Ready, Set, Go

Alice and I had fallen into a comfortable relationship. Although she said we were destined to be together until the end of our days, I was willing to take it slow. If we had all the time in the world, why not be a gentleman? We wandered from place to place, trying to find the family Alice said we would join. "We have about two years until we find them," she told me once, about a week ago.

We were traveling through Iowa when it happened. A stabbing, about a block away from where we stood. I could smell it, could feel every particle of my being aching to go to it. With the weight of Alice's wanting on top of my own, it was unbearable. It was too late.

She saw me go a second before I bolted. "Jasper, stop!" her anxious cries yelled to me. "Jasper…NO!"

The women's body was already broken, and I could feel terror mixed with hope rolling off her very soul. With a mouth too full of blood to speak, she silently raised a bloody hand towards me, a gesture full of needing. "I'm sorry," I whispered, my mouth close enough to suck the last if her breath away. "I truly am."

Her blood was sweet, a delicacy that I hadn't had the pleasure of feasting on in many months. "We need to go 'vegetarian' before we meet this family," Alice said, "otherwise they won't accept us." That was mere months ago, but it felt like years. I almost couldn't remember a time when she wasn't with me.

I heard a faint gasp behind me and managed to gain enough self restraint to turn and look instead of attacking. It was Alice, all but cowering against the alley wall. "What have you done…?" she breathed out, as close to crying as vampires can get.

Quickly though, her features smoothed themselves out and she was back to being practical. "The Volturi can't find this out," she studied the now fully dead body and glanced at my face. "Give me your matches."

I paused, a hand half-way to my pocket with my matchbook. "Oh, for goodness' sakes!" Alice appeared behind me and took them out of my back pocket. "Have to do everything…" I heard her grumble.

As the sky around us changed and filled with smoke and licking blue flames, Alice took my hand. For once, I felt as if someone was actually calming me down. "It's a race," there was a hidden laugh in her voice, "Ready, set, go!"

In that instant, nothing else mattered. Only Alice, dashing like a crazed fairy beside me. Strangely enough, I think that was the first instance that I knew I loved her. "Together we can make it." I whispered.

Then there were sirens. "Don't you turn around, Jasper Whitlock!" Alice yelled over the noise. I obeyed, clutching her hand tighter in my own.


We ran that way for an hour or so, eventually ending up in Wisconsin. I collapsed on the hill we found hidden in a forest. "Breathe," Alice insisted, humor in her voice. I did so, watching the beautiful sunrise with her wrapped in my arms.

After a long while, she twisted to look into my eyes. "Forget it, Jasper. It's behind us now. Right now it's just you, me, and the sunrise…"

Before she could go back to watching, I lowered my mouth onto her own. Pulling back, I swore: "I will never disappoint you ever again, Alice. I'll never mess up like that again."

Her smile was genuine and full of love. "I know."

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