The PV Affair

The PV Affair

Chapter 9

My father turned me to face him. "Is that the man you love? Do you think he really think he gives a damn about 'that'?" he gestured to my abdomen with a look of disgust. I refused to look him in the face.

Gohan pulled me towards the door. I don't know what came over me, but I began struggling again. Gohan was caught off guard, not believing I would fight now. I cried out, trying to break free. Some of the others rushed into the room. I broke free, running outside. I didn't run far as my father caught me again outside. He held my waist as I kicked and screamed. The others followed us, their eyes wide at the scene.

"What's going on?" Goten yelled with disbelief.

"Let me go! Let go of me!" I kicked even more, desperate to be free from his hold. My father struggled to keep hold of me. I felt rage and desperation fill me, brimming over, pushing me over the edge…

Something inside of me broke. New waves of energy flowed through me, suddenly accessible. I threw my head back and screamed. My body trembled as my strength increased. My hair exploded with gold, matching the golden aura that surrounded me. I had a reason to fight now, not for me, not for Vegeta, but for my baby. I had to protect it, my child had to live…!

I broke free of my father's grip easily now, he was taken off guard from my transformation. I heard the gasps of shock and amazement around me… I was a Super Saiyan. My father lunged for me again, powering up himself in an attempt to control me. I dodged out of the way with my new speed, throwing an accurate and well-aimed punch to his jaw. He reeled back with the force. I stumbled backwards before Gohan recovered, and exploded with power, flying into the air at breakneck speed.

I flew blindly, my heart racing. I don't know how fast I flew, or where I was going. I only slowed from exhaustion, when I finally fell to the ground. I knelt on the dusty ground, panting heavily. My new transformation had taken too much out of me too soon. I couldn't relax… I felt power levels approaching me fast. I was too agitated and terrified to identify them. I forced myself to my feet.

I saw someone land beside me engulfed in the same golden light as me. I panicked, crying out. It was then I saw who it was. He walked towards me and I stumbled. "Get away from me! Get the hell away from me!"

"Woman…" He growled from low in his throat. "Quickly." He fixed a strange device onto my wrist. I struggled, but Vegeta was in level 3. I noticed that he also wore a device. He grabbed me by the waist, dragging me behind a broad tree. I began to scream, but he clamped his hand over my mouth. "Stop wriggling!" he hissed. Then he was fell silent. I felt why. I heard someone else land where we had just been. It was my father's ki. I couldn't see anything from where we were hid, but I panicked. He was going to find me! Why wasn't Vegeta letting me flee? Didn't he understand?

I looked into his cold eyes, trying to find some sort of explanation.

I heard my father walk softly around. He stopped, and I almost stopped breathing. I heard a growl from him, before he flew back into the air again. Vegeta waited a few moments, before letting go of me. I immediately began recklessly attacking him. He growled, catching my wrists. "I don't want to have to restrain you again!" he snapped. "Stop fighting me!"

"My father was right about you! About everything!" I screamed at him. I was ashamed to feel tears falling down my face.

"I wasn't going to let that idiot destroy it." Vegeta protested. "Are you that stupid? I had to bide my time."

"Bide your time? You picked a good time!" I yelled. "You're a self-centered asshole! Why did I ever trust you? "

He raised an eyebrow. "You answer that yourself. Now, do you want to save our brat?"

I paused. "…Yes." He glanced at me, before taking off into the air, taking me with him. "What the hell?" I protested.

"I told you not to fight me, woman." He snapped irritably. He pulled me abruptly against his body, adjusting me so he was carrying me in his arms. He shot off at a phenomenal speed. I held tightly to him, my arms now around his neck. Why was I going with him…?

We flew for half an hour, his speed relaxing now. We didn't speak, but I occasionally looking up at his frowning face. I nervously laid my head against his chest, feeling the wind blow through the long strands of my hair. I was shocked as I felt myself being shifted in his arms. I was almost sat upright now, Vegeta holding his arms together to support me. I was high enough to be face to face with him now.

"How did my father not find us?" I asked, breaking the long silence.

"We're both wearing ki compressors." He answered gruffly.

I glanced at the metallic bracelet on my wrist. "This?"

He nodded. "I acquired them from one of the labs. We can't be detected."

I laid my face against his warm neck. "Where are you taking me?"

