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Chapter 1

Cross Academy – 5 years have passed since the canon timeline.

„Kaien! Long time no see!" the tall, dark-haired man greeted the headmaster.

„Well well, if it isn't Raido! You haven't changed a bit." Chairman Cross shook the hand of his visitor vigurously.

„You've aged though..." the man said, his smile fading. „I heard about what happened to your daugther...I'm terribly sorry."

Cross Kaien smiled sadly.

„Me too." Wanting to change the subject, he continued: „So, what brings you here?"
"I'd like to enroll my daughter in your academy." Raido said. „She's old enough to be transferred to third year..."

„Why do you want to transfer her, though?" the chairman asked.

The visitor seemed flustered. „She's...safer here, I think. I'm afraid my family's being targeted by vampires who seek revenge. I don't think they'd dare impose on Kuran's teritory."

„I thought you stopped being a hunter years ago."

„I did...but it seems some grudges run deep." The man's eyes were pleading.

„Consider it done. Where is the little missy, though?"

„Oh, just outside. I'll call her." Raido got up and opened the door, gesturing for the young girl to enter.

Chairman Cross looked at her, feeling a sting of pain. She had big, dark brown eyes, just like Yuuki...but her hair was blonde, like her mother's.

„She's worried about how a „half" would be perceived here at Cross Academy, I told her it's no problem." Raido spoke.

„Of course it's no problem, especially with such a cute girl." Kaien said. „I'm chairman Cross." He introduced himself, smiling at the obviously unconfortable girl.

„I'm...Snow." she replied, taking a bow.


„Such a beautiful name." he said.

And such sad memories...

Suddenly, the door was knocked open and Snow saw a boy, about her age with light hair and purple eyes bursting in.

„Chairman! I..." he stopped mid-sentence, seeing that they had company.

"Great timing, Zero." Cross said. "This is Snow. She'll be joining the Day Class, so I'd like you to show her around."

Zero seemed displeased, but didn't argue. Instead he turned to leave, saying:

"I'll come back later."

Snow looked at him, not knowing what to make of his attitude. Furthermore, there was something otherworldly about him, something she could not quite place her finger on.

"Well, come on." Zero told her, exiting the room.

She followed quickly, closing the door after her.

Raido sighed, looking troubled.

"I can't think of a safer place right now…"

"Don't worry. I'll watch over her." Cross said.


"This is the girl's dorm." Zero said, as he walked down a long hallway.

"Uhm…Zero, is it?" she said, trying to keep up with the boy that was obviously in a hurry.

He nodded, not even looking at her as he strolled down the hallway.

Snow stopped suddenly, her brows knitting.

"You know what? I don't want to bother you, I'm sure I can find my own way."

Zero turned to look at her, a bit surprised.

"You'd probably end up lost, or worse."

"What do you mean by worse?" she asked. "And I'm sure this place isn't so big for me to get lost."

"Just follow me." he said, grabbing her hand.

Snow was startled at the gesture, but didn't complain. At least he seemed more willing to show her around.

"What's that building?" she asked, looking out the window.

"Those are the Moon dorms."

"Moon dorms?"

Zero looked at her disbelievingly. "Didn't the chairman tell you anything?"

"I wouldn't be asking if I knew, now would I?" she replied.

"It's the Night Class's dorm. The Night Class and the Day Class study…and do everything else separately." he explained.

"But why?" she wondered aloud.

Curious, isn't she? Zero thought, a bit annoyed.

"Because those are the rules." he said in a tone that warned against more questions.

"Weird." she replied.

There was something about this girl that reminded him of Yuuki. Her eyes were similar…but it was more than that. Something about her personality…

"Here. You can stay in this room. It's just as good as any other." he said, leading her to a door. It was bad enough that the whole school reminded him of Yuuki…how he wished he could get away from this place. But he had promised her…and now this girl shows up. He wanted to get away from her as soon as possible, because she evoked sad memories.

"Wait…" she tried, but he was already gone.

Snow sighed, entering the room.

He doesn't seem to like me very much, she thought.

The loud sound of girl's laughing and screaming disturbed her thoughts.

I wonder what all the commotion's about…

She rushed down the stairs as fast as possible, to see a horde of girls hovering around a small group… She got closer, using her elbows to push them away and managed to get in front.

They were students…dressed in white, walking towards the Moon dorm.

This must be the night class…she thought. Quite a small lot, aren't they?

As they passed by her, she felt a shiver up her spine. The boys were extremely handsome, so she figured why all these girls drooled over them, especially the tall dark-haired one…but…there was something amiss.

A dark aura, something that told her to stay away surrounded these people. Her instincts told her they were different somehow. Her eyes widened as they past her and her heartbeat accelerated. Something was wrong…

As if sensing her thoughts, the dark-haired student turned his eyes to her and the breath stopped in her throat. Unconsciously, she took a step back, almost tripping over another girl.

