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Chapter One

After a painful flight from Australia to America, Seattle I had finally arrived with my mum, Chris, who had always wanted to live in America and, after years of searching for the right place, she settled on a small town called La Push. I had never heard of it but I was just happy to finally be somewhere else.

I wasn't exactly popular at my old school and I doubted that I would have any more luck here but it was nice to think I would be able to walk down a corridor in school without getting looks that screamed 'freak' or 'nerd'.

Chris told me that our house was surrounded by a forest, which worried me slightly. What if there were bears or wolves in there? I didn't think I was being irrational with my concern, having heard of bear attacks in the local area. It was a little unnerving to think about being that close to the dangerous wildlife that was around the area.

We collected our luggage and pushed our way through the crowd and out of the airport. Chris had brought a car over the internet and asked for it to be waiting at the airport for us. We collected the keys and spent ten minutes searching for it. I was happy to stretch my legs but my exhaustion made it easy for me to want to get in the car. I slept the entire way home, unable to hold my eyes open any longer.

Chris shook me awake when we arrived. Groaning I stretched and got out of the car before I noticed our house. It was small and two storey but large enough for two people to live in comfortably. The back of the house was literally surrounded by endless trees and somewhere in the distance I heard a long, pained howl. I shuddered, hurrying inside with my bags. Even thought the house was small there were two large bedrooms; one on the ground floor and one up the stairs. I got the one on top of the house, mainly because Chris has bad knees. I hauled my stuff up the stairs, panting when I reached the top.

The stairs led straight to my room where there was a single bed and chest of drawers. The bed was pushed up against the window and my cupboard was opposite it. Next to my cupboard there was another door and curious I opened it; it was a small bathroom. I turned back to face my room and decided I would need a curtain to hang over the entry to my room.

I spent the next hour unpacking my clothes, nothing annoyed that I needed to go shopping. The clothes I had bought with me weren't warm enough to keep me alive here.

"Arianna, dinners here." Chris called.

"Coming," I yelled back, running down the stairs, skipping the bottom step.

I skipped into the kitchen, flopping onto the ground next to her. The only furniture that existed in the house was our beds and chest of drawers. We had brought plastic cups and plates on the way here. I picked out two slices of Hawaiian pizza, stopping to pour myself a glass of lemonade. We ate in silence, both too tired to try and hold a conversation.

For the next week we spent the time recovering from our jetlag and getting used to the area. I still hadn't gone shopping and I had no time until the weekend because of one annoying necessity.


It was now my first day at school and I did not want to go. School had never been a pleasant experience for me and I knew I wouldn't fit in. Everyone here had beautiful dark skin, with dark hair and eyes. I, however, was pale with auburn hair and green eyes. I wasn't too short thankfully but compared to some people I've met I was tiny.

I walked to school, which happened to be five minutes by car but fifteen by foot. I didn't mind; walking calmed me. When I got there I still had ten minutes before class started. The office people were expecting me and didn't bother with pleasantries simply gave me my timetable and a map and pointed to the door.

Already people were avoiding me, giving me the strange looks I was so accustomed to.

I found the classroom easily; the school wasn't that big. I sat somewhere in the middle, refusing to sit up the front so I wasn't deemed a geek. Students began filling into the room, paying me no attention and when the teacher arrived I gave him the sip to sign. I was relieved that he didn't make me introduce myself. All through the class people stared at me, ignoring the work the teacher set and he ignored the students. At one point the teacher huffed in annoyance and left the class with his books.

With the teacher now gone the students chatter became louder but not enough to draw attention. I sat awkwardly, feeling the eyes of the people behind me staring at me. At last I felt the empty chair next to me slid out and a tall guy sat down in it, flashing me a charming smile. He was slightly muscular and I assumed it was from playing a sport. He had dark brown hair, almost black and hazel eyes.

"I'm Mitch." He said somewhat rudely, not bothering to ask my name.

I smiled, ignoring his rudeness, "Hi, I'm Arianna." I tried to keep myself calm, grateful that I hadn't stuttered.

He looked surprised by my confident smile, "When did you move here?" Mitch asked, looking interested.

I replied but I was well aware of the deep snickers of his friends behind me, as though I was stupid to be having a conversation with Mitch, "Last week."

"Can I see your timetable?"

I hesitated a moment and then slid it over to him. He scanned it quickly, a smirk spreading on his face, "We have three classes together." He said after a moment.

"Is that god thing?" I sounded uncertain.

"It's a very good thing." Mitch said, grinning back at his friends.

For the rest of the double period he remained talking to me and introduced me to his two friends, Jack and Liam. They were a little creepy but I thought nothing of it. Neither of them had pleasant physical features but not everything in schools depended on looks; it was always sport that made a person popular. When we left the classroom they led me to the canteen. I knew the moment we stepped inside that these three boys practically ruled the school.

Everyone stared at us as we walked past, heading for a table in the middle of the canteen that was packed with hocks and cheerleaders; it was hard to imagine being at a school with cheerleaders. They resembled exactly what movies portrayed them as; beautiful and athletic and popular. Boys swarmed over them, even the geeks that I was sure were tormented by them.

As I expected I was ignored all through break. As soon as the bell wen to leave for class I was out of the canteen in a heartbeat. I heard their laughter as I left and chastised myself; they're just like everyone else and you walked right into their trap. I remained alone for the rest of the day, rushing out of class before I could be stopped or laughed at.

I already hated school here.

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