I didn't get an answer this time, and I didn't ask again. I began to drift off to sleep, the sun was setting in the west and it pleasantly warmed my face and arms. We were over the sea now, and I could hear gulls crying. Everything was surreal, like a half-awake dream. I felt one of his hands slide around my waist. I was surprised as I felt his hand gently trail over me before resting protectively on my abdomen. I was too tired to stay awake any longer and rested my head on his shoulder as I fell asleep.


Gohan landed back at Capsule Corps. She was gone… How could she want to keep his baby? Vegeta's? Didn't she realise how dishonourable it was… Vegeta was far too old for her! Gohan stayed deep in distressed thought. His little baby… was having sex. It only seemed like yesterday she was scowling at newly unwrapped Barbie dolls because of how feminine they were, preferring the gifts her grandpa got her, like her fighting gloves.


Videl threw herself into her husband's arms. "Where's Pan?" She demanded.

"Videl…" He stuttered, not knowing what to say. He looked up to see the witnesses to the incident stood around him too.

"What's wrong with Pan?" Goten asked worriedly. "Why did she freak out like that? Why were you two fighting?"

Gohan scratched the back of his head in a mock ignorant gesture. " I don't know why Pan was like that! I was just trying to talk to her, and she started going crazy! That's why I was struggling to calm her down, but she fought back as if it were a battle."

Videl looked up at him with glassy eyes, carefully unshed tears. "Did you upset her?"

"I didn't." He lied. "She'll be ok. She'll be home again soon, she's just upset…" His wife clutched his shirt with her hands, laying her head on his chest.

"I can't believe she ascended though, it was amazing." Goten said suddenly. "It was cool seeing a girl in SSJ."

Bulma looked thoughtful. "Doesn't something have to trigger that? She'll come home soon, you know how teenagers are."

Gohan didn't comment. There had to have been a trigger. She was fighting for her baby, the thing that was polluting her body with its dishonourable genes. Why had she wanted to protect it? She should have wanted to abort such an abomination! It was his… The only full-blooded Saiyan left's child. But the mother was only a school girl…

"We should wait at home." Gohan told his wife gently. "Wait for her to come back."

Videl nodded, allowing Gohan to scoop her up in his arms as he leapt into the air to head home, wanting the same thing she did. Pan's return.


I finally awoke, and my head was laid on a soft covering. I lifted my upper torso, gazing around me. The floor was intricately woven bamboo. Bright strips of light were criss-crossed around me and I could hear the sea lapping against a shore. I fully sat up, my hand to my forehead. I was in some sort of very spacious and light hut. The walls were woven in the same way as the floor, strong and sturdy bound together with some kind of rope. I heard the soft crunching of footsteps, and snapped my gaze to the sound's origin. "You're awake?" Vegeta asked.

"Where are we?" I demanded. "Why did you bring me here?"

He gave a snort of annoyance. "I brought you here for safety. You and my unborn brat."

I gazed down at my abdomen thoughtfully. "You didn't care." I accused him.

"Woman, we've been over this!" He roared. "I couldn't show that I had interest!"

"Interest?" I repeated. "This is your baby! Our baby! You pick the most appropriate words, don't you!" I sat up to my knees and wrapping my arms around myself. "I can't believe you made me pregnant…"

"You didn't want to have a baby?" He asked ignorantly.

"I'm 17! I think I'm a bit young!" I growled. "Especially to have yours. It's proof of what we've done…" I stood up, walking to the doorframe cut in the wall. My eyes scanned the view with amazement. "We're on a beach…"

Vegeta, still silent from my comment before that, walked up behind me. He slid his arms around my waist, staring out at the sea himself. "An island." He corrected me. I broke free of his hold and he stumbled backwards. "Woman?"

"No touching." I snapped. "Nothing, you understand? This has gone far enough." Small tears collected at the corners of my eyes. " … I can't trust you."

"You can't break a bond…" He taunted.

"I don't care, I'm not getting close to you." I turned my back on him, my arms folded. We both waited, neither of us saying anything until I heard him move behind me. I glanced over my shoulder curiously. "Where are you going?"

"To get dinner."

I cautiously left the hut, sitting down on the golden sand. The sun was high in the sky, telling me that I'd slept through the night. I made circled patterns in the sand absently with my fingers. The sand was warm and inviting, making me want to sleep again, but I stayed awake, too intrigued by my surroundings. I hadn't expected Vegeta to take my demand so lightly. Wait... what had he said that time to me…?

He chuckled softly as he sat down on the bed beside me. "You have no idea the power you possess over a Saiyan male…You not letting me mate with you last night is one of the aspects you control."

