AN: So, it's been a while since I wrote last. Here's a new one, the surroundings are actually inspired on the scene in "the Last of the Timelords". It's not really Doctor/Master, more in an old friendship kind of relationship, but I really loved the way the Master said 'Doctor' In the phoneconversationscene in "the Sound of Drums". And of course, they are both gorgious.

The Doctor could feel the breeze trough his hair. He was suddenly standing on top of a cliff, looking over the beautiful sea. The sun was just setting and he could see the first stars. He tilted his arms and looked at his fingers. He moved them. He could see the last sunlight between them, and as he tried to catch the soft light he said softly: "I'm dreaming."

A close voice said: "You are. You see Doctor, I control your senses. I brought you here. "

"Master," the Doctor said breathless. He felt the Master's hand slip in his. They watched the sun set for a while.

"We really are the last of our kind, aren't we?"

The Doctor looked to his side. One pearly tear dripped down the Master's cheek. He didn't seem to want to look the Doctor in his eyes. The Doctor just nodded.

"We are the last."

A silence gave them both time to breath.

"Help me, Doctor. Heal me," the Master said suddenly, turning towards the Doctor. The tears were now streaming down his face. "You are the only one who can. Please, when I'm going completely mad, forgive me. You must. Promise me."

The Doctor cupped the Master's face in his hands. He wiped away the tears with his thumbs. His faithful brown eyes tried to comfort his friend.

"I can't stand the drumming anymore, Doctor. I think I am going crazy. Help me."

The Doctor kissed him softly, barely touching the Master's lips.

"I will.. I will forgive you, my friend. You are all I have. I will not leave you."

He pressed the Master's head to his chest and stroked his hair softly.
"You are all I have left."

His soft comforting whispers were carried far away by the wind and when it reached the first living ears they had faded. Only the Master could hear them.

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