Jennifer Chase and the Captain Power universe belong to JMS and Marvel. Angels belong to God, except for the two guardians angels that I have with me each day. I make no money off any of them.

Lyrics and title are from Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Christmas Eve and Other
Stories" album. The story was inspired by them.

An Angel came down
One night to the earth
A Mission from God
To find out the worth

Of everything that
His children had done.
Since that winter night
The birth of His son.

"I love you, Jon, so much." Jennifer's chest was so tight she could barely
breathe. The pain ... it made her skin crawl and her ears buzz, every nerve
ending on fire. All she wanted was close her eyes, for this to be over. Right
now, the pain was far worse than the finality of what was to come.

" think of me sometime. Goodbye."

With a horrifying crash and flurry of rapid fire, the door slammed open 10
feet away. She forced herself up to her feet, so she could meet Blastarr face
to face when her time came.

And for the first time in her brief life, Jennifer Chase said a silent prayer,
daring upon all hope that someone, ANYONE, would hear.

Please God, take me safely from this place.

And then a sound filled the night
In the cold winter air
And in the midst of his flight
It was holding him there.

And as he looked towards the earth
For the source of this sound
On that cold winter night
It was pulling him down.

For the Angel, it was a brief fleeting moment. Prayers upon prayers had been
uttered that day, and for many days before. He knew they would not end that
night, and he knew he would bring far more people home to their Maker. Perhaps
even this night.

But this prayer caught his attention So brief, and yet so heartfelt. He heard
it as one catches a phrase of song in the spin of a breeze. Just a small
utterance, but said with the passion of the damned.

So the Angel turned from his course with all of his speed, and went down
towards the earth.

To bring something back
This Angel was told
That no one could touch
But Angels could hold

As the Angel drew closer, he recognized he knew this one. This one had
committed many sins, some of them unutterable and vile. But her Father had
insisted she be watched. She needed but some guidance.

And so she had been guided. First away from the path that had been chosen for
her by others, and then towards knowing her Father. It had taken time and
patience, but this one had renounced evil as much as she could in times such
as these.

But she had not found a way to communicate with God ... until now, in her
final hour of despair. No greater gift could a man give than to surrender his
life for a friend. And now she was doing so. Not only for her friends, but for

He flew with as much speed as his Father had enabled him with. Of all His
children, this one would be coming home this Christmas Day.

For her, it would not be a journey of pain, but of love.

So on that night
When the sky had cleared
Among all the stars
An Angel appeared.

"Go to Hell!" She spat the words at him with as much strength as she had left
to muster. And then, before he could react, she drew her fingers across the
glowing red control pad.

It would be quick. She could not hope for it to be painless. And she did not
dare hope her prayer would be answered. She had learned faith, but she had not
dared believe.

That did not matter. As fire and death surrounded her, the pain suddenly
disappeared. Before she marveled at the first miracle, she felt arms around
her, arms so beautiful and strong.

She had known love, but now, for the first time in her life, Jennifer Chase
knew peace and safety.