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Akatsuki Kittens.

Yumi, a 14 year-old girl living just outside a small village, woke up with a start as her alarm clock went off. "Oh my gosh," Yumi started to say to no one in particular, "why did I even get this dammed thing!" After what seemed like forever she finally got the alarm clock to shut up. Dragging her slippered feet against the carpeted floor, Yumi forced her-self to drink the dark, almost black, coffee her mom had made just before she let for work. When Yumi had finally drained her cup, she felt a little more awake, but not much. She looked out the kitchen window and sighed, it was still raining. She groaned when she remembered she had to get the newspaper. She put on a jacket and her shoes before stepping onto the porch. It was cold, being 9 in the morning. Yumi was just glad she wasn't a ninja or she would still be in school. It's not that she didn't want to be a ninja; it's just that she wasn't much for fighting. Looking around in the protection of the small porch roof, she tried to spot the newspaper. She groaned again, she was gunna get soak before she found it. She raced out into the rain rushing 2 the mailbox, which is where it would be sometimes when it rained like this. She reached the mailbox, completely soaked, and looked inside it. There was a note in there. She took it out and ran back into the house, stopping just when she was in the front door as not to track mud and water on the carpeted living room/kitchen. She looked at the slightly wet note. It was the company her mom got the newspaper from. It read that they needed to repay their subscription. She sighed, and went to her mom's room where her purse was. She got the needed money and got dressed before heading outside. She wore a bigger jacket that was way to big for her, sweater, long pants, and her regular shoes. She raced to the newspaper office.

In ten minutes, soaked to the bone she reached the building, and paid for their suspiration. She received that day's newspaper and a receipt .She stood under the awning that covered the door there, hoping the rain would lessen up. As she stood there, getting ready to go back home in the cold rain, she heard a noise. Not a noise she heard in years. She stopped and tried to hear it again. Sure enough, there it was again. She looked at the alley way the news office was next to. The sound seemed to be coming from there. She knew she wanted so badly to see if she really was hearing what she thought she was hearing. She looked at the sky from the awning and sighed. She was going too soaked when she got home anyways. Putting the newspaper in the inside pocket of her jacket, she rushed into the alley way. She looked franticly for the source of noise again. She heard it again, followed by the cries of the same thing behind it. Right away, she found the noise coming from a cardboard-box right next to the dumpster. She looked in side and gasped. Inside, where about 8 kittens, soaked and crying.

On the side of the box written in marker was the words, "Free to a good home", Yumi instantly felt sorry for the kittens. She tried to pick up the soaked box, but as if on cue, a flash of lightning and thunder went through the sky and the box broke. The kittens tumbled out, but stay on the ground, cowering, very scared and confused. Yumi took off her jacket laid it flat on her knee that was bent, trying to the jacket dry, grabbed each of kittens, and placed them in inside and wrapped them up. After she made sure all of the kittens were wrapped up safely, she started to run home with them. She got to her house as fast as possible, panting heavily and chilled to the bone. She rushed the kittens and her self to her room and shut the door. She set the bundle that was her jacket on the floor. She opened it and counted how many kittens there were. Eight. She prayed that she didn't drop one by accident. She looked at them trying to decide what to do with them when she noticed how dirty they were. They were covered in mud she couldn't even tell what color they were! "My my little kittens! I better clean you before I do anything else!" exclaimed picking up all the kittens, taking them to the bathroom. She set them on the floor, shut the bathroom door, and started getting the baby-shampoo.

She turned on the sink, and got the water till it was about luke-warm, and picked up the nearest kitten. She set it in the water very gently, and began rubbing the baby-shampoo into the fur, making sure not to get it in its face. After a few moments of restraint, the kitten subdued to her. Pretty soon, bright crimson red fur and a slender tail was shown. She rubbed the kitten dry with a towel and looked at him. He looked back at her with his brown, serious looking eyes. She tried to return the stare, but couldn't keep a straight face, busted out laughing, petting the kitten, the setting it down to get the next kitten. This kitten when she was done with it was yellow and fluffy with an even fluffier tail and blue eyes.

