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Gun to My Head


"Kisses and Bullets''

Nothing in life is ever easy. There's always something there to complicate it, even if it's just a zit. For Sasori and Deidara, though, the complication was much larger, and that was still before it decided to get bigger from that, too.

The first issue was that Sasori and Deidara loved each other more than they even knew was possible, and it was truly beautiful…but it brought out so much ugliness from people that some days they could barely breathe walking down the halls of their homophobic high school.



"Gonna fuck each other now?! So sick…"

Every word burned into their souls, which quivered under all the pressure. The only way out was to run away… They'd be free at last from all of the poison they were forced to listen to every miserable day.

Run, run, run away, into somewhere other than there, where they were so sure they would get away and be able to have their hearts beat normally, not terrified to go around each corner.

If only Sasori and Deidara had known before they left that their racing heartbeats would only get faster; if only they hadn't seen what they were going to…


"Sori-chan!" Dei smiled, a bulging bag slung over his shoulder, stocked with his life's savings and supplies. Excited energy pulsing through his veins, he closed the car door shut behind him and leaned over the console to give his (adorable!) lover a slight kiss. "Ah, I can't believe we're actually finally leaving, un…"

A smile bloomed on the scrawny red-head's face too, especially at the small peck. "I know…you didn't tell anyone, right?"

"Not a soul, un!"

Nervously, Sasori ran his fingers over the steering wheel, mumbling, "And you know that we can't come back, right…? They'll make us stay…here in this hell…"

His eyes softened to watch Sasori so solemn. "We'll be fine. There's nothing for us here, un. None of these people, you know?"

Sasori agreed, "Even our parents, right… Even they still refuse to accept that we're us, and…"

The blonde stiffened, and Sasori glanced at the dark bruises scattered across his skin. "Please don't say anything about my family, un…"

Quiet overtook the car, and the red head chewed his tongue, regretting it. Deidara's family was not the most gentle when it came to executing punishment for 'broken rules' like they considered Sasori. "But…it'll be okay." He tried to bring back the smiles, "Because we're getting away."

Bliss caught him again, and he sighed, his eyes half closed from the relief. "We'll be happy, un. Haha! Can you believe that?!"

Twisting his key at last, Sasori grinned at him. "I can now."

The moon was laughing with them, it seemed like, as its light guided them off to the place they still had no idea where it would be.

Just lead us away from here. Anywhere but here.


Elsewhere, things weren't going so lovely. In one grimy big city or another, the mob was enjoying their success. Mostly. The head sat at his desk, his main assistants shifting in their seats. His stare was piercing, it always was. Straight sheets of long black hair framed his pale face, and his dark eyes smouldered. A snake… Yes, he was a snake more than a human.

His favourite activity?


"As you know," he began slowly, drumming long fingers on the desk, "Sarutobi-san, our inside from Konoha Finacial, has chosen to…ignore us lately."

The four nodded, knowing the order to come.

"And we can't have anything like that, can we?"

"No, Orochimaru-sama…"

A wide sneer spread, and he rose from his seat, "And that would be why I would like to do…see him. He needs reminded of his obligation to us…


They'd been driving for almost a whole day, and were singing along to the radio, feeling so liberated. By then neither had any idea of where they were at, but they figured it was good. The more lost they were, the less chance they'd be found.

Anyway, as long as they were together, they were okay.

"Sori-chan, we're out of snacks, un." Deidara complained, glancing down at his growling belly. "Can we stop somewhere…?"

"Um…yeah, I think so. No one will recognize us here, so."

"Yaye, un!" The blonde threw a giant hug at Sasori, which of course made him swerve the car.

"Geez, you idiot! I have to drive, remember?!"

"Oh. Sorry Danna, un."

They were still just high school kids, really, not ready for what they'd get into. All they knew was each other and bickering about art. None of the scars they'd accumulated from life up until then could compare with what they'd walk in on.

For sure, Sasori and Deidara didn't see it coming.


Soon emerging from a parking garage, the pair surveyed the city.

Hesitant, Deidara tugged on the strap of his bag. "Um. It doesn't really look so friendly here, un."

Sasori felt the dirty vibe of the big city at dusk too. "Yeah, you're right…ah, come on. We'll find a corner store or something really fast and we can just go right back to the car…"


"What? Do you think that we'll get mugged?" he laughed, "Dei-kun, you worry too much."

"That's true, un." He shook the hair out of his eyes, took Sasori by the hand, and began to skip down the sidewalk. "Yeah! I worry way, way, too much, un! And there's no reason to anymore. We're out, we're free, un! And—"


Two heads snapped to the side, searching for the noise. A gunshot? Was that a gunshot ringing out…?

Sasori felt Deidara's fingers tensing and wrapping themselves tighter around his hand. They tentatively crept forward, listening in the shadows of dusk.

"Sarutobi-san," a silky voice crooned from the alley, "Where are you trying to run off to…? We were having an important conversation, I thought. Although…" Here, he chuckled darkly, "With that in your shoulder, I doubt you'll be able to get very far."

"I…I'll call the police…!" An older man's voice panted, and they heard him fumbling with what must have been a cell phone.

"No no, Sarutobi-san. No phone calls during our meeting…you know how I hate to be interrupted."


Another shot…

"Aaah!" the older shrieked, and Sasori and Deidara peered into the alley from behind a dumpster, blocked from view.

The gunman was tall, long, oily black hair trailing down his back, and he had four others with him, one who'd just shot the phone from the other man's hand. He was bleeding buckets, and his suit was staining with it.

"Orochimaru…" Sarutobi begged, "I promise, I'll…I'll get you the money…! Please…don't…don't ki-kill me…!"

Orochimaru clicked his long tongue in disapproval. "You've been saying you'd get the money for weeks now. Sadly, I've given up believing you about that…"

"No, no, I…! I swear, I promise…!"

He smiled sweetly, easing up on the gun. "You promise…?"

"Yes, I do, I do, Orochimaru…!" Sarutobi tried to stand, clutching his shoulder. "I promise…"

"Hm." The smile dropped, replaced by a strong glare, "But your promises aren't worth shit."


Right between the eyes.

With their hearts racing behind their ribs, Sasori and Deidara watched him fall, undeniably dead.

Chuckling to himself, Orochimaru rubbed his fingerprints from the gun, and calmly laid it next to the body. Turning to his helpers, he grinned. "Problem over. Now let's go before somebody sees us…"

"Oh, fuck…" Deidara whispered, scrambling to his feet, "We need to…we need to get out of here…!"

Sasori clambered to stand, but his legs pivoted right back down, shaking too much. "Oh, hell…"

Panicked, Dei tried to heave him up, but they were greeted by the five as they strode out of the alley.

Needless to say, they were surprised to find witnesses.

And witnesses were not things that they liked very much.

No, in fact, not at all.

His beady eyes liquid with anger, the snake-like leader murmured, "Why…hello there."

Sasori's legs clicked back into life at those words, and he dragged a trembling Deidara with him as they began the inaugural run from Orochimaru.

All they'd wanted was to escape their hell. But which was truly a worse one? The hell with angry fists and spiteful jeers, or the hell with the smoking gun?

Run, run.

Orochimaru grabbed one of his follower's weapons, and aimed.

Run, run…


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