I thought. "But you've always… Before…" I blushed.

He gazed back into my eyes. "Do you think that now I find you less appealing? Less desirable…?" he purred. "You have much to learn, little one."

That's why he had little reason to protest. I knew it was a childish thing to demand, but somehow it felt very sensible. How could I carry on sleeping with a man that could turn so unexpectedly? He had shown many times his lack of commitment, despite this 'bond'.

By bringing me here, he had shown a need to protect his mate and child, but in my mind, it was too outweighed by the times he had hurt me.

I froze as I saw my bracelet was missing and I began to feel dizzy with worry. My mind was just as quickly distracted as I began to smell something. I looked out onto the beach, and saw Vegeta over a makeshift campfire. I scrambled up and ran out to him. He was cooking! My Saiyan nose had not betrayed me, as above the fire were several fish. But I had other things on my mind besides my hunger.

"Vegeta! They'll find us!" I said hysterically.

He gave me a backwards glance before smirking. "No they won't. The island is protected by a ki shield."

"A ki shield?"

"I took another device when I left. It's a device that enables us to hide our ki's if we remain on this island, providing there is only two of us."

I frowned. "What about the baby?"

"Until the baby is born, the ki shield will hold." He answered with irritation. "We'll deal with that when the problem arises."

"Why do you care?" I demanded suddenly.

He smirked with amusement. "I thought you'd already decided that I didn't care?"

I looked away from his face defiantly, not dignifying him with an answer. I sat down in the sand near him, but kept a distance between us. Vegeta noticed, but I couldn't read his expression to know what he was thinking. I sat quietly while he cooked, digging my hands into the warm sand like a child. The island was beautiful. It wasn't tropical as such… I couldn't see any palm trees. I only had to hope now that I didn't start craving coconut…

Thankfully it wasn't phenomenally hot. It was one of those bearable summer heats, that made you want to lounge and sleep. I was interrupted from my observations by a wooden plate with cooked fish being offered to me. I gingerly took it from Vegeta, and saw he had made his own too. This was my first time being protected and looked after by a man, and it felt… odd. Part of me resented it… but the other part felt quite warm.

Vegeta watched me the entire time as I hungrily ate. Only then did he begin on his own meal, dismissing me with a satisfied snort.

It was ironic really. First he made the decision to sleep with me, got me pregnant, dismissed me… and now he had to care for me for nine long months. Was this situation a burden for him, I wondered? Was that his intention even? I wondered if he was really going to stay with me for such a long period of time…

He lifted his gaze to meet mine.

"Are you going to stay with me?" I asked as if it were the simplest question in the world.

His eyes flickered away to gaze out at the sea. "…Yes."

I followed his gaze and watched the sun making highlights on the gentle waves on the horizon.


I walked slowly across the sand to stare out at the horizon of the island we were on. It had been 3 days, and I had kept my distance from Vegeta. I had caught him staring intently at me several times, but I ignored the feelings that stirred inside me each time he did. It was no good, this couldn't work. We slept separately each night… although one night was bitterly cold. I had been shivering in my sleep, and he had moved to lie beside me, using his body heat to warm me back up. The next morning I had found him gone once gain, as if the incident had never occurred.

He continued to cook for me and take care of me, although communication was brief and awkward. Well… for me it was.

I sat down on the sand, right on the shore. The waves gently lapped my bare feet and the sea drew back with a long sigh. I lay back, and the sand was blissfully warm on the back of my neck. I closed my eyes to doze. It was all like a dream. A very complicated and scary dream. Here I was, on a deserted island, with Vegeta of all people, and pregnant with his baby. He was the same Vegeta I had grown up with, the same one who I had watched spar with my father and grandpa. The same one that forever called me a brat, or a 'spawn of Kakkorrot.'

All that time he had been with Bulma. I had watched them together for years, the way they fought, and the way they were affectionate when they thought no one was looking. But now he was here…with me. It was me, the plain demi-Saiyan no one ever too seriously. The 'brat.'

I frowned to myself. I had asked that question far too much for it to hold any meaning anymore. It was like a tired broken record in my head. Maybe something's in life were never meant to be explained. Like how the world was created, and whether the universe was infinite. But they were big things. And this was... well, it should be simple. He either loves me or he doesn't, right? Why couldn't it be that simple?

