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This summer had gone by rather quickly. The best part of the summer was the month-long vacation my mother and I took to the Suna beach. This summer was different, that was certain. I knew it was different the moment I saw her. Her long black hair, so dark it looked slightly purple, those timid lavender eyes, and that fair complexion. She was, in my mind, the definition of true beauty. It was odd what she was wearing, however. She was in a white one piece bathing suit with a thin hoodie over it. I found it odd, but adorable. Looking back on our first conversation, I remember her shy smile and soft voice.


I walked up to the shy little girl sitting a little bit away from what seemed like her family. they all had the same eyes and hair color, just hers was darker. "Hello, may I sit here?" I asked, smiling kindly at the girl in front of me.

She looked up and turned slightly pink. "Uh, o-of course," she said, returning my smile with a small one of her own.

"What's your name?" I asked, sitting down beside her.

"H-Hinata," she said softly to me. "And yours?"

"Sakura," I replied proudly. "May I call you Hina-chan?"

Hinata nodded slightly and smiled. "Of course."

--End Flashback--

I smiled, looking out of the window of the car my mother and I were in, heading back home to Konoha. I sighed and shook my head, not knowing if I would ever see Hina-chan again. I looked up at the evening sky and thught back to her laugh and the first time I heard it.


We were sitting at a campfire, everyone else had already ran off to go skinny dipping or something along those lines.

Hinata looked at me, "You're really pretty Sakura-chan. D-do you have a boyfriend back home?" she asked. I noticed that when she was comfortable around someone, she would stutter less and less.

I shook my head. "No, I don't Hina-chan," I replied truthfully. I grinned. "I'm not a big fan of boys anyway." I winked and held my fingers up in a peace sign.

Hina giggled slightly. "Me either..." she said, almost to herself. She shook her head.

I thought for a moment, but I was shaken from my thoughts by the girl beside me.

Hinata was laughing.

I looked at her oddly. "Hina-chan?"

"Neji-san just got buried in a sandcastle by the red head boy over there," Hinata replied between laughs.

I looked over to see her cousin buried underneath a large pile of sand. I laughed.

--End Flashback--

I looked around, straying away from my thoughts for a moment, it was already almost dark.

"Sakura, what are you thinking about?" my mother asked me randomly.

"Just the past few weeks Mom..." I replied, sighing. I looked down at my hands and realized I was clutching something in them. I loosened my grip to see a silver chain with a pendant hanging off of it in the form of a sunflower. I smiled down at it and placed it around my neck. It felt right for it to be there. I felt around my neck for my own gold chain with a pink cherry blossom on it and then sighed, remembering where it was. I fingered the sunflower hanging on the chain and thought back to only fourty five minutes ago.


I looked at the shy girl in front of me, she had opened up to me over the past four weeks. She smiled up at me, she was two inches shorter than myself. I smiled back at her.

"Sakura-chan, I really had fun this summer. Perhaps next summer we can see each other again," Hinata smiled hopefully.

"I hope so," I said, I really didn't want to leave. I watched as Hinata moved her hands around the back of her neck and took the necklace off. My eyes widened slightly, she hadn't taken that off since I first met her. She told me why she never took it off, her mother gave it to her.

"I want you to have this, just in case," Hinata smiled softly at me, taking my hand and placing the necklace in my palm.

I smiled softly and hugged the girl in front of me.

"Sakura! We have to hurry!" I heard my mother call from our car.

"Hinata, come on," came the voice of Hinata's father. He seemed impatient.

I looked at the necklace and then at Hinata. I took the gold chain from around my neck and handed it to Hinata, her eyes slightly wide as well, she was blushing almost the color of my hair.

"But your father made it for you..." she said softly, looking at the cherry blossom on the chain.

"Hinata," came her father's voice again.

"I want you to have it," I said softly. "You may want to go before your father gets angry."

Hinata nodded. "Bye Sakura-chan!" she called, waving as she turned and ran toward her family.

I smiled and walked to my mother and our car.

--End Flashback--

I smiled as we got to our house. It was just a simple single floor house, but it was home to me and my mother. I jumped out of the passenger seat of the car, grabbed my suit case from the trunk and ran into the house, to my room, to my bed. I was so relieved to be home.

I groaned as I saw my first day of school outfit on my dresser. I shook my head. My junior year started tomorrow.


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