I Promise

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Quil and Claire's progression from guardian to lover.

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I Promise...

When you are three and you fall and scrape your leg, I will be there to hold you and fix the hurt.

When you are four and you lose your doll, I will look for 3 hours at the park, your aunt's house and your back yard, and eventually find it on your bed.

When you are five and can't sleep because of the vampires in your closet, I will be there to perform the ancient tribal dance to banish them from the dark corners.

When you are six and you get the chicken pox, I will spend all day distracting you so you don't think about how much it itches...even if I get them in return.

When you are seven and your brother won't let you go to the movies with him and his friends, I will take you and smile even wider when you tell me that you like it better this way, anyways.

When you are eight and you drop your ice cream cone, I will buy you a new one, with sprinkles this time!

When you are nine and you get gum stuck in your hair, I will spent two hours getting it out so that your mother doesn't cut it out.

When you are ten and you get homesick at camp, I will drive the four hours to pick you up...I missed you even more.

When you are eleven and Melissa from school tells everyone you kissed Tommy Hill on the lips, when you would never do that with Tommy, ever(!), I will convince you to go to school tomorrow.

When you are twelve and you win the award for dance, I will be there to cheer louder than anyone...even though you told me not to...

When you are thirteen and the only one of your friends to have never had a boyfriend, I will convince you of how beautiful you are.

When you are fourteen and your mother won't let you date, I will be there to convince her to let you go out with Tommy Hill, no matter how much it hurts me.

When you are fifteen and you ask me to come shopping for prom dresses, when you come out with that blue dress on, in between convincing you to buy it and convincing myself to let you buy it, I will pretend that you're buying the dress to wear with me.

When you are sixteen and Tommy Hill tells everyone you did things you wouldn't ever do with him, I will be there to hold you while you cry, and when you're asleep I will hunt down Tommy Hill.

When you are seventeen and you look at me and cock your head and ask me if you're my imprint, I will forget how to breathe, and forget how to talk, and forget how to think except for the words 'Is this it?'

When you are eighteen and Melissa calls you a freak for going out with someone 14 years older than you, I will hold you and remind you how much I love you, because no one could ever understand what we feel for each other.