Title: Vampire Heart
Author: Jackie
Rating: On JAG Angst Anon – AO, on FF(dot)net, T.
Summary: Being a 700 year old vampire can suck sometimes. Haunted over his feelings for Mac and the fear of betraying an old flame, Harm is tested when a dangerous nemesis follows him to Washington turning, his immortal world upside down.

"Vampire Heart" by: H.I.M.
Hold me like you held on to life
When all fears came alive and entombed me.
Love me like you loved the sun
Scorching the blood in my
Vampire Heart.

Chapter 1: Vampire Heart

2304 Local
Rock Creek Park
Washington, DC

Time surely did change things. That fact was almost entirely obscured from those involved in a relationship, but clearly seen by those on the outside. The only problem was that Harm and Mac weren't in a traditional type of relationship. Some would assume that they were made for each other, while others hoped they would do the deed and let a particular type of tension ease away.

Since the untimely demise of Mac's marriage to Mic and her subsequent need to get away to the Indian Ocean, things were definitely different. The time apart had allowed both Harm and Mac to reevaluate things and start on an even keel.

Time was something that Harm had plenty of, but for those around him it was a different story.

Such was the case when you were almost 700 years old and had lived to see friends and family wasting away until there was nothing left but ashes.

"It's nice out." She commented as they walked along the perimeter sidewalk outside of the park. They had gone out to dinner and a movie and then opted for a walk before calling it a night.

Harm nodded in agreement, "Sure is. . .Can't believe it snowed so much this winter."

Mac sighed. She hated the cold weather, which was just about the only thing she despised about living in Washington. "Don't remind me. As much as I love my 'vette, it's hell on my immune system to drive around in a convertible. I swear, even with the heater blasting, cold air manages to seep through."

"Can't say I don't envy you, though. . .It's costing a fortune to get Rosy back in shape."

"Rosy?" In all of the years that she'd known him, Mac never quite heard the man mention that the car had a name. "Rosy?"

Harm shot a sidelong glance at her direction. "You're not gonna get feminist on me are you? Rosy was the name of the lady that I bought the car from, way back when, so I decided to keep the name."

Mac snorted. "Rosy." She said under her breath, never quite coming to terms with men's need to name their toys. All of their toys - even the ones that were part of their anatomy. She giggled at the thought of that part of his anatomy and managed to stop herself before asking him a rather dirty question.

'I missed this.' Harm thought to himself as his arm lightly brushed Mac's. In the beginning, when feelings and emotions weren't so raw, it was easy to just go out as friends. Now, though some of that old comfort had returned, there was always an underlying question that burned. A question that he didn't want to think about, especially given the way he'd kissed her senseless on the night of her engagement party.

It had been rather selfish of him and definitely dangerous to the moral code that he lived by. He'd promised himself he would never become involved with Mac and that was something he would have to live with for the rest of his life. He'd never forgive himself if she saw him for what he was and, like most mortals, instantly believe he was the spawn of Satan or some other soulless creature.

Deep in thought, Harm didn't register the shadowy figure following them until it was too late. "Give me all of your money and don't try anything stupid."

Superior night vision allowed Harm to get a read on the person – a young male, wearing a hoody and sporting a Beretta. The man wasn't nervous and a quick whiff with Harm's heightened sense of smell deduced that their attacker was high on heroin. "Don't you think you should leave us alone?"

"Harm. . .Let's just hand over our things." Marines weren't the type to back down from a fight, but moments like these, self preservation was more important than opting to become a human weapon. There were at least four places that Mac could have either punched or kicked the man in order to disable him, but it was likely that he'd get a shot off before she had a chance to connect. She wasn't about to gamble with Harm's life or her own.

An itchy trigger finger, coupled with the massive quantities of narcotics in the man's body, caused his finger to trip the trigger. The bullet sailed through the air, towards Mac's direction and before she had a chance to move, Harm's body shielded her, the bullet slamming into his gut. "No!"

She expected his body to hunch to the ground, but instead, witnessed a sight that boggled the mind.

While Harm's facial features hadn't exactly changed, the length of his teeth (mainly the incisors and the canines) sure as hell did. Then there were his eyes, which normally offered a color palate between sea green and a grey hue. Those were now large black orbs which were trained directly at their assailant. "I don't think you'll be taking anything from us." He spoke the words in a rhythm, like a command given to a misbehaving child.

