That night, Angus returned home to an empty room. Wondering what could have possibly happened to Rohan, he turned around once he reached the door, and left in search of his friend. He didn't know where to start looking, but his growing concern for Rohan was reaching a maximum. In the end, the decision that Angus reached was that he should find someone to help him look for Rohan.

On his way back to the castle, Angus heard the clip clapping of horses hooves coming up quickly behind him. Spinning around on the spot, Angus caught sight of a beautiful woman and Prince Garrett himself riding up to him on a large white horse. Angus' jaw dropped in surprise when he saw the prince. Garrett smiled at his old acquaintance; they had never actually declared themselves as friends.

"Garrett! Can ye help me find Rohan? He's not himself," Angus said, looking distracted as he spoke about his fellow knight. Garrett rolled his eyes at Angus and looked at him condescendingly as usual.

"I see that you are ecstatic regarding my return to Kells."

"Garrett, I need yer help," Angus continued with a sense of urgency that was somewhat unusual. He was however rudely interrupted by the prince of Reged, who persisted onwards with his own tale.

"I bring excellent news: the Princess Lynette and I are to be married. We will hold the ceremony in my own country, and we wish all worthy from Kells to attend this honorable event. This, by consequence, happens to include you, Angus, as you are by some means, a Mystic Knight. So, what do you say?" Garrett asked, lifting his chin up arrogantly as he spoke. Angus refused to respond to Garrett's surprising demand, but immediately turned on his heels and stormed off to the castle in search of either Deirdre or Ivar. Garrett was unimpressed by the former thief's reaction, and sent his horse to trot after him, shouting that he must learn to be more considerate of royalty.

When Angus, followed closely by Prince Garrett and Princess Lynette, reached the castle of Kells, he pushed open the heavy door and found himself in an empty corridor. Hoping to find Deirdre in her chamber, he ran up a stairwell in search of the princess. Garrett dismounted his horse, helped his fiancée down, and proceeded to chase after Angus, all the while holding his dearly beloved by the hand. Cathbad had seen the trio running, and made it to the princess' door before he could be seen. Finally, Angus reached Deirdre's bedroom door and reached for the door handle, only to be stopped by the Druid.

"Stop, thief!" Cathbad ordered, looking at Angus roughly.

"But, Cathbad, I can't find Rohan, and I, uh, wanted help from the princess," Angus said hurriedly, basically jumping on the spot in urgency. "And that's former thief," he added under his breath.

"The princess, master of rudeness, is sleeping, and I will not permit you to disturb her," Cathbad responded.

"Well then, what about Ivar? Have ye seen him?" Angus asked desperately.

"Ivar has as well, retired to his chambers for the evening. I suggest you find young Draganta by yourself."

"Great, Cathbad, just great. I've received no help from you, once again," Angus said, sounding pissed off.

By this time, Garrett and Lynette had left for bed, and Angus was on his own to find Rohan. Punching the wall as he walked past it, Angus paced down the corridor, hoping foolishly that he would stumble upon his missing friend. Just then, an idea hit him. 'I could always get that girl, Braewyn, to help me...' And so, Angus decided to find Braewyn and go to find Rohan.

He arrived at Braewyn and Desiree's room some five minutes after and took a deep breath before he quietly knocked on the door. Seconds later, the door opened a crack, revealing the slender form of Braewyn. She put her index finger to her lips and motioned towards one of the beds where Desiree lay curled up, obviously asleep. In a hushed voice, Angus explained the situation to Braewyn and asked if she would like to join him in his search. Braewyn paused for a second then nodded her head.

"You're Angus, right?" she asked, her emerald green eyes looking deeply into his brown ones. When Angus nodded, she continued talking quietly. "I'm just going to leave a note for Desiree in case she wakes up and I'm not there. I'll just be a minute," she said, and softly shut the wooden door.

Braewyn tiptoed over to an ancient-looking nightstand and quickly wrote to Desiree that she was helping out Angus with something and that she'd be back shortly. She placed the note delicately on the table and snuck over to the door, exiting the room as quietly as she possibly could. As soon as the door was shut, she smiled at Angus, revealing her perfectly straight teeth and full lips. Angus found himself staring once again, and as he and Braewyn made their way down the hallway, they caught sight of a shadow turning a corner. The two of them ran down to the shadow and saw Rohan, who looked like even more of a mess than before. Rohan looked at Angus angrily, then over to Braewyn, adding a bit of surprise to his anger. He went to speak, but Angus managed to get out the first words.

"Where have ye been? I've been all over Kells looking for ye," he said questioningly. Rohan continued to look at Braewyn, who decided to remain silent throughout all of this.

"Who's she?"

"Braewyn. I found her and a friend by the river today and gave them a place to stay."

"Oh really?" Rohan asked meanly, looking over Braewyn. He noticed that she was positively beautiful, but he also immediately observed that Angus looked very dazed standing with her. "Were ye not with Deirdre today?"


"Yes, Deirdre. I saw you holding her today," Rohan said furiously, remembering Angus' arms around the princess.

"Oh, that?" Angus said, taken aback in surprise. "That would be yer lack of information that upset her. I was only calming her!" Rohan's eyes softened as he realized his mistake, not only towards Deirdre, but to his best friend as well. He proceeded to sigh and put his right hand to his forehead.

"I am so sorry, Angus. There are just so many things on my mind right now, that I can't control what I feel. My emotions are all over the place, and I don't know what to do..." Braewyn looked at Rohan as if she were summing him up all in one glance.

"Rohan? You look like you're absolutely exhausted. I know that you don't know me at all, but I suggest that you get some sleep." She then smiled at Rohan as if she'd known him her entire life, calming Rohan a little bit.

"Yes, I think I will do that. Thank you, Braewyn." And at that, he head back to the hut that he and Angus shared, quickly falling into a deep sleep.

After Rohan had gone, Angus looked at Braewyn and inquired, "So I guess this is it for the night, then?" Braewyn shrugged a little bit.

"Not unless you want it to be," she said, smiling shyly.

"Ye know," Angus started, "I've always been quite fond of the riverside. We could go there, if ye wanted to." Braewyn instantly took Angus' hand and started walking towards where they had met earlier that day. Completely forgetting about Desiree, Braewyn and Angus walked to the river in the dark of the night. Even though they couldn't see each other, they found themselves instantly remembering the sound of the other's voice.