The door opened with a whoosh. Carson looked surprised. Ronon dragged his eyes up and down Carson's body. God, how he wanted this man. He had made his decision; there would be no talking, no chance for him to mess things up again. This time he would just do all the things to Carson that he had dreamed of.

Carson's eyes met his and Ronon knew it was now or never. He quickly entered the room and attacked Carson's lips with his own, forcing his tongue into the smaller man's mouth. Carson didn't fight him and Ronon took that as a sign to continue. He roughly pushed Carson against the wall and bit his neck.

Carson whimpered. Ronon immediately stilled, fearing he had hurt the smaller man. He pulled back, eyes filled with concern. "I'm sorry, Carson. I shouldn't be so rough."

"The only thing ye should be sorry for is stopping, ye daft bugger," Carson said as he lightly hit the bigger man on the shoulder. "I won't break, Ronon."

That was all Ronon needed to hear. His lips descended to meet Carson's again and their tongues entwined. Carson grew bolder and sucked Ronon's tongue in, eliciting a moan from him. They continued kissing as Ronon guided them towards Carson's bed.

Once there, Ronon began to feverishly undress Carson. He couldn't seem to get his clothes off fast enough. Carson gently put his hands over Ronon's to stop him. He backed up and slowly undressed himself, teasing Ronon with each article of clothing he removed. Ronon groaned at the sight of Carson naked and quickly removed his own clothing.

"Lay down," Ronon directed. Carson slowly lowered himself onto the bed and gasped in surprise when he felt Ronon's hot mouth on his member. Carson's fists twisted in the blankets as Ronon continue to suck and lick him. He ran his tongue up and down Carson's shaft, nipping here and there. Then his tongue delved lower and Carson nearly came off the bed when he felt Ronon flick at his hole. Ronon ran his tongue all over the pucker and then slowly inserted a finger. Carson groaned as he inserted another and began to pump them in and out. Ronon returned his mouth to Carson's hard shaft as he continued to finger him, stretching him in the process. He angled his fingers to hit Carson's prostate and Carson began to writhe on the bed.

"Ronon…" Carson let out a low moan. He was so close. Ronon continued to finger him, all the while sucking on his shaft. Ronon inserted a third finger and that was enough to send Carson over the edge. He gasped, bucked up and released into Ronon's mouth. Ronon greedily sucked and swallowed down all of Carson's hot seed.

Ronon continued to move his fingers in and out of Carson slowly, adding a fourth finger, stretching him further. Ronon wanted Carson badly, but he had no desire to hurt him. He angled his fingers to hit Carson's prostate again, pulling a low whine from him. He continued pumping his fingers, brushing Carson's sweet spot over and over, causing Carson's cock to harden again. "Ronon, please…" Carson begged.

Ronon removed his fingers and Carson groaned at the loss. The Satedan lined himself between Carson's legs and the smaller man could feel the head of Ronon's cock pushing at his entrance. Ronon slid in slowly, giving Carson time to adjust to the intrusion, but also teasing him. Carson moaned low in his throat as Ronon's large cock stretched him to his limit. He thought for sure that the Satedan would tear him in two, but the slow burn in his ass felt so good. The slight pain was laced with intense pleasure as Ronon fully sheathed himself in Carson's tight passage.

Ronon pulled out slowly, leisurely, until only the head of his cock was still in Carson and then slammed back in, causing Carson to let out a short yelp of pain/pleasure. Then he did it again. Carson had never felt anything so intense; his ass was on fire, Ronon was huge, but the pain only added to the waves of bliss that were vibrating through Carson's body.

Ronon set a hard pace, pounding into Carson roughly, yet somehow lovingly at the same time. Ronon had bent over and was kissing and nipping at Carson's chest, nipples, and neck. Carson's arms snaked up around Ronon's neck and he held on tightly as the larger man continued fucking him. Carson knew he was close to coming again, Ronon's cock brushing against his prostate.

Ronon was so close. He changed his position slightly, and this new angle didn't brush Carson's sweet spot, it slammed into it directly. Carson moaned, gripping Ronon's neck tighter. Ronon reached down, gripping the doctor's shaft and began stroking it feverishly in time with his own thrusts. Carson let up another moan, his balls tightening as he felt his release approach. Ronon stroked harder, thrusted harder, and hit that spot again, driving Carson to cum. Carson's inner muscles tightened around Ronon's cock. He felt the warm liquid begin to shoot out between his and Carson's body. And then Carson bit down on Ronon's neck and that pushed Ronon to the brink. His cock jerked as he released into Carson's hot passage with a roar.

He collapsed onto Carson, breathing heavily. He knew he couldn't stay in that position, afraid of crushing the smaller man. In one motion, he rolled to the side, taking Carson with him, and pulled him into his arms. They stared into each other's eyes, neither saying a word. Ronon thought Carson was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, his face still flushed and a slight sheen of sweat on his brow. Ronon felt more at ease than he had in several years and they fell asleep in each other arms

Ronon geared up for the mission and made his way to the gateroom. He was in such a fine mood, he and Carson having made love again this morning upon waking, that nothing would dampen his spirits. Not some boring off world mission, not a run-in with the Wraith, not even McKay.

He entered the gateroom to find the Sheppard and Teyla waiting. It figures McKay was late. Teyla looked at Ronon, knowingly, and gave him a slight nod and smile. Sheppard was not as subtle, clapping Ronon on the back, asking how he slept, with a huge grin.

Ronon's response was but off by McKay, barreling into the room, handful of equipment, rambling on as usual. "Come on, we need to get to the planet. The MALP picked up some really interesting energy readings. There could be a Zed PM, there could be any number of…" His rant trailed off as his eyes fell on Ronon. McKay's mouth opened and closed, nothing coming out, as he stared at Ronon.

Rodney pointed accusingly at the Satedan. "Ronon, is that a hickey on your neck!!????"

Carson had marked him.

The End

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