The PV Affair

The PV Affair
Chapter 1

I laid the dress out on my bed. I sat down next to it, running my fingers over the velvet material thoughtfully. I had always steered away from velvet, it reminded me too much of party dresses I had worn when I was a little girl. But this was different, and besides, I was fast approaching becoming a woman, if I wasn't already. I'd reached that awkward stage where I wasn't exactly sure where I was. My body seemed to have made the decision for me however, going through all the necessary changes as I had gone through adolescence.

I slipped my top and trousers off, and slid on the dress over me again. I stepped over to my mirror and gazed critically at myself in the mirror. My eyes fell down my reflection, pausing as I looked. I had grown curves eventually, of that there was little doubt. This dress in particular didn't allow me to wear anything supportive under it, for a bra would show. It was low cut, and bared my chest a little more than I had done before. The dress was a snug fight, and it clung tightly over my hips, and hung before my knees. The colour was a deep wine red. I had always been told that I suited the colour. My hair was black, and now hung past my shoulders, but still with my bluntly cut fringe.

As I fingered a strand of my hair, I decided I didn't look at all like I was 17. Damn. Everyone still treat me as though I was still 10 anyway. A knock at my door momentarily startled me. "Yes?" I asked.

"Pan? Are you ready?" Called my Dad from the other side of the door.

I glanced back at myself. "Yeah, just give me a couple of minutes."

"We'll meet you downstairs." He said, walking away from my door.

I slipped on my heeled shoes, and stopped to pick up my cardigan. I wrapped it around myself and buttoned it up. I wasn't sure how my Dad would take my outfit.

I met my parents downstairs and we got into the car. The drive to the Briefs was short, and the stark white buildings came into view pretty quickly. We parked into the drive and I got out, still with my cardigan around me. I lagged behind my parents as they rang the doorbell.

Bulma opened the door, dressed in a sparkly outfit that matched her personality well. As she greeted my Mum and Dad, I wandered in. The room was filled with people I knew well. Uncle Goten grinned at me, stood talking to his girlfriend, Paris. I envied Paris. She was definitley woman. I wished I appeared that mature. As I was looking at her, she glanced at me, and gave a warm-hearted smile. I smiled briefly back, and went wandering.

I saw Trunks stood at the far corner of the room on his own. I swallowed nervously, and made myself walk over. He hadn't noticed me yet, but sipped his drink. In my mind, this would be the moment when he would slowly turn his head towards me, and be mesmerised by the captivating young woman I had became. He would rest his eyes on mine, smile that smile that had the ability to melt many women's hearts. Including mine. My heart started beating faster as I saw him begin to turn. Suddenly, Goten cut past me and got to him first. He started talking quietly to him, but excitedly. Yamacha and Krillen wandered over curiously. Vegeta was stood close enough to listen in anyway. I carried on walking, and stood there with the males while Goten talked.

"…And Paris was going on and on about her G-spot, and I was telling her how much that was a stupid old wives tale, but…"

"G-spot?" I asked with puzzlement. For a 17-year-old, I wasn't as clued into these sorts of things as I suppose I should be. I tended to throw myself into training rather than hanging around with girl friends.

The men turned to look at me with shock. They all looked unnerved at my presence in the conversation. Trunks started to grin with amusement, but turned his head away so I wouldn't see. I was annoyed at their reactions. It was as if they were embarrassed a kid had heard such a word.

Goten was blushing furiously. "Pan… You wouldn't understand. Forget about it." He said to me as though I was still 5. The expressions of the others told me the same. My eyes glanced over Vegeta's face. He was looking at me curiously. The hairs on the back of my neck prickled as I tried to decipher what he was thinking. His black eyes were intense. Much more so that Trunks'.

I attempted to keep my dignity, and walked away quickly. So I didn't know what it was. Truth is, I should have known. I hid myself at the buffet table. It at least made me look occupied. I heard a commotion however, as I picked at the mint matchmakers.

