Come over

Come over

His latest pretend had been in a hospital in Regina. He had helped a family to help a cure for their daughter.

Now he was back. Just a few miles away from Blue Cove.

In a few minutes, he could be with her.

So he called her on her private mobile phone he had once given to her.


He grinned.

"Parker, why do you still answer your phone with "what?!" when you know that I'm the only one who knows the number?"

"Old habits die hard, Jarod. So what do you want?"

Jarod felt cheap. He couldn't even be without her for a few weeks.

"I just touched down. I know it's late. But I'm just a few miles away from Blue Cove. I could come over and see you", he clear his throat, "if you want me to."

Oh, she had to admit he was sweet when he was that shy.

"Mh, I don't know, Jarod …"

He was disappointed.

"I know you've been asleep. But I couldn't get you out of my mind. Now that we both are awake, I thought it would be a good idea to just visit you. Talk about the good old times."

Parker knew that he really wanted to see her. She knew him by heart, had done so for ages.

"Well, Jarod, if you feel the need to come over, I guess, there's nothing I could do to prevent you from arriving in front of my door – and because I don't want you to freeze to death outside of my house, I'm afraid, I will let you in."

She hung up the phone.

Oh, how she loved to play with him now that the Centre no longer existed …


P.S. I heard the song "Come over" by Christina Aguielera and thought it would be fitting. ;-)