AU-version of THE scene on Carthis

She had just taken off her wet clothes and had sat down next to Jarod.

How had they ended up together on this island?

They'd talked a little and somewhere in the conversation, she'd asked him why he'd always been there for her when she'd needed him most.

He'd looked at her and then his lips had come closer to hers and hers to his and without having planned to they'd kissed. It had been sweet, but she still hadn't known how it had happened.

Can you hear it in my voice

Was it something I let slip

Does the whole world know

Isn't it obvious

How had he known that she wouldn't kill him for just trying to kiss her?

Had he read her mind? But then he could have kissed her years earlier.

Had everyone known, or at least, suspected that she'd wanted him?

She, herself, hadn't even "known" that she'd wanted him.

She had been raised to hate him. Her brain had told her heart for years to just shut up.

But obviously, her heart hadn't given up to send out signals.

I'm the one who's in control

The kiss had become very passionate. But suddenly, she had pulled away, shocked by what she'd just done. "No! We can't do that, Jarod!"

Now I'm acting like a fool

But then she had seen the sad look of disappointment in his eyes and had started kissing him again.

Do my feelings show?

Is my face a glow?

Isn't it obvious?

She was sure that he had known that she would give in to the desire, that she would no longer be able to keep herself from him after she'd had a taste of the forbidden fruit.

After a few moments, she closed her eyes and they were oblivious to the world around them. She lost her soul in his – and wasn't even afraid about it.

That I don't know what

I'm doing anymore

It just felt so right and so damn good. She remembered the first kiss they'd shared all those years ago when they both had been so much younger. But still, already back in their youth they had longed for each other.

I'm feeling like a little girl

Caught up in emotions

I'm out of control

Isn't it obvious?

The kiss ended abruptly when they heard the door open and Océe asked them if they wanted some tea.

She had blushed although she knew that the woman couldn't see them.

Jarod noticed her trembling hands and put the blanket tighter around her body while telling Océe that tea would be very nice.

She looked at her eyes although she knew that Jarod wanted her to look into his eyes.

Do you see my hands, they tremble

Wonder why I can't

Look you in the eyes

But she didn't want him to see the emotions raging inside her to come to the outside. There was this voice inside her telling her that she had to tell him. But she really didn't know if she should or even could say the words out loud.

Don't know how long

I can keep this inside

Isn't it obvious?

He lifted her chin so that she had to meet his gaze. When he saw what she hadn't wanted him to see, he just had to smile. Jarod was happy to see so much love in her eyes after all these years of hatred.

Suddenly these emotions are

In control of my heart

Can you see it in my eyes

The moment she saw his smile, she knew that her heart must have won the fight – and somehow, she was happy that he could read her mind and did what she wished him to do.

Every glance, every smile

Must give me away

And I feel so much I can't hide

'Cause he kissed her again.