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It had been a long day. Make that a long night. Blame it on the moon or on the fact that the house always wins. Whatever the reason, it had caused the crazies to come out. On the plus side, all three murders that had happened tonight were open and shut, it was just a matter of gathering all the evidence.

"Let me go! That bastard got what he deserved! I did nothing wrong!"

"Course not. We're just taking issue with the five bullet holes you put in the guy" said Brass as he led the suspect to the patrol car. "I've had if with all these idiots, Sofie"

"Good thing all we have to do is write up our reports and then we're done for the night".

"I'm SO, glad it's the end of shift" said Greg as he and Sara loaded up the truck.

"You know what? We've all worked hard today. Why don't we all take the rest of the week off."

"It's Friday, Jim" replied Sofia with a smirk.

"So it is. I'll see you all on Monday then."

"Wait, does that mean you're not going to join us for breakfast?" asked Sara.

"Nah. My charge is flying in today and I gotta go see if I can find keys to the her car and place"

"Wait. You're some kid's legal guardian?"

"Wow Greg. Way to sound supportive." remarked Sara as she gave Greg a shove.

"Eh, I needed support earlier. Now she's twenty-four and not such a hassle" said Jim with a grin.

"How'd you become her guardian ?"

"l was working a case where her mother had been killed for supporting mutants."

"Still. Shouldn't she have just been put in foster care?" asked Greg.

"Eh, probably, if she didn't always take off after getting settled in. She'd show up back at the station about two hours later. So after the third try, I offered to be her guardian. Then I got in touch with Emma Frost. I got it set up so that she went to school in Boston and then spent summers here. Tell you what, I'll bring her tomorrow so she can meet my two favorite girls."

At this point both Sara and Sofia blushed while Greg pouted.

"What about me? Can I meet her too?"

"Sure thing, Greg. I just don't consider you one of my girls, that's all"