Title: Playing Cat and Mouse

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: Aranel

Rate: G/K

Disclaimer: Not mine, but the plots.

Warning: Angst/humor, friendship, pranks, AU. Might OOC.

Summary: Gimli and Legolas friendship. Drabbles, ficlets inspired by bunnies or prompts.

A/N: Written for 'The Tolkien Tango'.

Prompt #17: Fault

"This is all your fault!" Gimli muttered to the elf.

Legolas stared at the dwarf in surprise, not understanding what wrong Gimli was accusing him of.

"What did I do?" Legolas asked.

"How did I agree to let you lead me this way through the marshes…" Gimli grumbled and shot a glare at his friend.

"And this is my fault?" Legolas stared at the dwarf with a frown.

"Yes, it is," Gimli replied.

"Gimli," Legolas sent him a warning glare and continued, "And pray tell, why have you still not taken me to see the restoration of Moria and its beauty?"

Gimli became mute.

"I am waiting…" Legolas tapped his foot on the muddy ground, not wishing to look into the haunted water.

"It is still your fault." Gimli mumbled, his mind growing hazy. He could no longer keep his eyes from the still waters that called eerily to him. He looked into it mesmerized, staring at the corpses and dead bodies. Something told him he should look away, but he could not. He could feel his body moving closer and closer to the water, and he reached out a hand to touch it.

Then suddenly he was pulled back and flung unsteadily onto the ground. He blinked and looked up – into the elf's worried eyes.

Gimli sighed heavily as he realized how Legolas had saved his life. He shrugged awkwardly, grinning at his friend, "It is still your fault."

"Well, elf-friend," Legolas shook his head wearily, "I only wish to take a short cut to Ithilien. And you still have yet to answer my question."

Gimli resumed his moody silence again.

Legolas felt tempted to snap at him, but turned and smiled instead. What else could he do when Gimli held a special place in his heart? Gimli was like a brother he never had to fight with – or perhaps a friend.

End of this prompt.