The tone of Harm's voice had changed as well. It was deeper and had an almost terrifying quality. "You will go to the police and turn yourself in."

"I will go to the police and turn myself in." The attacker responded in a monotone. He lowered the weapon which was still trained on the pair and immediately turned away, heading towards the general direction of the nearest police station.

Harm took a deep breath to help him endure the pain that he currently felt. Bullet wounds hurt, no matter what species you were. He heard a gasp, followed by the 'ping' of the bullet hitting the ground as the wound to his gut began to heal. The sound made him realize that Mac had witnessed the whole interaction. She'd seen him turn. Shit!

"What's going on?" Instead of being by his side, as she had been only minutes earlier, Mac was flattening herself against the nearest tree with a look in her eyes that he'd never seen before, but knew too well. Fear.

"Mac, I can explain." He raised his hands in surrender and made the foolish mistake of walking towards her only to find himself with a frightened Marine, attempting to sever his head with a branch. Knowing she wouldn't listen to reason, he opted for a mental command. "Stop."

But it went unheard and he had to almost back up into the middle of the street before he was able to incapacitate her. "Stop, Mac!" But she wouldn't and Harm had to use a countermeasure to prevent her from hurting him. Too bad that he had to use a well placed chop to the side of her neck to do so.

He held her limp body in his arms, his mind racing to find a reason as to why it was happening again. Why couldn't he read her thoughts or force her to heed his commands? It worked with virtually every mortal that he came in contact with, even some others of his kind. True, he rarely used the unique gift, opting instead to try to fit in and be a bit more normal. It made his courtroom cases much more challenging as he fought the want to change the outcome to suit his client.

Minutes later, he was in the SUV, driving towards Mac's apartment with his cell phone pressed to his ear. "Sturgis! Get over to Mac's place right now. She knows."

Yes, time really did change things. Two minutes ago Mac was happily oblivious as to his nature and now he was hoping that his oldest friend would find a way to make her forget.

Being a Vampire sometimes sucked.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Author's Note:

What you have to know: This is somewhere in season 7 before Paraguay and Clay and all of that nonsense. Originally, I was going to do it post-Paraguay somewhere during season 10, but I didn't like Harm and Mac then. They were strangers. At least, around season 7 they started to fix the relationship.

To fit my story, things will change, I might erase some of Harm's past just to fit peices together or just ignore things that i can't really explain. LOL! Go with me on this or abandon all hope. ;)

I've been dying (pun intended) to put this story together. A recent influx of Vampire novels and Bloodties on Lifetime pushed me a bit more into it.

For those that don't know, I used to vampire role play a few years back. I have a tattoo that belongs to the "clan" of vampire that I belong to, etc. I've had a fascination with them since I was a little kid.

There is a sequel for this story. (Yes, I am using the 's' word. ;)) This is a romance/mystery/action fic and the way I write those, ye be warned! Oh expect a smutty scene… Man, it was so hot I needed to take a break from writing it. Course, that won't happen for a while. ;) Muahahaaa!!

Okay so you need to know the following:

Harm was born in the 1300s and because I was going nuts trying to figure out what nationality he was, I wound up making him Irish. Hey, it was an ode to having my first green beer this year on St. Paddy's Day. You'll read more about that once we get to the two "explanation" chappies. I did some research, but, that not being my fav part of stories, took a lot of liberties, had to find a Irish/Gaelic last name that comes CLOSE to Rabb.

You'll read about Katherine (no similarities to CB, the name carried over from another vampire story I was writing ten years ago and never got anywhere with it. Katherine was born a vampire and was the woman that turned Harm. Oddly enough both Diane and Mac look like her, causing a bit of a problem for Harm. More about that as we go along. You will find one HUGE difference between Mac and Diane.

You are going to hear two terms that will be used and mean the same thing: immortal and vampire. One of the stories I've read, the vampires refer to themselves as immortals because they didn't like the word "vampire." The term has become rather cheesy, unfortunately. :(

Anyway, the terms are interchangeable.

Enjoy it, more as it gets betaed. :)