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Shino's ABCs.

ABURAME. The name she took when she looked into my eyes and said "I do."

BUTTERFLY. The shape of the diamond wedding band she wears on delicate left ring finger.

CRYING. Something she only does when she's really happy. And I've sworn to keep it that way.

DESTRUCTION BUGS. They buzz in excitement whenever she's near me, because they have come to be as close to her as I am.

EXAGERATING. What she thinks I'm doing whenever I tell her how much I love her. But I'm always telling her the truth.

FINGERS. Little baby ones, reaching up from a crib that holds our newborn daughter, Riya.

"GROSS!" What our five-year-old daughter, Miraye, screeches when I kiss her in our daughter's presence.

HANDS. Her hands, which always seem to find mine when I need her silent support.

ICE CREAM. Something our children like getting on their faces when we're having desert at a nice resteraunt.

JOY. An emotion I feel overwhemingly when I see her playing hide-and-go-seek with our three-year-old son, Tenko.

KISSES. When I share them with her, I truly feel like I belong with her forever.

LOVE. The word that doesn't even describe a fraction of what I feel for her.

MUSIC. Something we listen to together late at night, while we lounge on the couch and silently drink tea.

"NO." Something I can't seem to say to her or our children.

ORANGES. Her favorite fruit. They have also become my favorite, if only for the reason that they're almost as sweet as her.

PURPLE. Lavender purple, the color of her dazzling eyes when they look softly into my pitch black ones.

QUEEN. What she is in the castle that is our house. I am her king, and our children are the prince and princesses.

RAIN. When it's pouring outside from dark gray storm clouds, you can be sure we're dancing in it on our front lawn.

SHINE. Something her eyes do when her eyes rest on me or our children.

TICKLISH. What everyone in our family is. Except me.

UMBRELLA. What keeps her head dry on drizzly spring days.

VISITS. From Shibi-ojiisan and Hitashi-ojiisan, which always means the children will hear a slightly exagerated story.

WATERMELONS. Something we eat as a family on towels in the back yard in the summer.

XENIA. The name of the small black and white cat that sleeps next to her head while she sleeps.

YELLOW. The color of her favorite fancy dress. The one with pearls sewn into the collar. The one she wore to Hyuuga Tenten, Uzumaki Sakura, and Nara Temari's weddings.

ZERO. The amount of times I have regretted having her in my life.