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Gun to My Head


Shoot 'Em Up

They were tucked inside a quaint little diner, nothing special, but a roof over their heads for the day, nursing a pair of black coffees. God knows they needed a pure shot of caffeine by then. Using the bathroom sinks, they'd freshened up a bit the best they could, but the fresh reek of fear wouldn't stop clinging to them. Scrub all they wanted, but it refused to wash out.

Deidara was grateful for the free refills. Already he was on his fourth. The way Sasori's face had looked earlier had engrained itself into his thoughts. It was time to step up and protect…protect like how Sasori had protected him from the assholes at school. They'd always made an easy target of his hair and tight clothes, but Sasori had fended them off. Deidara was used to getting taken care of. Sasori was always the one who he went to after his father hit him; and the red head never let him down to help him. Now how was Deidara supposed to place himself in that other seat? He wasn't accustomed to that; he didn't know how…he felt like he had to, though. At least try to. It was the least he could do for all of the times Sasori had come through for him in the past to at least try.


But across from him, Sasori had been thinking things through, too. "I hate to say this, but I think that maybe it might be best if somehow we got a gun, too." His voice almost quavered when he quietly said the words. "What do you think, Deidara?"

He curled his fingers nervously around the warm coffee mug. "You want to get a gun, un?"

Sasori looked out the dusty window with a grim look on his normally serene face. "I hate this. I really hate this. And you know how much I've always hated guns, but…"

The answer was one he knew. He wished he didn't. "But?" Oh, he didn't want to hear it. Hearing it would only prove it.

"But we honestly need one, Dei… When they find us again, we have to be able to protect ourselves somehow. Look, your birds worked the once, I know they did, only they might not a second time. Oh, I hate this. Damn it…!"

The blonde cringed. 'When', he'd said. When, not if. Yes, it only went to prove it. This was real trouble they were in. even being in this diner put the other people in danger, if they thought about it…

Orochimaru scared them. He scared the hell out of them.

And with good reason, too.

Deidara sighed, a sigh that came from the deepest parts of his heart. "I know, un. We both hate it." He wondered why it had to be them. Maybe that was a selfish sort of thing to be wondering, but he wondered it anyway. What did they do wrong? They had reasons to run away, and they were all good reasons, not just another stupid teenage decision guided by muddled hormones. He couldn't count the hours they'd spent discussing it and planning for it. This was intended to be their escape from horrible places. What had they done wrong? What? Falling in love? Was that it? Deidara wrinkled his nose. Being in love was the happiest thing he'd ever felt, and if god or whoever didn't like that and had decided to punish them with this hell also, too bad. He would never leave Sasori. Never. "You're right, though…but where can we get one, un? It's not like we have a license, and it's not like we can go into a store, un. No one in their right mind would ever sell a gun to a pair of seventeen year olds."

Sasori nodded. "I know that. And there's still the police. How good of a look did they get at us? We still don't know. They might have told any legal place that sells guns what we look like, in case we were still in the city and wanted to buy a new gun. They don't know we're absolutely trapped here, but still."

"Danna, did you say legal…?" Deidara looked up at him. "You don't mean that you plan to get one from some scary creep who sells them on the street, un…" The same sort of creep who probably sold drugs and nothing but other hideous things. "Oh, shit. You do, un…you do…!"

"But what other choice do we have right now?" He said plainly. "Tell me what other choices we have."

"Ah…" He couldn't' answer that. His shoulders slumped down, defeated. "So where do we find somebody who will sell us one, un?"

"I might be able to help you out with that, honey." A woman's voice floated quietly over the air.

Deidara shivered, a panic sweeping through him. Scrambling to turn around, he and Sasori were greeted by one of the waitresses, who put a finger to her lips for quiet. "Sorry. I sort of have a problem with eavesdropping." Her sandy blonde hair was pulled up into four pigtails on her head, and she looked out of place in the diner. A pair of fishnet gloves were on her arms, and she grinned slyly. "Yeah, the eavesdropping thing's gotten me fired from a few places. My brothers and I are trying to be good little conformists now, but things aren't really working so well. Right! So I have no idea why you two need a gun, since you look like perfectly harmless little conformists yourselves. But anyway, what kind do you want."

Deidara tried to speak, but he was too flabbergasted.

Dude. Where had she come from? Had they really been loud enough for her to hear? So then who else had heard…? Or was she just simply bored to death with her job that she strained her ears every day just for a bit of entertainment…?

Sasori managed to get a few words out though. "Um. Who the hell are you?!"

The girl smiled pleasantly, like nothing at all was out of the ordinary about their conversation. "Name's Temari. And to return the question, who the hell are you? I've never seen you before. Also, I honestly can't help but to be curious; why do you want a g—"

She was quieted by Sasori. "Could you please keep it down, damn it?!"

It made her laugh, but she lowered her voice. "Haha. Okay, tell me what you want. I get off in half an hour. If you come with me, I can get you a gun."

"With no questions asked?" Sasori hesitated.

"Wait a minute, un." Deidara finally found his tongue. Facing Temari, he asked, "Do you know anything about a man called Orochimaru?"

Hearing the name made her jolt as if she'd been struck with a sharp arrow. With her face growing dark, Temari growled, "Orochimaru is a maggot. He's a parasite and nothing more than that."

His spirits lifted some. "So you know him, un…?" Obviously he and Sasori weren't the only ones, then, who hated him. Deidara was curious what he'd done to Temari. For someone who was willing to sell guns to anyone and apparently didn't like being a nice law-abiding citizen, she didn't seem quite so awful to him. Maybe they had a chance if they could learn something from this wild-haired woman.

