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Come On Down

Chapter 2

"Rich, who can we fill this empty seat with?" Drew asked when the show came back from commercial.

"Drew, I think that seat would best be filled by, Dr. Drakken! Come on down! You're the next contestant on The Price is Right!" Rich said.

Drakken climbed out of his seat and ran past his henchmen, who held their hands out for Drakken to "high five" as they went past him. Shego, however, just rolled her eyes at Drakken's antics on his way to take the empty spot.

Once Drakken was down in Contestants Row, Drew looked down at him. "Hello, Dr. Drakken, and welcome to the show. You know folks, before we started the show, Dr. Drakken here just insisted on my autograph. Now, normally that isn't a big a deal, but, for some reason, he wanted me to sign a potato."

"Well Drew," Dr. Drakken said, and everybody knew that he was about to go on a rant, "That potato represents a device I'm working on that will be what I call a 'room temp' stasis. Imagine if you can, a potato that is hard as a rock, unable to be cut! With this device, I will harden all the food in the world, and if the people want to eat, they will have no choice but to recognize me as their leader! AH HAHAHAHAHA!!"

"But I thought you were leaving the villain business…" Drew said.

"Oh, right, old habits die hard, they say. It actually needs more tweaking…" Drakken muttered.

"Right. Okay then," Drew replied, hoping to move the show along. "Rich, what's the next item up for bids?"

"Well, Drew, we have a collection of DVD's. From MGM Universal Studios, we have over 50 DVD's. And to go along with those DVD's, how about a Toshiba five disc DVD player. With remote and surround sound capabilities, your home theater will be the envy of all your friends."

"Very nice. Dr. Drakken, we'll start the bidding with you," Drew said.

"One thousand three hundred fifty, Drew."

"Professor Dementor, on to you."

Dementor couldn't help himself, not that he wanted to. "One thousand three hundred FIFTY-ONE!" This was met with a raspberry from Dr. Drakken.

"Electronique, you're up," Drew said as he pulled the price card out of his suit pocket.

"One thousand, three hundred fifty-two, dollars."

"Again with the STEALING OF BIDS!" Dementor screamed at her, and was once again zapped when the villainess reached out and touched his nose.

"Will you ever STOP THAT!?"

Drew let out a groan and looked at Hego, practically begging him to stop this without saying a word.

"Eight hundred, seventy-five dollars," Hego said, while holding Electronique and Dementor apart.

"Actual retail price is," Drew said and separated the card, "One thousand, three hundred sixty dollars, Electronique, you're the winner!"

Electronique zapped Dementor one last time before climbing onto the stage next to Drew. She had grown used to this American version of The Price is Right, even though it was a bit different than the one she used to watch in Moscow. She gave Drew a hug and was given a kiss on the cheek.

"Now, Electronique, you know what I would like to do? I would like to see you win this!" Drew said and pointed to a set of sliding doors, which did indeed slide out of the way, showing an electronic piano.

"A Roland HPi-7 Digital piano!" Rich exclaimed and then went on to describe the prize. "Roland puts the world of music at your fingertips with eighty-eight key stereo multi-sampled piano sounds, ivory feel and touch. With a color LCD screen for ease of learning and a USB drive to transport your songs to your computer, its fun for the entire family, from Roland."

"Now Electronique, we're going to play Flip Flop," Drew said after leading her to the Flip-Flop board. On the board were two red spinning boards with white numbers on them. The fist board had a forty-eight on it, while the second board had a zero and a five on it. "The price of the piano is not four thousand eight hundred five dollars. What you have to do, Electronique, is guess the right price. To do that, you can either flip this," and to show what he meant, Drew pushed on the board with the four and the eight on it, revealing a now white board with a read eighty-four on it, "or you can flop that." Drew then reached out and pushed the board with the oh-five on it and showed off a read fifty on a white back ground.

"Or, if you want to go totally crazy," Drew told Electronique, but soon gulped when she held up a hand that was sparking with electricity. Keeping his eyes on her, Drew returned the boards to their original position and stepped aside so Electronique could play the game.

Several people in the audience started to yell out their suggestions to her while she looked at the game and then over to the piano and back. Electronique's eye started to twitch some as the yelling got louder. She quickly turned around with the electricity flowing through her and arcing across her body.

"Will you moron's be quiet!" She shouted in a thick Russian accent. "I cannot hear myself think over your idiotic ramblings!" With a huff, she turned back to the board and flipped the forty-eight over to the eighty-four side.

"Okay then," Drew stated. "You picked eight thousand, four hundred five dollars, are you a winner?" Drew punched the button next to the numbers and the panel below the boards slid down, showing a price of four thousand, eight hundred and fifty dollars. A buzzer went off, followed by a chorus of dejected horns.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" Drew exclaimed as he took a step back away from the game. "You flipped when you should have flopped."

"I'll show you a flip flop!" The electric villainess shouted and started to spark up her electricity.

Before the show cut away to a commercial, the image of Dash, Crash, and Burn giving Electronique a flying tackle flashed across the screen.