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The rode to the restaurant in a Ferrari… of course. Because any car that the ostentatious Tony Stark could possibly own had to cost enough to feed all of south Africa Lainie thought. She shifted in her soft leather passenger's seat, watching the world renowned super-hero. Every couple of seconds he would turn and smirk when he caught her looking…again. She just couldn't keep her eyes off him…. off the arc reactor she told herself sternly. Her mind was in science mode constantly with that piece of ingenuity around. But, though the thought made her blush, her eyes strayed towards his six pack way to often for innocence. Like now, she thought, staring at the muscles along his lean figure.

Tony cleared his throat.

"What are you thinking about right now?" she blushed. Damn, she though.

"Why couldn't you have asked me that ten seconds earlier?" she groaned with still red cheeks. He gave her a questioning look.

"Because ten seconds earlier you were thinking about…"

"The arc reactor…which, by the way, is in very close proximity to your…stomach region…" He smirked, seeing where this was going. She turned even darker crimson, looking down in an attempt to escape his piercing gaze. It was then that she noticed the odometer. Surprised, she looked out of the window to see that the speed was blurring the surroundings.

"Super Heroes don't have to follow the driving laws?" she asked, looking up again in amusement. Tony chuckled, looking at her for a brief second before returning to the road.

"Well, it sure helps to have enough money to pay the fines…the super hero thing comes into effect when their trying to take your license for bad driving…for some reason dressing in a titanium suit deters them from pushing the rules." She smiled at his sub-par joke as tony pulled into…well it looked like a dark wall-blocked alley. But Tony stark in a dark alley really didn't make any sense unless it was to knock around some heads. She turned to look at him as he let himself out of the car, handing the keys to a couple drivers who had pulled up behind them in another vehicle. Another monstrosity that could feed the entire South American continent. She got out of the Ferrari slowly, confused. The drivers, unlike Lainie didn't seem at all bemused at the surroundings but simply backed the cars up after a quick nod to Tony.

"Don't worry, this is not where were eating. It's a little lady and the tramp for me…" she grinned, and looked around for a clue to where they would be going as the two drivers pulled the cars out of the small crevice. Tony walked down the dank little path to the furthest corner. He tapped his foot on what seemed to be the back door to a some building. The door cracked open and then a laugh filled the little decrepit street.

"Tony!" an old man stepped out, careful to prevent the door from closing with a hand and clapping Tony on the back with the other. Tony was grinning at the man, giving him a little hug back before stepping away. He motioned lainie over and when she got close enough he grabbed her's hand and pulled her to meet the mysterious door keeper.

" Lainie, this is my uncle Frank, not really related, but he's cool enough that we can pretend. Uncle Frank, this is Lainie. My date." she raised an eyebrow at this but smiled at Frank, taking his pro-offered hand.

" Nice to meet you." Now it was Uncle Frank's turn to raise an eyebrow. This was the first time that Tony had every brought a girl here, in all the years he'd been visiting. He looked her up and down subtly. She was pretty sure, and fully clothed unlike most of the girls he'd seen Tony running around with…she did seem to have a little extra something. Hmmm, he mumbled a little to himself before pulling the door open wider and motioning both of the youngsters inside.

"Hahahahaha!" Lainie began to laugh as they escaped the tiny hallway that the door from the alley led from and erupted into the oh-so-famous Science museum. Tony smirk questioningly at her as Frank walked another way, calling back about getting them something to eat. Just as he was about to leave the room they were in, invention of the telephone it seemed, he turned back ; a walkie-talky came sailing through the air with strict instructions from frank to use it to contact him if they needed. Then he continued on his way leaving tony and Lainie alone.

She stepped away from him, twirling around one of the smaller cases filled with interesting tidbits and artifacts all having to do with phone technology. She was still laughing.

" So, suave debonair Anthony Stark, also know as the richest, smartest sexy man alive…in his own words, of course. This man, he takes his, equally sexy, of course, dates to the…wait for it…SCIENCE MUSEM! Nerdy." He stepped towards her, smiling but there was a slight edge to his eyes. He moved beside her and they both leaned against a wide plaque talking all about the evolution of the phone.

"well I though you of all people would appreciate this…it's…nevermind." He looked away, brushing imaginary dirt off of his pants. She bit her lip. Damn she thought. She hadn't meant to offend him, not at all. she thought it was beyond sweet for him to bring her here and original too.

"Well, though this is no date, Tony Stark, it trumps any date I've ever been on. I, for one, have a deep, burning passion for the science museum. I never been past closing of course." She smiled at him and twirled once more, grinning wildly at the perfection of it all. She did truly love the museum, and would often come to see the exhibitions, some of whose plaques she knew by heart. She started to walk away, trying to figure out which way the car exhibition was, as it was one of her favorites.

" Wait, how is this not a date?" tony called out quizzically from behind her, making her turn. She blushed slightly and cleared her throat.

"I was under the impression that this was a mutual sharing of views on the rightness and wrongness of stealing." She murmured, trying to sound witty but she was really stunned. Tony thought this was a date? He wanted to date her? She has thought that this had been a creation of a friendship between two intellectuals. Wow she was in above her head.