I frowned deeper. How was I meant to bring a child up like this? Would I be wondering forever whether or not he truly cared for me? Would he love our child? Or would he treat it with the same disdain as he did Trunks? Trunks. Maybe that's why he was the way he was. Vegeta was never one to express care towards his child. Bra maybe, for he treated her like his little princess. For a moment I wished for the child to be born female. Maybe then Vegeta would show it some kind of affection. I sighed, opening my eyes to the bright sunlight. My hormones must be affecting me.

I pulled myself up. It would be fun to do some exploring. I headed off towards the forested area of the island. Pushing past branches and walking through the undergrowth. It was much cooler here, the sun flitting through the leaves casting intricate patterns on my skin. The air was filled with a musky smell of different plants and flowers. Every now and again as I walked I heard rustling of animals darting in the undergrowth. I was surprised as I came to a sudden burst of daylight. I squinted in the light and took a sharp breath.

The area in front of me was a rocky pool. It was like a lagoon, with huge jutted rocks looming over it. The afternoon sun shone directly in the sky above it, making the water glisten and almost sparkle. A smile graced my lips, that quickly turned into a wide grin. It looked so inviting! Taking a quick glance around, I began to remove my clothes. I stripped down to my bra and panties. I paused. I wanted to bathe properly, it would be a shame not to. Besides, it looked deserted. I hastily stripped right down, and walked to the waters edge. I dipped my toe in, expecting it to be cold. I dipped my whole foot in with surprise. It was warm! I walked in, feeling soft yellow sand beneath my feet. I could see the whole of the pool bottom. It was like a perfect underwater beach. I waded to my waist, and then to my neck. I closed my eyes. It was like a warm bath. I swam further in, relaxed as much as I had ever been in the past couple of weeks. It was amazing how a good bath seemed to wash your worries out of you.

As I turned towards the shore, I almost screamed. Vegeta's dark eyes were watching me. I covered myself with my arms as best I could. I saw he was roughed up, his face and body dark with scratches and dirt. He was dressed only in black shorts that he wore while training, his chest bare and glistening with sweat. Also, a deep red moist substance I couldn't recognise from where I was. His gaze didn't falter, his presence almost primal. I blushed. "Stop staring at me!" I cried pathetically.

He broke his stare, and while I watched dumbstruck, he removed his shorts. I watched as he waded into the water, his naked body captured in highlights from the glaring sun. His gaze still didn't meet mine. I subconsciously waded further to the shore. He paused in a depth that the water rode low around his hips teasingly. I found myself staring. It was then I caught the scent, seeing for myself closer up. He was covered in blood! Had he been fighting? But my senses told me it wasn't his blood… He cupped water in his hands, rubbing himself down to wash himself off. Blood rushed to my face at such an accidentally erotic scene. He ducked under the water for a brief moment, rising again, the water running down his shivering body.

It was only then he looked at me again, his hair soaking, the water dripping down his face. I froze. His eyes were full of knowing suspicion. He moved towards me, and I didn't seem to be able to move. He looked down at me, the smell of blood lingering with his body scent. For some reason it was more than arousing. I felt strange feelings arising. I trembled as I felt his hand on my waist. With surprise, my arm moved from my breasts. He smirked, pulling me closer towards him. His hot lips found mine and I could taste the salty tang of blood. Without realising it, I let out a strangled groan. Vegeta pulled back with surprise. His smirk grew wider and he found my lips again, his hand moving to my breast. His tongue played passionately with mine, our lips wet with the water on us. I could feel his arousal against me. I was almost swept away by it all.

Suddenly, he broke away from me, and I moaned with annoyance. He looked amused. "It's boar tonight." He said.

I watched his retreating form. I growled and splashed my hands down on the water. "Damn you !" I called after him. He had been toying with me! I was meant to be in control..! I was..!

He pulled his shorts back over him, ignoring my shouting. I let out a frustrated yell to no one now. I pushed myself back out further, wading up to just below my nose, so I was still able to breathe. Unknown above the water, a smirk grew on my lips as I began to plot revenge. That's how he wanted to play it…? I mused. One thing he hadn't learnt yet was not to mess with a Saiyan female. I was certain I would have to be the one to educate him of the dangers…


The night air was warm, but an almost cool breeze blew through the trees. I walked barefoot out of the make shift house. As my feet touched the sand, I heard him stir on his bed from inside. I smirked. Perfect, I had made just enough noise.

