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Well, tomorrow came.

Those who had participated in last night's events woke up with that mix of anticipation and excitement people get when they're really looking forward to something. Those who didn't, well, they didn't feel anything particularly special that morning.

The first part of breakfast passed uneventfully, at least, until all of the post owls had left. Then one of the Hufflepuffs got up from their table and made her way to the front of the room.

Those who had played the previous night knew that it was Sammie, about to proclaim love for Professor Dumbledore. Those who hadn't played either thought that it was just some Hufflepuff girl who had lost her mind, or were to caught up in something else to notice until Sammie's magically loud voice rang throughout the hall.

"Excuse me, everyone, I have an announcement to make!" she boomed standing right in front of the professor's table. She turned around and faced Professor Dumbledore. "Professor Dumbledore," she began, "I have been at this school for six years now, and have noticed a strange feeling that sweeps over me every time we're in the same room. I love you, Professor Dumbledore, and I always will."

The room waited in bated breath for Dumbledore's reaction. Was he going to be mad? Confused? Concerned for Sammie's mental health?

Actually, Dumbledore's reaction was none of those things. Dumbledore just laughed. "Thank you, Sammie. Those are very kind words indeed. Kind words will take you far in life."

"Thanks, Professor," said Sammie, who made her way back to the Hufflepuff table without a trace of emotion as though nothing had just happened. Knowing that Sammie had actually done her dare, people began look around to see if anyone else had followed through. Sure enough they all had.

Just as the excite babble was beginning to die down, and students returning to their lunches-


Several girls screamed as Leah's Dungbombs went off, filling the room with smoke that read: LEAH WAS HERE!

The smoke letters hung in the air for a moment, until there was a loud whooshing sound and a cold blast of air blew them apart.

Breakfast ended soon after that, the floods of emerging students discussing all that had happened in just the beginning of the day.

As the Marauders were heading up the stairs to Transfiguration, a certain Slytherin stopped them in their tracks.

"I know it was you."

It was not the statement that rooted the foursome to their spots, it was the voice.

"Snivellus," said Sirius, in his "special" voice that he said was reserved for Snape.

"I know this was all you guys' idea."

"What was all our idea?" asked James. "You really should try to make more sense, Snivellus."

"Ten points from Gryffindor for cheek, Potter," sneered Snape.

"You can't do that!" yelled Sirius, outraged. But, as he spoke, ten rubies flew upwards from the Gryffindor hourglass.

"Yes, Black, I can. I, unlike you, am a prefect."

"Well," countered James, "I, unlike you, Snape, am Head Boy. So, twenty points from Slytherin."

Snape's eyes narrowed in anger.

"Just get on with it," said Remus, knowing nothing good would happen if they were left to it.

"I know it was you four who put everyone up to their stunts today. And the stunts yesterday."

"As usual, Snape, have you put your 'keen' mind to the task, and once again you have come to the wrong conclusion."

"You've gotta prove it first," added Peter.

Just then the bell rang, signalling that now the five were last to class.

"Greasy git," muttered Sirius, as the Marauders exited Transfiguration. "I can't believe McGonagall gave us detention for a whole week, just for being tardy! Because of him!"

"Calm down, Padfoot," cautioned James. "You don't want to get in even more trouble do you?"

"But, still, how dare that git accuse us of organizing that most brilliant game of Truth, Dare or Double Dare?"

James laughed. "First off, he didn't accuse us of organizing any game, brilliant or not. Just of putting people up to doing stunts."

"Prongs is right, Padfoot," said Remus. "Getting you accusations wrong is a sure sign that you're guilty."

"It's just detention, after all," reasoned Peter. "We took away twenty house points."

That night the Marauders turned up for detention on time, to find that McGonagall wasn't even in there. But Jessie was.

"Hey, you guys," she said. "What're you in for?"

"Class tardiness. You still in trouble for that llama?" asked Sirius.


"Potter, Black, Lupin, Pettigrew!"

The boys jumped at the sound of their names.

"Ah," said James, "it's our dear Minerva. How are you this fine evening?"

"You know that doesn't cut it with me, Potter. You four are going to be joining me for another weeks worth of detentions."

"Just for one stupid remark?" asked an aghast James.

"No, because I have sufficient evidence that you four started a game that has led to the chaos of the last couple of days."

Jessie giggled and whispered, "Busted."

"Man," said Sirius, as the five punished students began scrubbing the Transfiguration classroom, "two weeks worth of detention for a stupid game!"

"But you have to admit," said Peter, "it was worth it."

There was no arguing that point.