Monster on the Loose

Natasia: Hey I'm back People!!

Setsuna: Natasia keep it down something might come out!

Asuna: HELP ME

Konoka: Well let's start this story, oh my God what is that, Secchan protect me! (Jumps in to Setsuna's arms)

Disclaimer: I do not own Negima!?

Chapter one: The Monster

It was late one dark gloomy evening and Konoka Konoe along with her lover/guardian Setsuna Sakurazaki were walking back to the dorm rooms, when Setsuna with her super sharp hearing heard a growl come from behind them.


"Who ever you are show yourself!" yelled Setsuna as she took out Yuunagi and got Konoka behind her. "Grrrrrrr I need flesh!" yelled the monster. Standing in front of Setsuna and Konoka was a gruesome, disgusting, terrifying monster. Setsuna tried to slash the monster but, failed. The monster somehow got behind Setsuna and got to Konoka, the monster bit Konoka's leg before Setsuna got to it.


Konoka shrieked in pain and kicked the monster with her other leg as Setsuna took Yuunagi and cut the monster's head. The monster jumped back and came back with its mouth open. Setsuna quickly grabbed Konoka by the waist and spread her wings. Setsuna jumped up quickly and started to fly away with Konoka nestled in her arms crying.


"Secchan what was that thing?" cried Konoka. "I don't know but, it's going to pay for hurting you." replied Setsuna as she leaned in to Konoka and kissed her.

Back at the room Asuna and Negi were waiting for Konoka and Setsuna to come back to the room. As Setsuna walked in to the room with Konoka in her arms, Asuna gasped at the site she saw. "Holy shit, what happened to Konoka's leg?" asked Asuna.


"Something attacked us on our way here, it said it wanted flesh and bit Kono-chan's leg." replied Setsuna. "It was so terrifying." said Konoka.

Setsuna: Kono-chan are you ok?

Konoka: Yes I'll be fine.

Asuna: Holy Shit what was that thing?!

Natasia: Forgive me for making this chapter short I ran out of ideas!!