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It was a quiet sort of evening in the Gryffindor common room

It was a quiet sort of evening in the Gryffindor common room. The fire was crackling merrily, and a feeling of sleepiness hung in the air over the stone floors, ornate rugs, and squashy armchairs. It was exactly the sort of evening that the Marauders: James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew, hated.

"Sirius, I'm bored," James declared.

"Me too," agreed Sirius.

"What do we do about this then, Padfoot?"

"How about," Sirius paused to think a little bit, "Truth, Dare or Double Dare?"

James nodded his agreement and magically magnified his voice, "Attention all Gryffindor students!" Everyone turned to look at James. "We are going to play Truth, Dare or Double Dare! Anyone who would like to know the rules, come over here now!" Naturally, the whole room flocked over to where the Marauders were sitting. His voice still magically loud, James boomed, "Sirius Black will now announce the rules!" James sat back down and performed the counter curse so his voice would become normal once more.

"Right," Sirius said, standing up. He clapped his hands and rubbed them together. "Here's how this works. We all sit in a circle and play Truth or Dare. But, we think that Truth or Dare is too boring and plain. So, us Marauders only play Truth, Dare, or Double Dare. We have a point system, and whoever gets the most points wins. A Double Dare is worth three points, a Dare two, and a Truth only one point. You can ask anyone you want, but the next turn to ask will go to the person on your right. You are given one option to reverse the order. If you don't wish to play, leave now." No one left.

"Let the game begin!" shouted James who sat down with Sirius on his right and Remus on his left. Peter plopped down on Sirius' right, and Lily Evans was pushed into the spot directly in front of James by her best friend, Jessie Guisdey.

"You start, James," Sirius offered.

"Okay," James looked around the room for his first victim. "Peter, Truth, Dare, or Double Dare?"

"Truth I suppose," Peter squeaked.

"Okay then. Who do you have a crush on?" The Marauders, of course, knew whom Peter liked. But the girl did not.

Peter mumbled his answer incoherently, whilst turning a violent shade of red.

"What's that, Peter? You must speak up." Sirius was grinning.

"Michelle," Peter whispered, going, if possible, redder still.

Michelle Banskey flushed, but looked pleased all the same.

"One point for Peter. Sirius, your turn." James grinned.

"Alright. Lily, Truth, Dare, or Double Dare?"

Lily looked taken aback, but said, "Double Dare."

"I Double Dare you to fail our Charms test tomorrow."

Lily looked livid. "That's low, Sirius, even for you."

"Who said I was high?" asked Sirius in mock confusion. Everyone laughed except Lily.

"You could always quit the game, Lily," James pointed out.

Lily shot James a look that would make Merlin cower and hide. "I don't think I will. I can do one little dare."

"Well, anyway you don't get points until you do it, Lils," Sirius interjected.

"Don't call me 'Lils', Sirius." Lily seemed to be getting angrier and angrier.

"Peter, your turn," Remus interrupted, deciding to end that conversation before a duel broke out. He was sure that the result would get them all in trouble, and it was highly possible that, in the chaos, someone could get seriously hurt.

Lily seemed to calm down a little and crossed her arms over her chest, still glaring at Sirius and James.

"Sirius, Truth, Dare, or Double Dare?" Peter asked Sirius.

"Double Dare, of course!" Sirius laughed.

"Okay. I Double Dare you to go without kissing a girl for one month." Everyone laughed, wondering if Sirius could do it. Peter looked surprised at the laughter, as though he couldn't believe that he had said something funny or clever. Soon, a grin came over his face and he looked like a two year old when they put their own clothes on for the first time.

"I say we give Peter extra points for that one," James laughed.

"No extra points, Prongs. We can't break our own rules," Sirius said nonchalantly. The laughter didn't seem to faze him at all.

"Don't you always say that rules are meant to be broken?"

"So? We can't break our own rules. They're, well, ours."

"All the more reason we should bend them."

"No extra points," Remus said firmly. "That wasn't stated when you two gave the initial rules. It's unfair."

Both James and Sirius wanted to retort with a "So?" but decided against it. The full moon was coming up, and they always went easy on Lupin during that time.

"Then it's finally my turn," Jessie exclaimed, looking excited, "Lily, Truth, Dare, or Double Dare?"

"Me? I've already taken a dare. A Double Dare at that," Lily pointed out.

"So? The rules say that I can ask anyone I want," Jessie countered.

"She's right," James pointed out.

"Oh, shut up, Potter," Lily uttered, her voice deathly quiet.

"So? What will it be, Lily? Truth, Dare, or Double Dare?" Jessie asked again.

"I'll take another Double Dare."

"I was hoping you'd say that." Jessie had a sly grin on her face. From the look on Sirius' face, he and his girlfriend had something planned. "Lily, I Double Dare you to kiss James Potter, on the lips, for at least ten seconds."