For the next half of an hour, she cleaned the rest of the kittens. When she was done, she looked down at the eight of them. There was a sleek black one with a slender tail and ruby eyes that just jumped down and licked its paws after she dried him off. After him all the other kittens were strange looking. There was a blue kitten with little black things under his eyes, a thin tail,and gray eyes, a black and with kitten with green on the top of his head and at the end of his slightly fluffy tail and un-natural yellow eyes, a brown-black kitten with orange on his face and a black patch of fur over his right hand and what looked like black swirls on his face, he seemed the most hyper of all the other kitten constantly batting at the others tails, a tan one with jade green eyes, and (what looks like stitches) black fur crissed-crossed all over his body, including his slim tail. A kitten with black fur with what looked like bone patterns and lavender eyes started fighting with the tan one right after she finished cleaning him. The orange-faced kitten was in the tub, trying to figure out how to get out. She stared at him, amused as this cute little kitten tried to climb out. He started mewing and the kitten with green on him stood up, jumped on Yumi's lap and onto the side of the tub and jumped in with the other. Yumi couldn't help but laugh out loud when the green kitten tried to jump out but fell on top of the other one. Finally the orange-face one finally got out by mustering up all his strength and scrambled to the edge to the bathroom floor, tumbling down. The green one was still stuck. Yumi looked at the others and thought they must be hungry. She stood up, put the towel (and her jacket) in to the hamper and put the shampoo up. She picked the green one up and started petting him, going to the door calling out, "Come on kitties! You guys must be hungry!", not really expecting them to follow. The black one got up and stood behind her and the others, surprising Yumi, followed suite. The green kitten begin biting her hand with his baby teeth so she decided to hurry and get them something to eat. She reached the kitchen/living room, set the kitten down, and went to look what to feed them.

She found a couple cans of tuna and a bowl, which she filled with water, and set it down for them. The kittens devoured the food immediately, while Yumi changed into dry clothes and turn the heater up. She sat on the couch and began reading her book. When the kittens were finished, they went into the living room and begin exploring. She giggled when she looked up from her book and the black kitten with the white pattern had leapt on the chair and pounced and tackled the tan one, starting another fight. She then came to the conclusion that she would have to call them something in till she decided what to do with them. She put her book up so she could concentrate on giving the kittens good names. When she came back she begin watching the kittens, trying to see what name would suite them. The black one was sitting next to the blue one, watching him try and un-tangle from a string that was some how on the ground and cleaning his face. The tan and bone-looking kitten were still wrestling on the ground, the crimson one watching both of them. The yellow kitten was yawning, stretching and pawing at the ground, while the orange-face one attempting to get the green-tailed kitten to play with him. Yumi was starting to feel tired watching them and soon fell asleep on the couch.

She was woken-up when her mom came running in the door, getting clothes, first-aid kits, and such. "Mom, what's going on?" asked the sleepy teen. "Important mission, I'll be gone for a few weeks." she replied in a rush. "How many weeks….?" Yumi asked hoping her mom wouldn't notice the kittens. "Oh about six weeks." "SIX WEEKS!" Yumi shouted, shocked. "Don't worry honey, I'll be back it's just that this missions really important." "Well, ok I'll see you later mom." muttered Yumi, as her mother rushed through the door. She hated when she got missions like these she was always left alone. "Well at least I'll have company this time", she said looking down at the kittens. They were all curled up asleep, on the chairs or on the floor. She smiled and looked at her watch, shocked by how long she slept. She got up and made her a sand-which. While she was eating the kittens woke up and went into the kitchen part of the room. She finished eating and got food for the kittens ready. She watched them eat, and was surprised that she was still tired. She went to her bed-room the kittens followed her. She got her-self ready, went to the bathroom to change and shower and got into her bed. The orange-face kitten tried to leap on her bed, but being the smallest kitten could not make it. The yellow one watched him and, as if to show off, jumped grabbed the side of the bed with claws and got on the bed, staring at the desperate kitten. Yumi watched, and when he finally was able to hook onto the side, she pulled him up and started petting the two kittens in till she fell asleep.