Summery: Her life wasn't perfect, but neither were theirs. Then why did four boys need to protect the girl who would just hurt them in the end?

Chapter 1: Friendly Murders

"I'm going to kill him!" fumed 13-year old Lily Evans, storming down the stairs of her shared dormitory. She looked as mad as she sounded, and anyone in their right mind would not mess with her in this state. She caught the attention of 16-year old Sirus Black who was sitting on one of the plush chairs of the Gryffindor Common Room. Only he would be crazy enough to mess with the little red-head when she was like this.

"What did James do this time, Lily-Flower?" the almost black-haired boy asked, knowing his green-eyed friend all too well. Only James Potter could agitate her to this degree.

"I'm going to kill him!" Lily continued. "Curse every messy hair on that Quidditch-playing kid!"

She paid no attention to Sirus who noted this and got up.

"Woah, Flower. Don't do anything rash," he said, grabbing her arm and pulling her over to where Remus Lupin was sitting. The sandy-haired, blue-eyed, 15-year old, had been seated across from Sirus reading the Daily Prophet. Not even looking up, he scooted over, making room on the chair for Lily. Sirus pushed the angry red-head into the char, and she dutifully sat down, still ready to blow her top. At this point, Remus put down his reading material.

"What did James do this time, Lils?" he asked while Sirus stood in front of them. It wasn't unusual for Lily and James to end up in small squabbles, even thought they were friends.

"He…he…he tried to kiss me!" Lily stuttered out eventually. "Again!"

"That little…" Sirus exclaimed. "He, of all people, should know better." And with that, he took off, but not without a quick "Keep her from doing anything stupid!" to Remus; the boys' dormitory in his path.

Lily leaned her head against Remus' shoulder. "I hate him," she said but with a dying passion that only friends could cause.

"He'll do something to redeem himself. He always does," Remus told her, though neither one really need that spoken. After four years, one gets used to the cycle of events.

"Hey! Did I miss anything?" a slightly chubby 15-year old asked, stumbling into the Common Room. Peter Pettigrew was the last member of this little group of five. He took the chair next to the one Lily and Remus were in and looked expectantly at the pair.

"Just another Lily/James argument," Remus answered, like it meant nothing.

Peter laughed. Those happened all of the time. "Have I got a story for you," and he began to ramble off another one of his tales, causing Lily to forget her problems. Remus smiled, knowing their flower was happy again.

In the Boy's Dormitory (which James, Sirus, Remus, and Peter shared), things weren't as laid back.

"What did you think you were doing?" Sirus yelled at his dark-haired, best friend, James Potter. Everyone they met would have sworn the two were twins, the only differences being where as James' hair would never stay in place, Sirus' never seemed to stray from its appointed spot, and James wore black, thick-rimmed glasses. At this moment, those glasses were being pushed (by a head) into a pillow. James couldn't look at his best friend right now; he mumbled something incoherently.

"Of course you weren't thinking." Sirus always understood nonsense murmurs. "We know you fancy her, James, but you can't keep doing these things. Luke'll kill you."

Luke Evans was Lily's extremely overprotective older brother who graduated the year before she entered school. Now and Auror, he still watched over her whenever he could. Only Lily and Luke were magical in their immediate family, the reason why they went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, not your ordinary boarding school.

"I know; don't think I don't know," James Potter moaned flipping over and showing his face for the first time since Sirus had come up. "I just can't help it!"

"Yes, you can!" Sirus replied, in outburst, again, still pacing the length of the room, passing the four beds, one by one. "She's 13 and off limits! When you help enforce that by hexing anyone who so much as looks at her, you better be able to live by your own rule!"

At this point, Sirus stopped pacing and threw himself into his own bed, propping himself up on one elbow. On the next bed, James did the same thing.

"Think I lost her?" the latter one asked.

"Nah," said the former. "You'll bounce back."

"Hey, don't we have a meeting tonight?" chimed James after a while. These two boys, along with Remus and Peter, formed a group know as the Marauders. They were the notorious pranksters of Hogwarts.

Sirus nodded in response. "I don't see why we can't just have in here though. We're all in the Tower."

"One word: Lily," James said, giving his friend a look that clearly said you should know that. Out of the four boys, James was, without a doubt, the most protective of Lily.

So after a moment, the two boys bounded down the stairs. The scene in the Common Room was just as they had left it, the only exceptions being a happier Lily and the fact that Peter had joined the group.

