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Prompt#45: Dreams

Legolas was indeed devious. He should thank Aragorn for teaching him the necessary tricks, but for now he could let them carry out their plan, and then try to pretend how surprised he was.

In his dreams, he could see them laughing. Eldarion was hugging him tightly. There was a cake made forhim, and then the sound of Gimli singing...

Gimli stared at the elf with astonished eyes. What had caused that elf to smile in his restless sleep? And what should he make of those tears trickling from his eyes?

"Legolas?" Gimli tried to call the elf, hoping to rouse him from his fitful rest.

"Mellon-nin, please wake up…" Gimli called pleadingly. But the elf suddenly started thrashing about.

Gimli could not seem to stop the elf. Sighing heavily, he knew that he had to leave the room to seek Aragorn's aid.

Once he reached the hall, the guard asked worriedly, "Has something happened to my prince?"

"I hope not, could you call Aragorn to come into the room?" Gimli asked the guard.

"Certainly," The guard said and left hurriedly.

Gimli trudged back to the room. He still did not know what to do with the elf. As he was sighing helplessly, Aragorn burst into the room, followed by the guard.

"Gimli how is he?" Aragorn asked with concern.

"Something is wrong," Gimli replied and then he explained, "He looked happy for a while, and then something happened, and he's not waking up."

"Legolas… Legolas…" Aragorn tried, and yet the elf was not responding.

'Is it possible that he has some infection?' Aragorn thought, not knowing if he missed something while he was healing the elf.

"Aragorn?" Gimli asked as he noticed the doubt that marked the ranger's face.

The man shifted closer to the elf and carefully took out the bandages he had previously secured. He could feel that there was something wrong with the way Legolas was acting.

"Did you say that he was smiling as he slept?" Aragorn asked, trying hard to keep his voice low.

"Aye, I did, why?" Gimli asked in turn, wondering what this was leading to.

"I think he knows something that we may not know…" Aragorn mumbled.

"About the party?" Gimli asked, barely containing his surprise.

"I believe so, though I have no idea how in the name of the Valar he found about it," Aragorn answered.

"How could he have known?" Gimli asked, staring at the man. A possibility sparked in his mind and he whispered, "Do you think that, maybe, someone told him?"

"Everything is possible, but until we know for certain what and how it happened, we will have to deal with it later," Aragorn replied and glanced at the far too conscious elf lying in the bed.