Bra stuck her head through the door. "Pan, we're playing spin the bottle. Wanna play?" She asked enthusiastically. I finished what I was eating and followed her. I sat down with the others on the floor, hoping no one would mention the incident earlier. Thankfully no one did. Trunks looked at me and smiled. He leaned into the circle to spin the bottle.

The bottle didn't land on me throughout the whole game, except once. The bottle neck pointed directly to me. I followed the rest of the bottle, and saw a smiling Trunks at the other end. Oh no… This was cruel…

"I guess it's us two, Panny." He said with a grin. I scowled at his deliberate use of my pet name. I took a hearty breath and leaned towards him. Who knows? Maybe it'll be fate, maybe it'll be the starting of something more… As he leant into my face too, he went to kiss me. I tilted my face the wrong way and our noses bumped. I tried the other way, but he had had the same idea. They bumped again. I felt my cheeks burn up as I pecked him quickly on the cheek. I sat down again with shame, wishing I could just disappear. He laughed, as did everyone else. Goten who was sat beside me elbowed me and gave me a wink. He was still laughing too.

The time came for us all to say goodbye to Bulma. She was going abroad for a month's holiday with her friends. The party had been a goodbye get together for her. She hugged me a little too tightly when I casually tried to wish her well. Her taxi to the airport drove up, and she reluctantly loaded her cases in. She waved out of the window as it drove off.

I rushed away upstairs while everyone carried on the party downstairs. I opened the door to the bathroom and peeked in. It was a state! That's right… Bulma was having it re-decorated into something more modern looking. There was no chance of getting in there! I remembered Bulma's room being an En-suite. I gingerly went in, and made her way into the bathroom. I splashed my face with cold water, hoping futilely to take some of the heat away from my cheeks. As I looked in the mirror, I removed my cardigan, debating whether to venture downstairs without it on. I clutched it in my hand as I opened the door to the adjoining room. I nearly jumped out of my skin as I was confronted by Vegeta. Neither of us spoke for a moment as we started intently at each other. His eyes rested on me, trailing down my body. I shivered, as no other males had ever looked at me that way before, as though I was a woman, and not a child.

"Vegeta?" I questioned, feeling the colour return to my face. His eyes returned to rest on mine. I caught my breath and he grinned at me. I immediately knew what was probably amusing him. I scowled at him, and this just made him smirk even more. "What's so funny?" I asked hotly.

His eyes once again drifted briefly down me. "That the fools down there are all so blind to see how you're obviously no longer a child." He replied honestly.

I hadn't expected this at all. "…What?"

His eyes bore into me, and I found I couldn't move. "What I mean is that you're already a woman. But no one has even realised."

Was Vegeta hitting on me? What the hell?

He moved a step closer, but that was enough to make my heart leap up into my throat. I began to experience strange feelings I hadn't known before. A sort of hollow yearning, and other ones I somehow thought I should be embarrassed of feeling. Without warning, he drew me towards him, and his lips touched mine. He kissed me lingeringly, his mouth hot and demanding, but soft and sure at the same time. This was my first proper kiss. But it was with… Vegeta?

His arms wrapped around my waist, and my hands nervously wrapped themselves around him. His tongue explored my mouth sensually and I moaned without being able to control it. I shyly flickered my own tongue to meet his, and he pressed me against his body, seemingly pleased with my progress. He slowly edged himself to the side, and took me with him. We stood at the foot of his bed, still engrossed in the kiss. His kiss moved to my cheek, then traveled down to my neck.

His hands inched to the zip of my dress. I tried my hardest to panic, to pull away, but it was impossible. Whatever was set in motion, wasn't going to stop. The dress fell around my feet in a rustle of velvet. I found myself stood topless in front of him. I squirmed with horror at my situation. My first kiss, and I'd already allowed someone to undress me? I pushed at him indignantly. "Vegeta."

I blushed, but his lips again caught mine. I nearly jumped again as I felt his fingers tease my nipple. His hand kneaded my breast softly. His kiss became more passionate, more needing. He lifted me by my waist, still kissing, and laid me on my back on his bed. He climbed over me, and the embarrassment of my lack of dress didn't disappear but began to fade. My feelings were getting stronger, and harder to ignore. This wasn't right... I wasn't a slut. Gods... this was Vegeta. Things were moving fast, and my heart was beating erratically. Vegeta rid himself of his clothes, and he too was in his underwear. As he lay on me, he explored my body with his hands, and every corner of my mouth with his tongue. I felt a part of him grow hard against me. Then I began to feel nervous.