"We have a meeting soon," James called as he strolled by, hoping no one would say anything. However, James' wishes seldom came true. Lily stood up to face him.

"James," she began in a tone that stated she was clearly annoyed, "let me come."

"No," he answered, turning to face her like they all knew he would. Sirus stopped and faced the unfolding argument, too.

"Why?" She was angry, not whining or pleading.

"If we've been over this once, we've been over it a million times. We'll be murdered by your brother if we let anything happen to you. Plus, we've got to have at least one with a clean record."

"So you're just using me then." It was more of a statement than actual question. "I come up with more prank ideas than any of you, and I figured out that map's more elusive details. Plus, I found the recipe for the idea you're cooking up now."

"No." James' word was final, and he headed toward the portrait hole, Sirus and Peter on his heels. It wasn't that he didn't want to give Lily the credit for any of those things; she was truly brilliant. It was just that in certain matters, especially those that were illegal, he felt the need to protect her.

Remus got up out of his chair and began his own journey to where the other three were. The hand Lily laid on his arm stopped him.

"I know they're brewing an Animagus potion there, Remus," she said. "And they have more than enough for themselves. Could you nick me some, please? Just enough for two?"

"It won't work yet."

"I can do the rest, it's simple, all proportional."

"How do you know that much? They've never let you in."

"I was the one who found out how to do it. I know it by heart – plus, I saved a copy. Please."

Remus turned away in defeat. "They'll murder me if anything goes wrong."

"Don't worry. This batch is right! Oh, and get some before they put the silver in."

"That'll be hard to…" Remus trailed off realizing what she was getting at. "You're not a werewolf!"

"But you are." She kissed him in a sisterly fashion on his cheek and headed off towards the dormitory staircase. "Thanks!"

Remus shook his head in amazement. He never would have thought that James, Sirus, and Peter would have been willing to break the law to help him with his "ailment" but Lily? That was a different matter entirely. Well, he'd try his best.

It was nearly one in the morning when the four boys stumbled back into the Common Room, hidden under the invisibility cloak James had shown up with on day one. Since no one seemed to be in sight, they pulled the priceless garment off instead of waiting until the safety of their dormitory. Little did they know, someone was in the room with them: Lily Evans, very asleep. Only Remus noticed her as the four passed.

An hour later, he was back, gently shaking the sleeping red-head. Her green-eyes blinked open, sleepily meeting the blue ones before her.

"Here." Remus pushed a vile into Lily's hands. "I hope you know what you're doing; I don't want any letters from your brother looking for my head on a platter."

"I do, don't worry," Lily replied with all the confidence in the world. "I just have to check something with Slughorn."


"Don't worry. He won't have a clue what we're up to."

"We? I don't think I want to get in the middle of this."

"If you don't, I'm sure you'll be sorry."

Remus just looked down at Lily who was almost a full head sorter than he was. She just looked up patiently at her friend.

"If it makes you feel any better," she began coyly, "I can owl my brother and tell him I'm acting out of my own accord."

"And then we'd all be arrested and probably sent to Azkaban!" Remus knew Lily knew she had him cornered.

"Don't worry," she said again as she began to walk toward the boys' dormitory (to which her own room was attached), "it'll go smoothly."

Don't worry Remus thought bitterly. Easy words for you; you're not the monster. Then he said aloud: "Lily, you might now want to go in now; if they hear you door open, you know Sirus or James'll wake up."

"You're right, as always," she sighed and came back to sit on the couch once more. "How will you get back in then?"

"Peter's the only one who would possibly wake up at the sound of our door opening. Besides, I thought I left my cloak down here earlier."

"You're brilliant," she replied sarcastically. "And you had to do this at two-thirty in the morning?"
"Well, we just got back a while ago anyway."

"Go figure, James wants you to pull an all-nighter with potions first thing."

Remus laughed and shook his head. "If I'm not mistaken, someone else here has stayed up all night over books."

"That wasn't illegal, and it was only because I had been helping all of you the whole week before."

"Well, I don't know about you, but I'm going to sleep," Remus said hugging Lily. "Night, Lils."

He turned his back on the younger girl and headed toward his dormitory where he hoped three boys would be sleeping. Lily just watched him go, then she too turned but made her way to the Portrait Hole. One of the perks of living in a magical castle was the secrete passage ways. She knew another way into her room.