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Raindrops, One By One, Into Place


xX Ino POV Xx

My big mouth and cocky attitude never really helped to gain me many friends at first. I sort of scared people into hanging out with me. Eventually, I'd like to think that I stopped and mellowed out some, because I have a few more people who seem to actually like me.

But the first person I even tried to make my friend who didn't try to run away was Sakura. Honestly, it took her ages to go from a wimpy, whiny little bitch to where she is now. In the past two years or so she's really become someone she might be able to be proud of. Before, she was just this person who floated along, following the crowd, but now she's gotten strong.

I know that I've done stupid things that easily could've ruined us, but she held through and stayed with me.

I'm a bitch too, I can't help it. But that girl is the one that I hate to yell at, even though I have to sometimes. She's…special to me. if I ever could hold someone through the worst night of their life and tell them it would be okay (or have them hold me), I'd want it to be her.

That girl could be someone I really could love without hesitation.

She's beautiful no matter what she thinks about herself. When she smiles…she always makes me happy. Whenever she cries, it makes me want to join her in those miserable tears. Any time a boy disappoints her, I want to smack him and toss him into a reeking dumpster full of rotted fish.

Mostly though, I want to grab her by the shoulders and shake her, screaming, "What about me? Why do you look at that boy when I could be there for you?"

Yes, I want to be someone she giggles about, rants about, and thinks about all day. And I would tell her, I really would, except I don't want to lose the friendship with her that I treasure.

If it's all that I can have, I will take it. Oh, I want to be the one she dreams of like in the plot of a sappy movie. But I'm terrified that if I ever admitted that to her, Sakura would run away because she simply wouldn't know what to say back to me.

Who would, when all of a sudden their best friend told them that they loved her? To make it worse, what would you do if they were a girl too?

Sakura is the person that I could see myself loving.

Sure, she can be a huge idiot, but she's my beautiful guilty pleasure. Hiding this from her is never easy, no, but I feel like I have to.

Were I to lose Sakura as my friend, I would be devastated. I need that girl at least somewhere in my life, or I would spiral into darkness…

I never want to see Sakura hurt, not ever by anyone. Especially not by me.

If I was ever the one to hurt her, I could not live with myself, which is why I've chosen to keep this my secret.

Sakura, I love you.

Every time it rains, I find myself desperate to grab you and dance though the cool drops with you. Under those wonderful raindrops, I would love more than anything to kiss you. Later, when we got colds because we stayed out in the weather for too long, I want to laugh about it with you.

But Sakura, I don't think I'll ever be able to do that with you, no matter how much I want to.

Please don't run away because you're afraid of me. Please, don't go. So you never have the chance, I won't tell you how much you mean to me…I'll keep it right here, okay? A secret locked behind my lips until you decide to come find it. Again, I wish you would, but I'm afraid you won't.

After all, you only know me as your friend.

Sakura, I love you.

And I'm sorry.