I struggled to sit up. "No, Vegeta, what are we doing?"

Vegeta smirked and his hand moved downwards and slid into my underwear. I squirmed at the sensations he gave me and moaned deeply. Vegeta directed his attention to continuing. Spasms of pleasure rocked through me like I had never felt before. My moaning became louder and Vegeta took hold of my knickers and peeled them away down and off my legs. I was too in bliss to even care. He gently pushed my thighs apart and moved between them. His touches became more intense and his fingers slid into me. I groaned as I could no longer control my reactions. It got so intense I threw my head back and nearly cried out at the dizzy heights I was reaching. My chest moved upwards off the bed and Vegeta took full advantage of this, catching my nipple in his hot mouth. He sucked and tugged gently on it.

My hands moved into his hair this time as he kissed me. He nibbled sensually on my bottom lip and I felt that part of him press against me all the more. I felt myself begin to throb and ache in need for him. I grew bolder as I was swept away by my feelings, and my fingers curled around the rim of his boxer shorts. I felt him smirk, and he pulled them off. At this point I suddenly registered everything. We were both naked, and he was kissing me passionately. He spread my thighs further apart, and I bent them at my knees either side of me. I felt him position himself against me, and I had time to realise the finality of what we were about to do.Oh God oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god… I was about to lose my virginity to Vegeta.

"Is it going to hurt?" I demanded a little breathlessly.

He paused, staring down at me impatiently. I traced a hand carefully along his face. I tried to sit up again, and his hand moved down to rest firmly on my thigh. He positioned himself against me, and we both gazed downwards. His breathing was erratic as he moved his hips a small distance at the head of him breached me until there was resistance.

I moved upwards and backwards. "I don't know if I want this... Vegeta..."

His dark eyes flickered to meet mine, and there was a familliar authority in them. He moved his hot mouth over my own and I didn't have much time to linger on my thoughts as he thrust forward into me. I gasped into his mouth as I felt a sharp pain.

I panted with discomfort. After a moment, he began to move his hips. "Gods... don't yet, it hurts."

My hands reached up and clutched a hold of his back as he continued to move. The soreness gave way to other surprising feelings. He held his face above mine, his eyes closed, and his mouth open slightly. His breathing quickened to match my own feverish gasps, and his hands clung to my hips, moving me against him. He was trembling as we moved even faster, in a desperate rhythm. He opened his eyes suddenley and stared down at me expectantly, as though waiting for something. Was I supposed to be doing somehting I wasn't? Even though the friction was feeling far more pleasant, I was too caught up worrying about his impatient expression.

He eventually trembled, and muffled a cry into my shoulder, as though he'd been holding on for something. My head was pounding and my limbs weak and trembling. I squirmed beneath him as I felt my insides become pleasantly warm. Vegeta's eyes were still closed, relishing in his own sensations. I timidly brought my hand up to touch his cheek. His dark eyes darted open and gazed down into mine. I saw an innocence I had never seen before that was all most childlike.

"Vegeta…" I whispered softly. He laid his head down on my chest. He didn't withdraw right away, but lingered. When we finally parted, he kissed me again, this time with an odd tenderness. His chest was covered in a fine layer of glistening sweat. His arms wrapped around my waist and he rolled to the side of me, so my back was pressed against his front. We stayed that way for a long time, just enjoying the feeling of our touching bodies. He continued kissing my neck in butterfly kisses. I stroked his hand that lay on my stomach thoughtfully. My God… I had just had sex with Vegeta! Of all people! What had possessed me? It was certainly not the way I had intended on losing my virginity. I guess I had had an innocent view of it being in a loving stable relationship. Naïve, I suppose. My mind began spinning. What had I done? He was married, with two kids… What were my father and family going to think of me?