My eyes gazed over the sand to the ocean, the dark waters lapping the shore lazily. I walked along the sand, my long made night-gown billowing behind me in the breeze. The stars above me were glowing eerily. I felt myself tingle as I stared at them. When I reached the shore, I felt Vegeta watching me from the door of the hut. He didn't move or speak. I stepped forward again not acknowledging him. The water covered my feet now. I didn't ignore my Saiyan instincts, instead I focused on them. My father had always tried to encourage me to repress them, be more human. But I couldn't deny what I was. I closed my eyes, savouring it all. I felt a hand grasp my wrist. I was spun to face Vegeta, who was now beside me.

"Woman... what the hell are you doing?" He said with irritation.

I locked eye contact, tilted my head and began to purr. I saw the surprise in his features. I lifted my wrist from his grasp, moving it to gently and almost unintentionally loosen the ties on my night-gown. I let it rustle to my feet, leaving me naked in the starlight. I saw him stare with shock under the circumstances. I stepped slowly towards him, but hesitated, walking a couple of steps further out into the ocean instead until the water was at my calves. I felt the wind on my bare skin, making it tingle and light every nerve I owned. My hair lapped around my face. I moved my hands to run through it, closing my eyes and purring to myself. I let my tail move freely to match my feelings. I looked ever so slightly back over my shoulder to see Vegeta watching me. I purred louder, with a yearning in my voice. My tail slowed to a seductive swaying. Vegeta stepped towards me, wading through the shallow water. He stopped right behind me, and I purred again with excitement. My tail froze as I felt his hot breath on my back. I saw him smirk out of the corner of my eye. He obviously thought I was in a last remnant of heat before my hormones fully realised my pregnancy. I was easy game in his eyes…

His hands came to gently rest on my hips, testing my reaction. I gave a moan, my tail wrapping around his wrist. I suddenly slipped from his grasp as I felt his lips caress my neck. I stopped nearer the shore. I instinctively dropped to my hands and knees in the much shallower water. I arched my back and purred, my hands digging into the sand. I swayed my tail, and I felt Vegeta approach me with more eagerness this time. He once again tried to hold me, his hands gripping my sides this time. I knew it was a dangerous game I was playing…

Vegeta paused, assessing whether I would stay still for him this time. I didn't move, and he rid himself of the shorts he had been only wearing. He began to kiss down my back and coax my thighs apart. He wasn't expecting me to wriggle teasingly from his grasp, but his reflexes were fast, and he caught me and pulled me down into the waves on my back. He pinned me with growing frustration. I purred as if in pleasure, lifting my chest up and arching my back. Vegeta caught my breast with his mouth and tongue. My hands grasped in his hair. He once again attempted to take me, but wasn't expecting what happened next at all.

I gathered ki energy in my hands, and shot a blast at him. As he blocked it I wriggled free yet again. I stood squarely to face the confused and perplexed Saiyan prince. He was prepared this time as I attacked, and defended himself. We found ourselves battling at the oceans edge, both of us naked, our bodies clashing almost erotically as we met in battle. If he wanted me, he'd have to win me in combat. I could see from Vegeta's expression this was new to him too. We both fought on, the ritual naturally in built in our Saiyan natures. We clashed in a lock, and I purred as my lips brushed his cheek near his ear. His frustration was growing by the second, his male needs becoming entirely apparent and flooding his mind. It made him careless, and easily caught off guard. He roared with annoyance as I once again landed another successful hit to his side.

His frustration did more than amuse me, it angered me too. He had spent so long with a human mate, he took me for being one too! I growled, feeling my Saiyan blood boil in my veins. I was no human! I become more vicious in my attacks, and slowly but surely I beat the male down. It ended finally as I slammed him down on his back, straddling him to pin him. I caught his wrists, feeling the Saiyan purr with satisfaction inside of me. Vegeta snarled and struggled against the indignity of his defeat and the position I now held him in. He had let his desires make him weak.

I felt his body heat against mine, both of us still naked and panting. His body trembled at my presence. A shudder than ran through me. Even I, in my victory could not escape the strength of the attraction between us. I leant forward, brushing my lips teasingly over his chest. He closed his eyes with pleasure. I suddenly climbed off him, and he gave a growl of protest as I edged away from him, victorious. I let my tail swish with pride.

He lifted his torso to watch me, his face angry and full of lust. I blew a kiss, picking up my discarded night-gown. His eyes widened, realising I had been acting. I held the gown in my hand, not bothering to cover my body up with it as he stared at what he couldn't have. He had not won the right to have me tonight.

He dragged himself to his hands and knees, his body still trembling and aroused. As I made my way back to the hut I let a smirk cross my features. I had won round 2…