

"What are you looking at?"

Suddenly, his gloved hand reached up and wrapped itself around my scarf, pulling me towards him. My lips crashed to his in an icy rush, and I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks. His mouth was rushed, nervous against mine; and the tongue he slipped across my lips was unpractised and warm. I opened my mouth slightly, using my tongue to coax him inside, as he removed his hand from my scarf and placed them instead on my hips. As I pressed myself closer to his body I could feel his hardness against me, even through our thick and various garments.

He rolled himself over me so our positions were reversed, keeping one hand on my hip and using the other to support himself. I couldn't help but utter a small moan as he pressed himself gently between my thighs; my reaction making him shudder slightly.

We remained like that for what felt like forever, until he finally pulled away, leaving us both breathless.

"I need to stop," he gasped, "before I.."

He trailed off, a small blush on his cheeks as he couldn't meet my eyes.

"It's okay," I smiled reassuringly.

He pushed himself off of me and offered me a hand, which I gratefully accepted; pulling me off the freezing ground.

"Shall we make our way back to the castle then?" He asked, noticing my shivering. "Or do you really want to see the Shrieking Shack?"

"I've got all year to see the Shrieking Shack," I shrugged. "But I'm freezing, let's head back."

We turned to the castle in the distance, great and dark against the clear sky, and began our long trek home.

"Oh, by the way." Remus said, a small smile on his lips as the snow crunched underfoot. "It's been more than an hour, and I'm definitely not sick of you."

I laughed and snuggled closer into my scarf, as we walked out of the village; our gloved hands entwined.

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