His hands slowly unraveled from around my waist. "Vegeta?" My voice was almost too low to hear. I felt his lips on the back of my neck, lingering. I trembled, but winced at the dull ache in my abdomen.

Vegeta leant towards my ear. "Are you sore, little one?" He chuckled.

I felt the bed move beneath me as he got up. I found the courage to turn my head and glance at him. I immediately blushed. I had expected him to still be naked, but seeing him was another thing. I felt like I was in a play, but didn't know any of my lines. Vegeta pulled on his training suit on up to his waist, the rest hanging down, baring his perfectly moulded chest. I twisted my body at my torso, rising with the covers held tightly against me, my knuckles tense. I slid my foot out of the bed, touching the carpet and stood up. I hesitated, not sure what to do.

"Vegeta-san?" I said, my voice quavering. I didn't know what had made me call him that. He appeared in front of me, his dark eyes boring into me. I hardly remembered what I had meant to say. "…Why?" I asked. Why me? Why now? But I couldn't ask him out loud. "I don't… understand."

He moved closer, his presence invading every inch of my personal space. I shivered and I felt his warm breath on my neck, blowing small strands of my hair from my face. I began to feel afraid. He was far, far older and much more experienced. And he was dark. Inside of him was all the rage, the battles and lust for killing. He had even tried to kill my own father when he was still a boy, a mercilessness only stopped by Piccolo. I felt fear of the Saiyan in front of me. But I also feared more what I felt about him.

Vegeta caught my arm, feeling the nervous vibration in my body. "Why do you tremble?" He asked, his eyes not on my face, but studying my body with concentration.

"I…I…" I began, but couldn't finish. He still wasn't looking at my face. He reached out with his hand, and it traveled down my body, over my hip. His fingertips pressing through the folds of the duvet cover. He moved it back up, and his eyes followed to my face as he lightly ran his fingers along my jaw. His stare fixed on mine, and I felt the blush creep into my cheeks. He twirled a strand of my hair around his finger carelessly, letting the ringlet drop and straighten again. He was frowning slightly.

"Do you fear me, little one?" He asked with the deep tremor of his voice. "Why do you shake? You're weak, woman."

I stiffened. "…Weak? How dare you!" I seethed.

He laughed again, and stepped closer to me. He began to kiss my neck softly, his hands inching around my waist. He began to coax me to drop the duvet from my body.

"Vegeta..." I gasped. "Everyone will be wondering where we are!" I suddenly thought. I began to panic. "Oh Dende…" I picked all my clothes up off the floor, and began to pull them on. I should have never came up here in the first place… What had possessed me? I near enough ran for the door. Vegeta stepped in front of me.

"I'll follow you down in 5 minutes." Vegeta instructed me. I nodded, and he caught my mouth in a soft kiss. He pulled away, and stared into my eyes. I slowly begged my feet to move, and I walked quickly down the stairs. I didn't look back, I couldn't bear to.

I held my breath almost as I walked back through everyone. I braced myself in anticipation for the accusations. Everyone must know… they must be able to tell from my face… I quickly stood next to the wall out of the way. Goten walked past me. He paused. "Hiya Panny." He greeted. "Where have you been?"

I gulped, my head spinning. "The bathroom... I felt ill…"

He stepped forward to feel my forehead. "You do feel hot." He commented. "Maybe you have a bug."

"Yeah, probably." I agreed quickly.

Bra leapt into the room waving the bottle again. "Who's up for another game?" She cried. She had obviously been drinking. My own father would kill me if I drank a drop. "Awww...come on!" She slurred.

Groans were heard all round. Goten bounced off, and stood beside Bra. "Yey! Who's with us?" He asked excitedly. They began herding everyone in anyway when there was an obvious lack of volunteers.

Vegeta appeared in the doorway. I looked up at him and blushed fiercely. He kept his eyes on me as he moved to sit down with the rest of us. There was a silence. "D…Dad?" Trunks stuttered.

"Quiet boy." Vegeta snarled at him. Trunks gulped and backed down immediately, fearing his wrath.

