I sat downstage, my heart fluttering nervously. This was my big moment. This was the song that would make me famous. I couldn't believe I'd gotten into this. Admitted into that singing contest. I was in Phoenix. I couldn't believe they had chosen me. I was now about to sing, in front of about ten thousand people. Me, plain, simple, klutzy Bella Swan. I hoped my friend, Mike; the pianist was ready for this. I'm not sure if I would be able to sing under this pressure. Aarghh. The stress was getting to me.

Renee and Phil walked in, their faces grave. I looked up instantly alert. Behind them, I could hear low, arguing voices.

"Bells, they found Mike half an hour ago. He's unconscious. He collapsed at the park. But they have a replacement pianist. His name is Edward Cullen."

Renee's voice dropped low.

"And he's drop dead gorgeous."

Phil smacked her playfully. She giggled and then we started laughing. I felt slightly hysterical. Didn't they REALISE I had to sing to him?