Aphrodite stretched out on her pink satin sheets and sighed aloud, "I am so bored

Aphrodite stretched out on her pink satin sheets and sighed aloud, "I am so bored. There hasn't been anything interesting going on around here in like, forever. Just the same old boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, yada, yada, yada. I need a challenge, something fun," she giggled. "And a new manicure," she mused while glancing at her nails.

Meanwhile, on a nondescript hill not far from the town of Boeotia, Gabrielle and Xena were enjoying a tasty lunch of fresh fish while Argo grazed nearby. Gabrielle absently picked at her food as she gazed out at the surrounding landscape. "Are you going to eat that," Xena asked. "No, go ahead," Gabrielle replied. "Guess I'm not really that hungry." Xena speared the fish onto her plate and then studied her friend's face. "Something wrong?"

Gabrielle slowly shook her head, "No, not really. Well, I don't know. Nothing's really wrong, it's just.." Gabrielle trailed off. "Just what?" Xena asked. "You know you can talk to me about anything right?" Xena gently laid her hand over Gabrielle's and squeezed it reassuringly.

Gabrielle smiled at her friend's touch. "I know. Sometimes it's just hard to find the words." "Since when do you have trouble finding words?" Xena joked. "You always know the right thing to say in any situation." If only that were true, thought Gabrielle. Out loud she said, "Well, maybe even us bards have off days. Maybe if I didn't spend the majority of my time fighting side by side with a certain someone, I would have more time to harness my creative abilities." "Oh, I see how it is. I'm getting in the way of your real calling. Is that why you were doing all that talking in your sleep last night, because you don't have time to write during the day?" Xena said as she playfully nudged Gabrielle's shoulder.

"Haha. Very funny. I do not talk in my sleep," Gabrielle countered. "Well, you sure were last night," laughed Xena. "Well," Gabrielle demanded, "if I was talking so much then tell me what I said" "Uh uh. That takes all the fun out of it. Let's just say it was quite interesting," Xena teased, her blue eyes dancing with mirth.

Gabrielle felt heat rising in her face as she thought about the dream she had had last night. The one about her and Xena. Together. What if Xena wasn't just joking? What if she had been talking aloud in her sleep? She quickly turned away to hide her flushed face. "Fine then. I'll just go clean out this skillet," she said as she jumped up and quickly began walking towards the river. "What? Was it something I said?" called Xena as she watched Gabrielle hurrying towards the river as if it would dry up if she didn't get there fast enough.

Aphrodite giggled as she watched this exchange from the top of the hill, "Oh, I know what your dream was about Gabrielle! You can't hide anything from the gods." She smiled to herself, "Hmm. This could be just the fun I was looking for."