"Kaname-sama?" she heard the blond one speaking, as if in a dream.

The one he was addressing broke eye contact with Snow, resuming his walk.

The girl felt weak and she shook her head, trying to get over what ever it was that overcame her. She felt a hand on her shoulder, pulling her back.


But he wasn't looking at her. He was looking after the small group and his gaze was far from friendly.

"That's the…night class, right?" she said.

His hand released her shoulder.

"Who is the…tall, dark-haired one?" she dared.

Zero's purple eyes locked with hers.

"Why? Do you plan on swooning over him like the rest of the Day Class girls?"

Snow's face turned red as she yelled at him.
"No way! I wasn't asking because I like him or something!"

"Why were you asking then?" he wanted to know.

Snow looked away and silence fell for a few moments.

"He's...strange, that's all. All of them seem strange." she said.

Zero looked at her, surprised. There was something special about this girl…he was also intrigued at the fact that Kuran stopped to look at her. He hadn't paid any attention to the Day Class since Yuuki died. In fact, he stayed in Cross Academy only because it was Yuuki's wish…

Like me.

"So…are you going to tell me?" Snow's voice made him snap out of it.

"Kuran Kaname. He's the Night class's dorm president."

"You don't like him very much, do you?" Snow asked. The aversion in Zero's tone was obvious.

"I don't like any of them. They're arrogant and self-centered and Kuran is the worst one." Zero wondered why he was telling her this. "Anyway, I'm a guardian and my job is to keep the day class away from the night class and vice versa." Especially vice versa.

Even if there hadn't been any incidents since Yuuki's death, he still didn't trust any of them. Or himself for that matter.

"Come on. You have to get a uniform. Class is about to start."


In the dark refuge of the Moon dorm, Kaname's thoughts trailed to the girl he'd seen earlier. She reminded him of Yuuki somehow and her attitude was different than all the other girls from the day class. He felt a sort of fear and curiosity emanating from her, as if she knew they were different.

"Ichijou." he spoke silently.

"Yes, Kaname?" the blond vampire replied.

"That girl…the one that wasn't wearing a uniform. Who is she?"

"Probably the new student that transferred to the day class. The chairman told me about her when I brought him the new list of Night class students for the first year."

Kaname's gaze seemed far away.

"Why do you ask?"

"No reason." he replied.

Ichijou kept silent, though he knew Kaname hardly inquired about something without a good reason.

"I'm going to my room."

Ichijou nodded. "Rest well."

"And Ichijou…"


"I don't want to be disturbed."


Snow closed her eyes, lying down on her bed. Class started already, but she had been excused. The chairman said she could rest after her long journey. In truth, she hadn't been tired, but now a strange dizziness overwhelmed her senses.

Getting up, she pulled the drapes, making the room darker.

I guess I could use some sleep…

Now in her pajamas, she rested her head on the pillow. The image of the dark-haired night class student never left her mind. She remembered his gaze, mesmerizing and frightening at the same time.

Kuran Kaname…

It was strange, this separation of the two classes…and even a guardian to enforce it. Something wasn't right and she would find out what. For now, though, her thoughts were starting to turn blurry and she abandoned herself to sleep.

Red…red lights gleamed in the dark. No…they weren't lights…they were…eyes! Bright red eyes watched her calmly, like a predator watches its prey. She should run…she knew that, but her reflexes were dulled.

Am I dreaming?

As the apparition approached, it took the shape of Kuran Kaname and she felt shivers up her spine. Her eyes widened in fear.

Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you. A voice? A whisper…coming from him.

His hand reached towards her slowly and she shut her eyes. His reassuring words didn't manage to still her fear. His touch was ice cold, but gentle and she worked up the courage to look at him. His eyes gleamed and she felt as if she would become a slave to his gaze, if she didn't tear away from it. But the more she stared into his eyes, the more she knew she couldn't tear away.

Her mouth formed words by itself:
"What…are you?"

As if wanting to aid her, he closed his eyes, breaking the unseen chain.

"You have...brightness in you." he said, ignoring her question.

Was he smiling? She couldn't tell. Everything became blurry again and she fell in a deep sleep.

A/N: Just to clear up some possible misunderstandings:
Zero, Kaname and the other vampires are still in the Academy because, well, they age very slowly. Also (in case you couldn't tell from the story) Zero and Kaname have been asked by Yuuki to remain there, for reasons that will be revealed later on.

"Half" is a term that refers to someone who has one Japanese parent, the other being of different heritage. It does by no means refer to half vampire.

And Yuuki means "snow" in japanese.

More chapters coming soon…