Chapter three, the journey begins… And as always, thank you TPcrazy for beta-ing this.

Skulker flew out from Fenton Works and disappeared into horizon. Meanwhile, Danny was fast asleep, dreaming a rather odd dream.

--Danny's dream--

"No! The pickles are mine!" Danny screeched at the world's smallest giant hummingbird sushi rap.

"No! They are my precious…MINE!" The world's smallest largest giant hummingbird replied. Then from out of the paperclip's uvula came Tucker in a ballerina tutu.

"There's only one way to settle this!" Tucker said in Michael Jackson's voice. "DANCE CONTEST!" Danny and the hummingbird morphed into giant robots shaped like waffle irons.

"This looks like a job for. . .CHOCOLATE! BUM BUM BUM!" Waffle Iron-Danny opened up his side turrets and fired a stream of chocolate-coated bullets at the Waffle Iron-Hummingbird. As the battle raged, a small robot approached ballerina Tucker and tugged on his tutu.

"It looks like we've got a last minute competitor!" Tucker announced. The small robot went to the center of the cotton candy arena where the dance off had taken place. "What's your name little guy?" The ballerina/techno geek asked.

"Wall-E." The robot answered in a computerized voice, and then Tucker picked Wall-E up and stuffed the robot into his mouth.

"Mmm, tastes like fried babies!" Suddenly Danny teleported away from the scene and found himself in a very strange predicament. He was on one of those horse rides outside of grocery stores, dressed as a cowboy and holing a peanutbutter lollipop cat.

--End Danny's Dream--

Danny shot out of bed, the events of his dream still replaying in his mind.

"What the heck did that mean!?" The halfa yelled to no one in particular.

"Finally you're awake." A voice filled Danny's right ear. He nearly went ghost and pulverized what ever made the noise except he realized its owner. Danny looked towards the alarm clock on his bed stand which read 5:00 A.M.

"Sam, one why are you in my room at five A.M.? And more importantly, HOW DID YOU GET IN MY ROOM?" The halfa asked groggily, already starting to fall back asleep.

"I came to get you. If we don't leave now we won't make it to the campsite until dark!" Sam explained. Danny cursed himself for hoping that the events of chapter one were merely another nightmare.

"Go get Tucker up first, I need my nappy nap." Danny covered his head with a pillow. Annoyed, Sam pulled said pillow off of the halfa's head.

"I already got him up. He has to sort out all of that mayor stuff. So get your lazy half ghost butt out of bed before I kick it out!" Danny grumbled to himself about ballerina tutus and why he couldn't have 

fallen in love with someone who wasn't so darn bossy when she wanted to be. "Did you get the stuff on the list I gave you?"

"List?" Danny asked.

"A sleeping bag, sunscreen, clothes in case you lose yours to wild animals…" Sam explained, while peeved that Danny had forgotten. The halfa got up and walked into his closet.

"Well, uh, here are clothes, here's a sleeping bag and here's sunscreen. Ta-dah!" Danny announced as he through those items into his backpack, which had before been lying on the floor. Danny pulled out a chocoalte bar and took a huge bite.

"I really hope Tucker is doing better at getting ready than you mister." Sam complained.

"Well, he doesn't have anything, or anyone to keep him busy." Danny replied, with crafty look in his eye. Sam quickly caught on to what Danny was thinking of.

"Ah, I see. Oh Danny! You've gotten something on your mouth, it looks like chocolate. Let me get it for you." Sam leaned in to get the chocolate and soon the two were engaged in what most people refer to as "making out" as this is a K plus story, and descriptive making out is a T subject let's see what's going on with Tucker.

--Line Break, Line Break, OF DOOM!--

"Do you, Jazz Fenton, swear to be mayor, and uphold the law and keep Amity Park running smoothly while I'm gone?"

"I swear!"

"Good." Tucker said, obviously upset. He was hoping Jazz wouldn't want to do this and then he could tell Sam that there wasn't a replacement for mayor and he'd have to stay here. "Uh, so you just answer calls. If anyone says anything just say either 'yes', 'okay' or 'Uh-uh', or 'I'm on it'."

"Got it!" Jazz replied enthusiastically. Being mayor wasn't exactly something she wanted to do, but imagine how good it would look on her college application.

"Bye." Tucker waved and slowly walked out of his office. Several minutes later, after Jazz had gotten settled in, the door opened and Tucker's head popped in. "Are you sure you don't want to not do this?" The techno geek asked almost pleadingly.

"I'm sure Tucker." Realizing defeat, Tucker left to meet Sam and get embark on the adventure which would become most probably the worst weekend of his life.

--Several minutes later--

Jazz sat in her temporary office. Wow she liked the sound of that. The power, it's amazing! Jazz thought to herself. I could get used to being mayor. In fact I think I'll become permanent mayor! But what to do about Tucker? Who cares! I've gone mad with power!! Muwahahahahaha! While I'm simply telling a story, I cannot help but share my opinion and say it's rather pathetic that Jazz had gone mad with power in only five minutes. But just to make sure you get it, here's to explain just how MAD with power she had gotten. She was more mad with power than Paulina was mad with loving her self. . .

(In Paulina's bedroom)

"Yes, yes, ME, IT'S ALL ABOUT ME!" Paulina laughed maniaclly. "Yes, I must stay alive so you all can enjoy ME! ME ME ME ME! MEEEEEEE!! AHA HA HA, ME! Yes, yes, I'm so precious, yes." Paulina curled up on the floor in a tight ball while holding a mirror.

--Back at Fenton Works--

Tucker walked up to Danny's house and pulled out his key, he and Sam both had keys to Danny's house so they could reach him if a ghost attacked. After letting himself in, Techno-Geek-Guy walked up the stairs and headed for our favorite halfa's room. Just as he was about the open the door, Tucker heard some rather strange noises emanating from the room. Curious, he put his ear to the door and listened in.

"Danny, I don't think it'll fit!" A voice, Sam's, said.

"Well there's only one way to find out." Another voice, Danny's, replied. Tucker then heard a groaning and panting as if there was a struggle going on.

"Oh Danny! Yours is so BIG!" Sam complained.

"Don't worry, just push harder!" More groaning and panting. Tucker was about to throw up.

"Ah, done." Danny breathed a sigh of relief. "I told you I could fit my sleeping bag in my backpack!" He proudly announced. Tucker finally walked in to see Danny and Sam exhausted from attempting to fit a sleeping bag into a backpack half its size, and said backpack, which looked as if it were about to explode. Sam got up and dusted her hands off.

"Well boys. Rest times over. It's time for the best camping trip ever to begin! Sam marched out of the room, followed by the very unhappy Danny and Tucker.

Skulker's lose, Jazz has gone mad with power and the camping trip has begun. This won't end well.