I hate you, you useless little bubblehead.

You're pathetic. You try to fight me even though you know you can't, then you cry and make everyone feel sorry for you. Why do you even bother, you know you're too pure and sweet and innocent to hurt a fly.

You're even worse when you're around that human of yours. You can't do anything right, you always make a mess trying to do his chores, the only reason he lets you stay is because he feels sorry for you! If you really wanted to help you'd go back to Heaven where you belong!

Of course, then everyone here would miss you as much as Heaven misses you right now. You're probably the dumbest angel in Heaven and everyone still loves you because you're so sweet and it makes me sick! I hate the way your eyes wobble when you cry, the way you smile, the sound of your voice, I hate having to look at you.

I hate you for making me feel this way. So fucking warm and fuzzy inside...yeah, Kokuyo proved the old "devils can't have feelings for angels" adage wrong, but he's an idiot. I'm twice the devil he is!

So why is it that lately everytime I look at you something inside me clenches and it makes me sick?

Why do you do this to me? Is this your nonviolent pacifist way of getting back at me, by making me feel things no demon should ever feel, especially for a damn angel? The other night when you ran crying into my arms...I didn't not tease you just because Hisui said not to, you know. Just looking at that sad face...what's wrong with me, have I gone soft? Sticking another pin in your side when you were miserable should've been as easy as kicking a dog!

Your human's dead now. All you do is sit there and cry your eyes out, I should be dancing, damn it. Making you cry and then gloating about it's always been my favorite thing to do.

Heh, maybe that's it. Maybe it just isn't fun this time because something else made you cry. Stole my chance right out from under me.

Damn it, Kohaku. You make me sick and I hate everything about you. Even so, I'm the only one that's allowed to make you cry from now on, you hear me? I'm the best at it and I'll be damned if someone takes that away from me.