"Yes yes, it is. But in a dating context, darling." He was now beside her, watching her with a tilted head as if trying to solve a problem then he chuckled. " why did you think I asked you to dinner?" she bit her lip, frowning. Then she sighed melodramatically.

"wow, it seems obvious now. I..I thought you wanted…to be friends. And now I shall go die of embarrassment." She dropped her head as tony began to laugh in earnest. He wrapped an arm around her waist pulling her away to another exhibition.

" haha, okay. I haven't laughed this much in a while, Lainie. We can be 'friends' if that would make you more comfortable. I have a feeling our friendship would be one for the ages." He smiled at her, noticing when the stiffness in her body that had appeared when he had put his hand on her hip left her body. Lainie nodded egarly, relieved. She was definitely not cut out to be Tony Stark's date. Not even in an empty museum.

"Okay friend. To the Automobile section, toute suite!"

Lainie and Tony explored a good portion of the museum, reveling in the exhibitions that they shared a common interest in and arguing jokingly about the ones they didn't. When their stomachs became suitably hungry they called Frank who gave them directions to one of the better vending machines. Even though Tony promised it was no longer a date, he insisted on paying for Lainie's tuna sandwich, snickers bar and can of coke saying something about how staying out with her had actually saved him millions on the stuff he would've destroyed out of boredom at home. And who was Lainie kidding. Tony probably made $10.60 every millisecond. After their unorthodox dinner they wandered some more, not really looking at the galleries like before but just enjoying each other's company. It had been a long time since Tony had meet someone who could keep up with him even slightly from an intellectual standpoint, and even longer, if ever, that he had meet someone as refreshingly innocent as Lainie. Lainie was in awe of Tony, his intelligence was even greater than what she had gathered from the many articles and the occasional tabloid that her roommate left temptingly besides the toilet. She was working hard to hide the admiration but she didn't think she was doing that well of a job. Which, if you must know, she wasn't.

" Hey you two. I'm leaving which means you're leaving. Dare I say, 'You ain`t gotta go home, but you gotta get the hell up out of here.'" Frank called from behind them, interrupting Lainie's inspection of the Arc reactor up close. Which was good for all parties because Lainie hadn't really been looking at the Arc reactor for a while now and Tony, noticing her real interests in the area was suddenly finding it hard to remember that this wasn't a date. Tony shook his head to clear it and stood up from where they had been laying on the floor planetarium 'star gazing'. He reached a hand down to Lainie who was beat red at the intimacy of the situation that frank had caught them in. she needed to get her head straight. Tony Stark, perfect in every way though he was, was not a good crush to have. Mostly due to the fact that Tony had new girls in a snap of his finely groomed fingers and Lainie had no interest in being a one night stand…yet.

" Okay Uncle Frank. Thanks a lot." Frank waved away Tony's thanks, tilting his janitor's cap at Lainie and chuckling inside at her beet color.

"see you around miss lainie." He murmured, though he said it more like a question towards Tony who nodded.

"Definitly." Tony stated with feeling and then he and Lainie left the musem, though the front exit this time.

"I'll drop you off." Tony said quickly before he could invite Lainie back to his place under the pretense of seeing his lab and break the friendship vow. Somehow, though there was clearly attraction between them, and Tony seriously doubted that Lainie would turn him down he didn't want to mess this up. Lainie was one of the more intresting people he'd met in a while and worth so much more than one night of pleasure. Plus he was sure that Lainie wasn't that experienced.

"Uh, okay…it's so close though…" Lainie was having her own doubts about being pseudo alone with Tony but her insinuation of walking was ignored as tony pushed her into the Ferrari ( which had pulled up across the street when they walked out). During the drive home they were both silent and Lainie kept stealing glances at Tony. As the car pulled up in front of her place Lainie felt a pang of sadness. It seemed that Tony had no intrest in a friendship…

"So…" Tony cleared his throat as they walked up the steps of Lainie's brownstone. "Miss. McCormic, may I be so forward as to assume that you had as fun time tonight as I did?" he finished as they stood at the front door. Lainie smiled widely at him.

"I did . You, forward? Never." She said cheekily and he nudged her with a hip.

" okay smarty. Can I, um contact you again. I would really like to explore the possibilities of your arch reactor design. And I don't think I'll ever be able to go to the science museum alone again after the fun I've had today. You've ruined it for me and are now obligated to accompany me every time I go." They stood smiling at each other until Lainie quickly nodded and handed Tony her card silently holding in her excitement.

" Right, shall we seal it with a kiss?" Tony asked before he could stop himself. She was just so fucking beautiful, and cute and smart…he could've slapped himself for his big mouth as her eyes widened. Bright pink bloomed across her face and she looked down at her hands.

"Isn't it sleezy for a girl to kiss on the first date?" Lainie muttered, trying to regain control over her emotions. Tony lifted her face.

"Good thing this isn't a date." He leaned in, throwing his previously asserted promise of the 'friend zone' to the wind when suddenly…


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