Temari scoffed, "Ha, 'so I know him'. Know him!" Then her eyes softened to a destitute tone. "I wish I'd never heard his fucking name before…"

Sasori exchanged a short look with Deidara. Yes, Orochimaru had definitely not been anything positive for her. That look in her eyes confirmed it. "We'll go with you."


Tayuya sat in the chair opposite the snake, drumming her fingers on her lap. "Boss, you really want to keep after them that bad?"

Orochimaru looked coldly up at her with his haunting eyes. "Are you really asking me that question? I already went over this… Tayuya-chan, and I thought you were smarter than those other three idiots. Don't you get it?"

She cringed, hating to be thrown in with the three others. They were idiots; that was true. Under no circumstances did she want to be thought of in the same way as they were. Still, she didn't understand. "But sir, aren't they only kids? Look, you've scared the shit out of them by now. I really don't think they'll be saying anything about what they saw."

Shaking his head of long black hair slowly, he sighed. "Tut, tut… That frame of mind disappoints me, my dear. Have you no joy in the chase…?"

She blinked, attempting to figure out where he was coming from. "You lost me, boss. Sorry."

He sighed again. "Ah, my poor dear Tayuya. How deprived you are! I still have much to teach you about this business, don't I… You see, there is nothing like controlling someone. Nothing like it, I tell you. It's true when people say that power corrupts, my dear, believe me." Here, he chuckled with something not that much unlike glee. "Oh, how it does. What a wonderful thing, to be in charge. And what's better is when you're in charge of who lives and of who dies…" Now he stood up from his seat and paced back and forth, wicked energy driving him. Bursts of tinkling laughter leaked into his words. "Ha, but even with all of that glorious power, it's not enough, my dear. One needs something…fun once in a while… Heh. A nice game of chess, with a few nice pawns, to fill the hours, you know…?"

"A game?" Tayuya repeated. "You're using those kids for kicks? Because you're bored?"

He grinned. "Yes, Tayuya-chan. That's the only reason I won't let them go…and I think that perhaps they'll be so tasty, too."

Tayuya chuckled in spite of herself. She didn't know what he meant by tasty, but the rest of it was sadistically grand. "Yeah. Yeah, I get it now, boss. Ah, I fuckin' love it, boss…!"

The grin expanded; a rubber band that refused to ever snap, no matter how wide it was stretched. To himself, he whispered, "And he'll be so yummy. I can't wait until then. Until I have you all to myself, you darling little pawn. But I can't hardly wait, darling…!"

Playing games like the one he was brewing was something he hadn't been able to do in a while. It also wasn't often he got so excited over one of his pawns. They weren't usually this yummy…


Temari had led them deep into the city, and into a run-down apartment complex. Deidara had been clenching Sasori's hand the whole way, nervous about their surroundings. Even though he did think Temari was trustable, the place was still creepy.

She had noticed it, and mentioned, "So, ah... Are you two together, then?"

"Do you have a problem with that?" Sasori snapped defensively, too used to being ridiculed and ostracized for it.

"Whoa, calm down." She held up a hand, laughing. "No, I'm cool with it. I think it's really sweet. Aha! Here we are. Home sweet home." Temari stopped at door number two-fifteen, and twisted an old key in the lock. "Gaara! Kankurou! Yo, we've got company."

A brown haired boy a little younger than Temari wearing baggy black clothes glanced up from playing video games on the old television set. "Onii-chan, who are they?"

"Sasori and Deidara." She answered, shoving her keys away into her purse. "They want to buy a gun from us."

Her brother dropped his controller. "We said we were going clean, Temari!"

She shot back a glare. "Kankurou, I think they're in trouble with Orochimaru."

The name made him go still as well. Swallowing once, he turned to the two runaways. "Is that true? You're in trouble with Orochimaru?"

Deidara nodded, his throat constricting with fear. "We…we saw him kill someone, un. We just stumbled in on it, and…and he noticed us, un."

"He said he was going to kill us too." The puppeteer finished, squeezing Deidara's hand.

Kankurou digested it, nodding. "I see…"

"Hey, where's Gaara?" Temari broke in. "I'm sure he'll want to know that Orochimaru hasn't left the city after all."

"He's out right now." He told her, and turned back to Sasori and Deidara. "We can hook you up with a gun in the morning. I'm sure you'll be needing one. In the meantime, you can crash here for a few days if you want. We still have a spare room, right Temari?"

"Yeah. Come on, it's this way." She motioned them through the living room and a meager kitchen to the end of a hallway. "Here you go. And the bathroom is the next door to the right, okay? We'll be out there if you need us." She turned the doorknob and opened it. "And we won't bother you, so don't worry." With that, she swiveled around and back down the hallway to sit with her brother.

Deidara peered into the small room and slid his backpack off, onto the floor. Sasori put his next to it and wrapped his thin arms around the blonde's waist. "Well. It's not that pretty, but it's definitely better than sleeping at the park, isn't it?"

Deidara giggled, turning to snake his arms up around Sasori's neck. Pecking his cheek, he whispered, "Any room is pretty if you're in it, Danna."

Sasori smiled. "Really now?"

"Of course, un. Haven't I told you before?"

He nodded, "Oh, certainly. And I love to hear it. You're so damn cute."

Laughing, he chirped, "Well, good. Because I like telling you it, un." Tugging at his shirt and belt, Deidara took Sasori's hand and led him gently toward the bed.