"Come on Trunks! You first! We know you like this game." Bra said to her brother as we had all sat down. Trunks smirked, but didn't disagree. Bra gave him a slap on the back, and he span the bottle. The damn thing landed on me. I stared at the company president with mixed feelings.

It was just like before. Trunks turned his head, trying to hide his laughter from me. I frowned. He leaned towards me when he had composed himself, and I paused. How much had changed in an hour! Smirking to myself, I purposefully bumped noses with him again. Just like before… I sat back down, fiddling with my hands, acting embarrassed. Everyone roared with laughter, and I pretended to be mortified. As the bottle was spun again, I glanced at Vegeta timidly. He fighting a smirk. He knew…

Marron's bottle landed on Trunks ... Marron smiled shyly, and the two leaned forward and kissed. Their kiss was smooth and sweet. Goten yelled time, and they broke apart. Marron blushed and Trunks winked at her, sitting back down, lapping it all up.

I took my turn, and span the bottle. It span around in a whirl of green, and came to a standstill. The bottle pointed towards to Vegeta… I smiled shyly at him, as the commotion around the room began.

"Woah! You've got to be kidding!" Goten laughed, still not recovered from laughing last time. "You can skip your turn."

Everyone else was laughing and gasping with amusement. I looked Vegeta in the eyes. I don't know what made me act this way, maybe it was Trunks' rejection, maybe it was their laughter… or maybe it was Vegeta… Nah. Of course it wasn't. That was crazy.

I got to my knees. I crawled in the middle of the circle to him, and he closed the distance from his side. Our lips touched. His kiss was oddly soft. I didn't care who was watching, I was in bliss. Our tongues met playfully.

"Time!" Trunks stuttered about 20 seconds too late, probably out of shock. I was reluctant to break the kiss, and from Vegeta's reactions, so was he.

"Time!" Trunks said again irritably. I pulled away from Vegeta, I smirked at him, and ran my finger across my bottom lip. As I slowly sat myself back down, I noticed the expressions of the others. I allowed myself a moment of smugness at the shock we had created. I also felt butterflies in the pit of my stomach at the danger of any one suspecting anything. Vegeta was snarling at everyone challengingly. He was back to the Vegeta I knew, the only Vegeta I had ever known…until now. Was it the same with Bulma? Once in private, away from the others, he finally let his guard down? I remembered his soft touches, his passionate lovemaking, but not without tenderness. It was a whole different side to him.

The game continued, everyone moving cautiously, not being able to help staring at either Vegeta or me. The game ended – finally. I got up, and sidled out of the room, still keeping my fingers to my lips thoughtfully. I attempted to go in the kitchen, but Trunks and Goten ran after me. I was pushed in and they closed the door like they were attempting to kidnap me. I pressed myself back against the wall as Trunks glared at me. "What was that?" he demanded.

"What?" I answered innocently.

"Don't play games with me Pan."

I would have taken a step back if I could have. "What's wrong with you?" I accused him.

"Why did you kiss him like that after messing it up with me?" He demanded of me.

I fumed. "Just because I messed up with you? It's a game Trunks!" I realised I wasn't going to do myself any favors if I was defensive. "I guess I'm just not that good yet." I said with a sad pout. "I haven't exactly had much practice."

Goten smiled at me. "Trunks, dude, lay off her. She's right, she's only 17." He said dimly. Trunks sighed, satisfied for now. He left with Goten.

I moved away from the wall and wandered over to a bench. I leant back on it, brushing my hair away from my eyes. I looked up suddenly to see him. His dark eyes bore into me from the doorway. My eyes trailed down him, from his stark white gloves down his black lycra clad body. Man, that suit was tight. My gaze found his eyes again. He stepped closer into the room, and shut the door behind him. His hand seemed to glow slightly before he released the door handle. He strode right up to me. His hands openly began to roam all over me. I gasped, surprised.

"Vegeta…" I murmured. He didn't stop. Shudders of pleasure began to run through me. He laughed mercilessly. He began to kiss my neck softly. "We can't! Not here!" I hissed.

He didn't reply. He moved to kiss me on the lips. His wandering tongue found mine, and exploited it shamelessly.